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Marriage: Do You Think Yours Is Going To Be Happy One: The Issues And All

Marriage: Do You Think Yours Is Going To Be Happy One: The Issues And All

Congratulations man for your marriage!, Hey girl! congrats, you are going to marry; and there are many other congratulatory wishes that you are going to hear on your wedding. Finally the day has come, for which you are waiting for a long time. You have found your match or your match has been found and given to you.

Whatever it is, it is your marriage that is going to take place in a few days and you both are extremely happy, joyous that you have never been earlier. Your life is going to completely change. But the question is, whether you are really going to be happy as you think?

Here are some points taken from a study done on married couples in which there are some signs that show why your marriage can't be happy as you think. And we think that it is not necessary that all who marry remain happy.

Here Are Those Signs:

More Affection not means more love
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More Affection Not Means More Love

Those newly married couples who start their marriages with more affection usually end their relationship after seven and nine years. Showing more affection doesn't mean more love or care. Your partner can get irritate with it. It is a shocking truth but wide eye opening, that whose marriages start with more love bliss, they soon divorce. Oh babe! more love doesn't mean healthy relationship! And those marriages that start with, like arranged marriages go long miles.

If Any One Withdraws During Conflict, Not A Good Sign

While during any dispute between you partners, if one withdraws during a conflict and not wants to talk, it is not a good sign for your married relationship. It shows a sign that you are not interested in the marriage and continuing it. Though the reasons could be any. It is not affirmedly a fixed idea but so far a truth. If again and again you go to talk and they are not responding, then you should understand what sign it is indicating.

While on the other hand, if anyhow and at any rate you want to save your relationship, then we advise you to go far or any farther you want to go. Because to those whom you love very dearly, you should not let them go.

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When Apart, Do You Miss Them

If you miss your partner when they have gone somewhere or not near you, then it is a good sign that you really want them in your life. If you don't feel so, then it is not the healthy sign for your long lasting marriage that you think it is going to be. So not missing you is not wanting you!

Relationship, A Rollercoaster Ride

Ups and downs come in every relationship, and as we all know between partners, relationship is a like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes rides here, sometimes rides there, sometimes stops and sometimes you don't know what is happening. So if too many issues are arising between you and her, and you are not able to resolve them, then your marriage is not going as you thought during the time of your wedding. So what you want to do with your marriage, it just depends on you. Whether want to continue it or just want to leave.

So it is the question to ask yourself whether you really want to marry or not. If you and your partner really want to marry, then only marry otherwise give yourselves more time. And it doesn't always mean that all marriages are happy. Issues are always there. How you want your married life, it just depends on you. Whether you want to live with each other or not, it just depends on you. Hence before marriage, after marriage, and in the middle of it, think about it.

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