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Modern Love: The Ire, The Relationship and The Love: A Soliloquy you all want to say

Modern Love: The Ire, The Relationship and The Love: A Soliloquy you all want to say

"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear."- Oscar Wilde

What is love and relationship? No fixed definition, whether the game of seduction or whether the game of mutuality and understanding? How we meet to each other, only to certain people that change our life drastically whether in positive or negative way.

What is life? The certain stages of it, often puzzling, confused, no fixed answer comes and put us in maze, from which perhaps we are unable to come. It is life? Love, ire, romance and hate, and jealously; everything comes into it.

If for one second we think about it, you don't want to live it, and if for one second, it seems like you want to live it forever. You want this life.

It is love, ire and relationship about which we are going to talk. And it is related to marriage also, your whole life journey that you live with a partner that you have chosen for your life; for your life voyage.

Modern Love: Advice About Relationship & How You Should Go With it

The Love

The Love
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How is today's people's love? It is of ignorance, moody, a bit mean; it is like when you want to have me-I want to have you, selfish, optional or perhaps undefinied. It is not like as described in novels and poetry. Selfless, committed, pure, faithful; these are only the words; a imagery that a man and a woman think when they meet.

For some time, they tread in the relationship and become of each other. They think that they want to live their life together. Feelings and emotions expressed, you have known each other. Now the next stage is marriage.

The Relationship

The Relationship
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Marriage- how beautiful, how romantic and sometimes how nervous it sounds, that you are going to spend your life with a partner love-bound. It all seems so happy when you are going to marry your chosen one.

So it is a perfect life for you!? All is going well and all will go well. What you can expect and hope for? I'm not saying that doing marriage is a bad choice but I also don't think that it is necessary. You live as you want to, whether married or single and independent.

Anger, hate, disinterest are all part of a relationship in marriage. You are going to experience everything. Those who could tolerate it, live it and those who couldn't, leave it. But staying together also doesn't mean that you beg for your partner's love.

There is no begging of love in true friendship and love relationship. So how you gonna live your married life or boyfriend-girlfriend life, it depends on you.

The Ire

The Ire
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It comes and it goes but remains. Anger or ire comes in every relationship, and people say it is because- I don't know what reason. It can be due to any reason. The only solution is you talk to the people you want if never want them leave you.

You should go ahead and talk whoever thinks so. It is not about who comes first and who goes first. The ire should not be there in any relationship. If it is good one then it is ok.

The modern love is all about this, and perhaps more than this; ever complicated and complex. I don't know whether anyone has understood love completely. People say it is about faith, trust, loyalty, all the virtues it is filled with. In my words, when it is not with you, you want it; and when it is with you, you ignore it. The game goes on...! I just want to say, just experience it!

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