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91 Romantic Wedding Vows For Him And Her That Are Really Wow

91 Romantic Wedding Vows For Him And Her That Are Really Wow

Life is a journey we all know but it is not the same always. It changes with time and one experiences all types of stages of it. But the most important stage is marriage, when you promise to someone you love that you always will be with her/him till eternity, and all the births that you are going to take, you will be with him/her. 

In marriage whether Indian or any other, there are vows that you take with each other that bind you together for whole life. Indian wedding vows are more traditional and formal type of rituals and said by a pundit during a wedding reminding bride and groom that they are entering into a household life in which they have to be of each other both by body and soul. 

Though on the other side, in modern days, couples have gone a little bit forward and they say every day to each other romantic wedding vows, which are like everyday romantic sayings. Love is expressed through eyes but words make it alive! So whatever feelings you have towards your partner you should say it which help in balancing and maintaining a happy married life. 

For you below we are going to tell you some best romantic wedding vows that you can say to your spouse, him/her or it. It doesn’t matter who is before you, these vows are for everyone, unisex. So say them to whomever you love that you consider for your life, a companion with whom you want to complete your this life journey. 

Best Soulful Wedding Vows:

Wedding Vows For Her:

You are always mine and I am always yours when this earth starts to shape we were always there; in each other hearts.

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What you take of mine, when I’m in you, divine.

Across the oceans, in the skies, from trees and animals, I only hear your name, such angelic beauty you are.

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When you are not with me, I think I don’t exist. My every minute’s existence depends on you.

Big carved castles, gold and silver, rubies and diamonds are all worthless for me; when you are not with me.

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Gods have spent their whole life time creating heaven, and I have you.

Even your strand of breath could make me alive. Such a love you are of mine.

Magic is you.

I don’t want to live in this world but when I find you, I think of it.

In my every birth I want to be of you.

The touch of you is everything for me.

Such a beauty you are that you are devouring me. What other face I see when your hue has colored me; in your love. I vow to be with you always and protect till my last breath. I swear it before this ocean, this wind, this fire, this soil before all known and unknown.

Time has changed, and is changing but you never would.

When I am lost, I think of your love, and in seconds I find myself in paradise.

I don’t want to live in this world. It is only because of you I stay. 

I want to die before you. Because if you die earlier, how could I live in this world. 

God asks me what I want, and He gave me you, the precious.

Words are not yet in existence with which I can describe you.

We don’t need to take vows to be of each other. Our eyes say

I vow to be of you, you vow to be of mine. Thinking about other is crime.

Blissful I’m that I marry you. Vow to surrender every happiness for you. 

This one vow I want to change that was made to swear you “you wish you die before me”, and I wish “we both die together.”

In our next birth I want to again take the vows of eternity with you. 

Perhaps I wish God blind me in a way that I could only see you and nothing other.

What promise I make to you; take my whole life.

I always want to die and live for you. 

I know the five elements are necessary for sustaining this human life but for me, other element is you. 

Don’t know much poetry or word game; I simply say I would forever be of you.

I don’t believe in destiny but now have started to, when I met you, I vow to be of you.

I wish I would be a pirate, Jack Sparrow like, and I sail whole world with you in Black Pearl. Try to borrow it from him some day the Black Pearl.

Whatever you become in next birth, whether fish, bird, bee or butterfly; I want to be with you in all those.

Forever we, together be on this planet earth. Wherever be, together be; we

In my soul I make temple of you, as a great Sadhu of India Sunira made of God.

I don’t want to be your John Snow. I want to be your Khal Drogo or Ser Jorah. Loyal and love to you always.

One soul we are and have become.

I am thinking of vows to say but what I say? You just say and I will do everything; that is the vow I have taken.

Just cue me and I would win every kingdom of this world for you. 

I don’t know what I can give you more? What you want, just tell me and it will be before your eyes.

I wish our love would be much great than Romeo and Juliet. That much I love you.

In evenings, in mornings, in nights, in dawns, in dusks and lights; I see your face that is benign. 

