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Insane Mid-Air Wedding Trend That’s Doing Rounds All Over Social Media

Insane Mid-Air Wedding Trend That’s Doing Rounds All Over Social Media

Every now and then social media gives birth to many new trends, of which, only a few gain the limelight while the others come crashing down. Similarly, there is a new trend of getting married mid-air, suspended with a wire rope, that’s catching the pace nowadays.

It is said that
“Love is in the Air”,
but a rising trend suggests that
people have taken it literally.

Yes, we’ve been told that marriage is all about keeping the balance, but doing a balancing act for life when getting married is something that you surely haven’t dreamed of even in your wildest dreams.

Getting married, suspended high above the ground, with just a few ropes supporting you, will surely get the adrenaline rush through your veins and will test the limits of your adventurous spirit.

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So, if you think that this trend is something that’ll be great for your wedding, then I personally think that you’re quite insane, and should go ahead and ask your family and to-be-spouse to knock some sense into you. And, if you somehow manage to convince them too, then I must say that you've got a heck of a family, and you and your partner are a match made in heaven.

Some Handy Ways That’ll Help You Out In Having A Mid-Air Wedding

So, now that everything’s cleared. And you’ve decided that you surely are going to have that mid-air wedding, then here we bring you some ways that’ll come in really handy.

A Space Net In The Middle Of A Canyon

You can decide on travelling to a nice deep canyon and set up a space net in the middle of it, suspended with few wire ropes. Yes, no doubt that it’ll be really beautiful, but just a glance, down through the nets will be enough to send some chills down your spine.

If you have some friends who are equally(or probably more) insane, then you can ask them to perform some real nice air acrobatics on the silks suspending from the space net while you’re saying your beautiful wedding vows.

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Just to inspire you, here we have some great visuals from the Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglins wedding in the Moab Canyon. Seeing these beautiful images will surely give you the much-required inspiration for your mid-air wedding.





Get Married On A Suspended Swing

Ever dreamt of enjoying a beautifully decorated swing with your beloved as you experience the gentle touch of the cold breeze on your face? Let’s make it true with adding in just a little twist, that the swing will be high up in the air suspended with tightropes.

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 We are quite sure that it’ll be quite a spectacle and all of your guests will congregate to watch you from the ground as you exchange the garlands and say your wedding vows. You can also ask the priest to get on a separate swing to solemnize your wedding.

These stunning pictures down below, are from the wedding of Anna and Swen who got married a few meters above the ground in Breisach, Germany and are doing rounds all over the different social media platforms.


A Suspended Platform That’ll Be Much Safer Option

If getting hitched in mid-air is what you desire, but are afraid to take the risks that the above two mentions bring along, then a suspended platform will be a great option for you. Imagine yourself getting on a platform along with your loved ones and then witness the platform slowly rising as high as 150 feet above the ground.

If you want to make things more interesting then you always have the option of a celebratory bungee jump. Taking a leap from the platform along with your crazy spouse will be the most maniacal way to close the wedding ceremony.

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Just reading about it seems to be like a scene from a sci-fi movie, right? What if, I tell you that you don’t have to even travel abroad to make this dream wedding a reality? The renowned ‘Marriage in the Sky’ can easily make it a reality because of its vast presence across 40 countries, including India.


Getting Married In The Middle Of A Ropeway

Who says ropeways are only for transferring tourists from a resort to a peak and back? You can ask the authorities to stop the ropeway cart midway to have your beautiful winter wedding with a mix of sunshine and snow that’ll provide an ideal backdrop for amazing wedding clicks.

While you’ll be there exchanging the vows high above the ground, braving the brisk mountain air, the daring photographers who agreed to capture your wedding can hang suspended in mid-air to capture the perfect shot.

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The visual below shows the beautiful couple, Tracy Corwin and Mike Martin who tied the knot at Big Sky Resort in Montana which provided them with great scenery on their outdoor nuptials.


Dangling Above A Deep Gorge

To live your mid-air wedding fantasy and to keep all that adrenaline running through the veins, getting married while dangling mid-air is another great option. Just be sure that the platform is wide enough to accommodate you two.

In order to make things more interesting, you can choose a glass platform made of hardened glass without any rims(I would like to suggest here that you don’t look down to remain sane). To the guests who will be there on the cliffside to witness your wedding and in the photographs it’ll seem like you’re floating in the air.

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This wondrous image is of the Chinese couple who tied their knot on Shiniuzhai Bridge in Hunan province.


All these trends will really help create some memories that you or anyone else who’ll be attending your wedding won’t forget for a lifetime.

Regulatory Info:

All these stunts should be performed in the supervision of the experts. If you’re going to try these at your wedding, you’re on your own.

Only time will tell that if this trend evolves into something that becomes a long-term trend, or it will come crashing down really soon.

What do you think about this unique trend, that’s adventurous but also a great risk. Will you go for a mid-air wedding if given the chance?

Do tell us your amazing views on it in the comments section down below.

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