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How To Master The Cute Matching Honeymoon Look Easily!

How To Master The Cute Matching Honeymoon Look Easily!

Sindoor applied and mangal sutra worn but what about the honeymoon fits?

Yes, we know that you’ve booked your tickets for that exotic trip!

But please don’t tell us that you didn’t pack the matching clothes?

Oh, so you are not aware of this big trend yet.

Matching clothing has become a viral trend amongst the couples that it awes our heart.

In this, the couples wear matching clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

We researched deeply about this trend’s adorable significance. 

And we found out couples wear same attires to mark each other that they’re reserved. 

Sounds funny? But it makes a lot of sense to the couples.

But how do we match the looks?

It is as easy as shopping clothes for oneself.

But what is supposed to be kept in mind is the similarity of the outfits.

You will have to keep one factor similar that gives you the quality of oneness.


The best way to match the outfit of your husband is by wearing clothes of the same color.

In this, the outfit of the couple can be of one or more color, but similar.

This look will highlight the likeness of your love.

The best way would be wearing the same t-shirt or bottom wear.

Contrasting Color

The next way to wear a matching outfit is by wearing contrasting clothes.

In this you can contrast any of the clothes. 

Contrasting shoes, accessories, clothes, etc can make you both unavoidable to look at.

And don’t forget that love has no age, so if you feel this is a foolish act then always remember that these small things are done to make each other happy, not the public.

Match The Whole Outfit

This is the most mainstream way to wear a matching outfit.

In this, you have to wear same clothes, footwear and accessories.

The likeness of the clothes gives a very distinct look to the couple in a crowd.

But there is a big drawback of this outfit; you cannot wear anything you want.

You both will have to wear uni-sex outfits which may be more favorable to your husband.

Matching Clothes

In this, you will have to match the outfits but not the colors.

The outfits would be same from top to bottom but the colors would be different.

This look is for the couples who can’t wear the same outfits but still want to match the clothes and look like a cute team! 

Same Prints

This is the easiest one to follow if you want to complement each other.

In this you can wear outfits of similar prints.

It is your wish if you want to match the prints of the bottom wear or the shirt.

This is the most comfortable way of matching clothes because in this you don’t have to wear the similar clothes or the same color. The only important factor is the print.  

Same Styles

This style is for all the couples who find all the above styles corny.

For them this look is the most suitable as this look is very easy to pull off.

In this look you both will have to wear clothes of same styles.

It doesn’t matter if the clothes and colors are similar or not.

Your distinctness as a couple would be determined through your similar styles.

These are some very easy ways to be an adorable couple on your honeymoon trip!

If you don’t want to go overboard with matching clothing then you can wear similar shoes or similar rings or carry similar bags.

But don’t forget that your chemistry and bond is more important than anything else.

We hope these sweet matching outfit ideas help you to pack that honeymoon bag well!

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