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8 Anger Boiling Things People Say When You Are Getting Hitched

8 Anger Boiling Things People Say When You Are Getting Hitched

As soon as couples lock the wedding date and make an official announcement about it, they get mix reactions from the people associated with them. Some people shower loads of blessings on couples, while others pass naive and infuriating comments on them. When You Are Getting Hitched. The point here is people around you start judging, throwing their knowledge, wisdom, and unwanted advice which are the last things you want to hear.

The annoying part is when you get to hear same ridiculous statements, again and again, it boils down your anger and may put you under stressful condition. To check out what preposterous things people actually say to couples, we have collated opinions of numerous brides and grooms-to-be who are damn sick and tired of hearing ludicrous things again and again from people around them. Brace up yourself!

1.  Are You Inviting That Relative? Why Aren't You Inviting That Person? Don't You Think They Deserve to be in Your Guest List?

Think They Deserve to be in Your Guest List

The first and perhaps the most asked question by relatives is who you are inviting to your wedding. Well, it's your wedding and don't you think you must be the one to decide who you want to invite for the big day? When You Are Getting Hitched. Relatives and acquaintances have this annoying habit of peeking into the guest list and try to influence your decision by propelling you to invite those people whom they want to bring in the ceremony.

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2. So, You Guys Were Dating?

So, You Guys Were Dating

As soon as your engagement date is locked, you will be asked this question for at least gazillion of times. Couples hate this question most out of all the annoying questions. Why do people want to know desperately whether the newlywed couple was dating or not? How asking this question will quench their thirst of knowing what's happening around the world? If you are going to tie the wedding knot soon, you will face this question from relatives at least once or twice in a week.

3. Oh! You are planning such an exorbitant wedding. Have you saved well for that?

planning such an exorbitant wedding

Don't you think that the cost of your wedding shouldn't be anyone concern or business? People taking so much interest in your financial aspect of the wedding planning could be quite an anger evoking thing sometimes. You can be thankful to them for showing genuine concern in your financial security, however, when that question pops, again and again, it seriously pinches a lot.

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4. How Do You know He/She is the Perfect One?

4. How Do You know He/She is the Perfect One?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the tackiest questions couples get asked from people. Forget about the couple, how do the people know whether he and she are right for each other or not? Do they possess some super-power to scan their mind and feelings? The concept of knowing the right partner is quite seamless. It's when you know, you know!

5. I think You are Making the Decision in Rush. You are Making a Wrong Decision

5. I think You are Making the Decision in Rush. You are Making a Wrong Decision

Well, there is no right time to tie the nuptial knot. If the person is right and the circumstances are in your favor, you can get hitched whenever you want. However, most of the people look at the notion of the wedding as the endpoint. They think, once a person is hitched, his/her personal life ends, and he/she gets loathed with heaps of responsibilities. When You Are Getting Hitched. In actuality, a wedding is the commencement of something wonderful, titillating, and entrancing for two individuals.

6. Don't You Want to Travel the World?

6. Don't You Want to Travel the World?

This question is generally raise by your dearest friends. You may have planned numerous world trips with them during your college time. Now, the news of you getting hitched is something indigestible for them. Such kind of questions is extremely discouraging and anger-boiling when you are planning to begin the new phase of your life. When You Are Getting Hitched. And for a person, the most discouraging thing is when his/her friends are doubting the decision of the wedding.

7. You are Looking Chubby. Are you Pregnant?

7. You are Looking Chubby. Are you Pregnant?

This question from people is no less than a living nightmare for all brides-to-be. The very first thought that pops up in the bride's mind is oh gosh! do I actually look like a pregnant woman? Regardless of whether you are slim or fatty, your acquaintances don't leave a chance to take a dig at your current physical conditions as soon as they hear your wedding news. A frivolous question like this can literally shatter the positive mindset of a person, especially at the crucial moments like wedding or engagement.

8. Are You Super-Excited about Having Kids?

wedding couples

C'mon, even the wedding day is quite far right away, how can they talk about having kids? When will the people understand that a person doesn't get marry only to produce babies? It's no one else business to know about your after wedding planning.

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