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11 Captivating Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Manali for Awe-Inspiring Pictures

11 Captivating Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Manali for Awe-Inspiring Pictures

The beauty of mountains is endearing. You just can’t stop relishing the never-ending charisma of falling snow and pine trees. Mountains seem to be some another world, a world with different people, different air, a different life, and different aura. It is just amazing to be at such places.

As the wedding season has already embarked on and many of the couples are planning to have their pre-wedding photo-shoot for presenting their love story. I think no place can be better than the mountains to have a flawless pre-wedding shoot. Manali is one such place. Manali is my favorite hill station as it is so rich in its exquisiteness. You have to agree that Manali is an amazing place with serene picturesque and utmost peace. If you are planning to have your photo-shoot in the mountain areas then I suggest you go to Manali and for that, I will also talk about some amazing pre-wedding shoot locations in Manali.

A pre-wedding shoot holds special prominence in the lives of the couple going to be married. This is the time that they spend together for their love and portray their feelings to others in the form of some captured flashes. I think that whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage, pre-wedding shoots are loved by all the couples and these moments enrich the bond between them.

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For your very special instants, Manali is a perfect place where your love will echo. I am very excited to talk about this place as I have been to Manali several times and trust me, the place is outstanding. You can feel the heavenly vibes in the air of this place. To capture your pious love moments, Manali is the apposite place.

I am sure that you are eager to know about some of the astonishing pre-wedding shoot locations in Manali, so without talking too much, let us just have a look on the dreamy locations in Manali that will blow your minds away guys!

11 Quaint Pre-wedding Shoot Locations in Manali

#1 Solang Valley

The gorgeous Solang Valley is one of my favourite spots in Manali and I am sure you are also going to love the place when you will have lovely photo-shoot with the love of your life. The eye-pleasing view of snow capped mountains and glaciers from Solang valley is mesmerizing. You and your partner will have a fun-filled photo-shoot at this spot. Most of couples choose this place as one of their pre-wedding shoot location in Manali.

Solang Valley best pre wedding location in manali
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#2 Gulaba

Gulaba is a small village that is 20 Km away from the main city of Manali, but guys, this location is just divine. It is a lovely village with dense coverage of exquisite pine trees. If you go for your pre-wedding shoot in the months of December to March, you will find everything covered with white cottony snow. For capturing those cozy memorable moments, this place is matchless.

Pre wedding photoshoot location in manali
Pic credit - knottydays

#3 Dhungri Van Vihar

If you want to have a delightful pre-wedding shoot in Manali, then you can’t skip on this exotic site. It is considered as one of the most fascinating wildlife sanctuaries in the northern states of India. So you can definitely have a beautiful pre-wedding shoot at this spot with all the natural flora and fauna.

Dhungri Van Vihar
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#4 River Side

The melody of the river with the beauty of exotic mountains can make your pre-wedding shoot even special. Riverside of this beautifulBeas River can be a super special place for the photo-shoot. The enthralling view will create magic in your pictures. When you can’t decide one place for your perfect pre-wedding shoot in Manali, go to the river side…and that’s all.

River Side pre wedding shoot location in manali
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#5 Rohtang Pass

Rohtang pass is a place near the city of Manali. You can experience the unseen beauty of nature at this place. Like the unseen beauty of nature, you can also express your unseen love to your partner at this attractive place.

pre wedding shoot location in kullu manali Rohtang Pass
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#6 Jana WaterFall

This sacred locale with serene settings and beautiful shrines can be a perfect place for your pre-wedding shoot. Your pictures can be more magnificent if you choose this place for the shoot. Milky waterfall with peculiar mountains will create that cinematic look in your pictures. I am sure you are going to venerate this site.This is the most visited pre-wedding shoot location in Manali so why don’t you also make your moments special by choosing this spot.

pre wedding location Jana WaterFall manali
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#7 Hidimba Devi Temple

In India, we believe that the almighty must shower his love and blessings on the couple. If you want to have the blessings and also do your photo-shoot at a tranquil place, then this site can be a seamless option for you. The temple is covered with dense forests that will enhance the gorgeousness of your pictures.

Hidimba Devi Temple
Pic credit - theroyalcinematic

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#8 Mall road

It is not always important that the photo-shoot must have only the love poses or some romantic acts, you can also choose to have a casual walk at the street with your partner and capture those very special moments of yours. You can havefood or so shopping and tell your photographer to take some candid shots for your pre-wedding album. For doing all this in a striking manner, Mall road can be a great idea as the pre-wedding location in Manali.

Mall road best pre wedding photoshoot location in manali
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#9 Old Manali

You can experience the real charm of Manali in Old Manali. This is the city that is titivated with apple orchards, mountain trails and the enchanting beauty of ManalsuRiver. You cannot have a better place for your pre-wedding shoot than the Old Manali as you can find everything that will increase your love bond and all this will be shown in your photographs.

old manali
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#10 Rehala Falls

This cascade is a real pleasure that your eyes can have only in Manali. If you are in search of a pre-wedding shoot location in Manali that has the combination of lure and mystery, then this place can be your pick. This punchbowl sort of waterfall depicts some mystery in it. Your pictures will have that extra edge if you shoot on this locale.

romantic pre wedding shoot location in manali
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#11 Chandrakhani Pass

This is a trekking area from Manali to Kasol and I swear by God, if you go to this place, you will never want to come back! You will fall in love with the charm of the mountains. The lush green vegetation with beautiful flowers all around…this scene will take you another world, the world of dreams and pure love. So, guys, this pre-wedding shoot location in manali must be on your list.

Chandrakhani Pass
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I think I have given you enough information about the exotic pre-wedding shoot locations in Manali so I hope that you have a beautiful photo-shoot and the mountains add their ecstasy in your pictures.

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