I want to thank God that He made me marry you. It is bliss of him that he made me the carrier of you. What you ask for, I would fulfill; whether of this world or another. 

Wherever you are, it is heaven for me. Even death is life for me. 

I have taken this vow especially for you that I always cook for you!

I never betray, evade and deceive you. That is my loyalty that I can simply tell.

Between you and me only love can be and nothing else. 

I want to journey to the depth of oceans with you, to the unlimited skies, to heavens and dreams and dries. This whole world seems to me a fallacy but I want to be in the reality of you.

You do? Yes I do, always. I take this vow. 

Wedding Vows For Him:

The way you look at me, make me feel for you; the way you talk to me, make me fall for you; the way you kiss me, make me die for you. I always want to be with you, forever; your wife, your love and your girl.

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I feel myself lucky that I become a part of you. How beautiful my destiny that I’m of you.

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Such a bravest and strongest man I have married. Protector of mine and lover of mine, that for my life I would rhyme with you.

Only your glance is enough for my life.

I am happy that I’m going to spend my life with you. Nothing more I could describe of my joy.

I would have never thought that such honest and faithful man I find like you, I same to you.

My life has become fulfilled when you come into my life .

I vow to be forever with you. 

Whom should I thank? Whether God or my parents or my destiny, that you come in my life, and I live.

You complete me. 

We don’t need these wedding vows to be of each other. Our love is so strongest that we are already of each other in this life and in every.

As wind flows in the sky, I flow with you; as trees are in soil, I’m in you; as flowers are for bees, I’m for you. Every vow I have taken with you. I’m only of you.

What song I sing for you, my every song defines you the strength you have! What poetry I write for you, my every verse for you. In everything I see you, and for life to be of you.

I care for you.

You make my life worth living.

Now I have understood there is a pleasure in waiting too for you.

I don’t fail you. I don’t betray you. I don’t see the other men. In my veins you are, in my eyes you are, on my lips only you will be. 

Heaven is you.

What is the true meaning of love? Only you are.

I need your shoulder to rest my life, and sail it beyond the skies, oceans and so many boundary lines. I want to measure every depth with you whether far, near and of another world. That is the promise I have made for you. 

I want to be young with you, want to grow old with you, want to spend every moment with you. Because without you nothing exists for me.

At the dusk, when sun about to go down; three four birds flying in the sky, I with you near the edge of the water, just want to talk and talk, thinking why love is God? A true or mere a thought, and for the eternity I want to talk and talk with you. 

Not beyond this earth, not beyond this world, not beyond these waters, not beyond this fire; while beyond everything, I am only of you. A forever vow.

You are my strength. I will be yours, my promise.

Be with you, be in you, be through you, be of you. How I tell, I only be of you. 

Inseparable you and me.

I promise to be infinite with you. Promise to be forever for you.

I bring you joy and happiness, not tears in your eyes ever. You are hue of mine whose shine I need to survive. I always be with you in time and no time.

As sun and moon are always there, I be with you forever.

I don’t want elixir or nectar, I only want you.

In heaven and hell, always walk with you.

Like dew drops fall on leaves, I want to fall on you; as wind touches your body, I want to touch you; as fishes swim in water, I want to swim in you; like sun’s rays kiss the water, I want to kiss you.

My Nirvana is you.

I vow to ride this whole world with you on your Harley. What other promise I make to you?! Whether of dying or living, my everything is with you.

Whatever is in this world, made of particles, different particles. I made of you.

I not bound by vows to you, I bound by my soul to you. 

Though Jorah Mormont could not find Daenerys. But I have found you and I will be always your Daenerys. 

“A walk to remember” movie like promise I make to you. Even after death I will be in you. 

I will be always your Permanent Roommate but never give you rent but definitely take interest, that my head would be on your lap, and I whispering in your ears “You are my beloved.” 

This much I love you and always.

My vow: You + me = Us….forever

So these are all the best, heartfelt, romantic wedding vows, a little bit informal that you can say to your partner whether on wedding, anniversary, engagement or whenever you think you want to.

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