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Travel Accessories For Your Honeymoon: Wherever You Go, Carry These

Travel Accessories For Your Honeymoon: Wherever You Go, Carry These

Your wedding has culminated well with all the glamour and glitter you wanted for which you prepared long. Now it is the time of your honeymoon that you have planned advance and it is out of the city, a foreign location. It is about which you are very excited. All the packing you have done, tickets have already been booked, hotel rooms also. The only thing left is your departure which is in two days.

But before departing, have you put your necessary traveling accessories?, which are of utmost importance and we think one definitely needs them when traveling outside the city, a foreign location.

You haven’t put? Oh! But the case with you is this that you don’t know which traveling accessory you need to carry. You don’t have any idea about it. Don’t worry. We are going to tell you about all the important and necessary traveling accessories that you must keep with yourselves when going on honeymoon. They are the best ones and the right ones and would make your honeymoon an affair to remember for life.

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Travelling Accessories for Honeymoon Couple

Micro Filter Bottle Set: Wherever You Go, Filter Your Water

Micro Filter Bottle Set

If you are going on honeymoon, it doesn’t mean that you are all-day staying in the hotel rooms. You must be traveling and going here and there to see nature spots and others or might be going on an adventure trip too. Wherever you going, you require good drinking water. Though you can carry a kettle of it but in the middle ways, it can get emptied. What do you do at that time? Looking for shops to fill up your empty kettle? No.

In this type of situation, this Micro Filter Bottle Set will be a savior for you. This bottle set has chemical free microfiltration system with advanced hollow fiber membrane technology. It can purify water from streams, rivers, and waterfalls. Available in various colors. You can choose your companion.

Oral Care Swabs with Dentifrice: Your Portable Dental Hygiene

Oral Care Swabs with Dentifrice

You might be thinking why you should carry this? When you can carry toothpaste and a brush. The reason is, you can lose or forget your toothbrush, by chance, putting here and there. These oral swabs are just like lollipops that even you can carry in your pockets. These are made of long plastic handles that help prevent touch-contamination. So these are great hygiene tool for your honeymoon excursions.

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Flashlight, Charger, And Speaker All In One

Flashlight, Charger, And Speaker All In One

We think that this gizmo is best for you and you must carry it while traveling. It is buckshot pro portable Bluetooth speaker with flashlight including USB cable. While sitting with your beloved, you can listen to songs whatever you want to. You can pair it up with phone and laptop. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and we think that it is one of the coolest travel accessories you can pack in your bags.

4-in-1 Lens For Your Iphone: Now Your Phone Your DSLR

phone your dslr

Going on a honeymoon is like traveling places and creating and living memories that you as a couple creates. It is only the memories that keep us alive. Best pictures, you want to click your pictures at the places you will visit but it doesn’t mean that you would carry a heavy DSLR camera. You can’t carry it all the time.  If you think a little one works, but you can’t keep it in a pocket. We think this 4-in-1 Lens for your iPhone would be a better choice. It has a wide and macro lens. Just attach it with your iPhone, and your iPhone turns into a DSLR. Now take snaps whatever you want to. Cool guys!

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Solar Backpack With Universal Charger

Solar Backpack With Universal Charger

What about a backpack that has a universal charger in it that can charge your phone wherever you go. Gopax is a solar backpack that can charge your phone up to 6 times. Its outer layer is built with ballistic grade nylon with Kevlar stitching which can bear small tears. It also has an in-built USB tri-cord system which is for smooth functionality. It is also water-resistant that comes with around 2-liter water bladder. So what you say, do you wanna backpack in it! Best travel accessory for honeymoon couple it is.

Waterproof City Maps: Don’t Lose Your Ways

Waterproof City Maps: Don’t Lose Your Ways

It just depends on a newly married couple that how they want to spend their honeymoon like scavenging the city or location on their own as Indiana Jones. If it is like this then a waterproof map of the city or country is the must-accessory that you should carry. You can buy it from any shop, just ask for it.

Mark And Graham Jewellery Case

Mark And Graham Jewellery Case

While going on a honeymoon, keeping jewelry safe is a big issue. Though they don’t carry that much but whatever much is carried, it should be kept safe. Mark and Graham is a durable jewelry case in which you can keep your small ones like jhumka, light necklace, and others.

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Ember Travel Mug

ember travel mug

Oh! Coffee is your elixir then this ember travel mug is your savior. It is best one out there in the market available that you can buy and can shake and make your coffee whenever you want to. It is app-controlled. So you can control it with your mobile.

 These are all the best travel accessories for honeymoon that you can carry with yourselves wherever you go. Besides these that we have told you, there are others out there too that you can keep in your bags according to your requirements. There is no end to travel accessories. We want your honeymoon worry-free, that’s why we have mentioned these accessories.

Apart from all these if you think there are other ones then do tell us. We will put them in our blog. Only those who have gone honeymoon can tell us. So lovely couples, let your knowledge flow!

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