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31 Trendy Marathi Wedding Songs To Make Your Guests Groove At Your Wedding

31 Trendy Marathi Wedding Songs To Make Your Guests Groove At Your Wedding

India is a land of varied cultures and languages with the constitution recognising 22 different languages as official. Besides Hindi songs, there are many more different songs that can be a perfect addition to any Indian wedding.

Music is something that is not bound by the barriers of language and cultures and flows freely. So here I am with some amazing Marathi wedding songs that’ll be a perfect addition to any wedding.

The people of Maharashtra believe in a humble lifestyle and the same is reflected in their weddings too that are not as elaborate as the ones we see in the Northern parts of India. The more priority is given to the rituals and the traditions and every typical Maharashtrian household follow the traditional rituals.

There are many of the prominent Hindi singers who in fact have also sung various Marathi songs as well. Heard the song ‘Apsara’ from the movie Bajirao Mastani featuring beautiful Deepika Padukone, it is in fact a rendition of the song ‘Apsara Aali’ from the Marathi movie named ‘Natarang’.

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Ah….!!! I have already started humming that song. It is indeed an addictive one, right? So, before it gets stuck in our heads for the remaining day let’s discuss some amazing Marathi wedding songs that will be great to add to your wedding playlist.

Top Marathi Wedding Songs To Add Zing To Your Wedding


This amazing dance no. is the rendition of the most famous Marathi song from the movie named ‘Sairat’ which was released in 2016. The movie was loved by the critics and was also premiered in the 66th International Film Festival in Berlin where it received a standing ovation. Which led to its remaking in the Hindi language by the name ‘Dhadak’.

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Kombadi Palali

Remember the song ‘Chikni Chameli’ that is even popular now in many weddings? The Marathi song that inspired it was ‘Kombadi Palali’ from the movie ‘Jatra’ that was released back in 2007 and was equally hit as its Hindi version.

Navrai Majhi

This great old Marathi song got a fresh makeover when the Bollywood embraced it in the movie ‘English Vinglish’ featuring Sridevi. This song will surely be an amazing addition to your playlist at the Haldi ceremony. This song will surely get everyone grooving.

Hi Chaal Turu Turu

This cute song is about a man who keeps complimenting a girl. The amazing song in the voice of Jaywant Kulkarni, got a lot of attention when in 2016 Mithilia Palkar used this song to recreate the song ‘Cups’ by Anna Kendrick.

Dhagala Lagli Kala

One of the most famous Marathi songs ever, 'Dhagala Lagli Kala' is Dada Kondke's biggest hit. This energetic song will surely pull all the guests on the dance floor. The song has been remade and remixed various times and has also featured in many of the Bollywood movies.

Alka Dajiba

The peppy no. ‘Alka Dajiba’ is probably the one song that has the most no. of remakes that flood all over the internet. The song is upbeat and can be choreographed beautifully by any dance choreographer.

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Gulabachi Kali

The beautiful song ‘Gulabachi Kali’ in the amazing voices of Vaishali Samant, Urmila Dhangar and Amit Raj is one of the most famous songs from the movie ‘Tu Hi Re’ and can be a great addition for the wedding playlist.

Aatach Baya Ka Baavarla

This is another great song from the movie ‘Sairat’ and is a song that beautifully describes the feeling of love the girl has for the boy. This song will surely be inviting the guests to the stage.

Shanta Bai


The amazing Swaroop Bhalwankar’s song ‘Shanti Bai’ is a Marathi song that features the famous Marathi actress Radhika Patil and the song is about a boy who is praising a girl he likes who in fact is a diva.

Band Baja Barat

The song ‘Band Baja Barat’ is from the movie ‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2’. It is one song that is really famous among all the songs in the series of 3 movies with the same name. The amazing lyrics are penned by Sangeeta Barwa, Srirang Godbole and Vishwajit Joshi which are the base of this amazing upbeat song.

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Niva Gadi Ana Rajya Nava

This song is from the Marathi movie ’Time Please’ that was released in 2013. The song showcases the amazing wedding preparations of the hero Rishikesh and the heroine Amrita. This song is something that’s great to make the bride dream about her marriage and the future.

Mala Jau Dya Na Ghari

This one is an amazing song from the movie ‘Natrang’ that every guest will be singing along at your wedding. Wajale Ki Bara, Mala Jau Dya Na Ghari(the clock has struck twelve, let me go home) is something that every young couple will relate to at your wedding!

Vajati Vajati Runzun Vajati

The movie based on the life of the late actress Rasika Joshi,’Yanda Kartavya Aahe’, features the amazing actors Ankush Chowdhary and Smita Shewale and the song ‘Vajati Vajati Runzun Vajati’ is perfect for any wedding playlist.

Phulale Re Kshan Majhe

There are various different versions of this popular song and the original one was sung by Asha Bhosle. The song is from the album ‘Ritu Hirwa Marathi Bhaavgeete’ and the beautiful lyrics are penned by B. B. Borker.

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Ranga Maliyela

The song featured in the movie by the name ‘Anandi Gopal’ that depicts the life of Anandibai and Gopalrao. The song ‘Ranga Maliyela’ features the wedding ceremony of Gopalrao and Anandibai and is a sweet song that’ll be a really amazing addition.

Gorya Gorya Galavari

A yet another amazing creation of Ajay-Atul, the song ‘Gorya Gorya’ is from the movie with the title ‘Tujhya Majhya Sansarala Kay Hava’ that was released in 2008. It is sure that each and every guest will be humming this one at your wedding.

Rasikechya Lagnat

Not only at weddings but also at the ceremonies that go before and after the wedding ceremony this song is the first choice for many people. The song is from the album ‘Non Stop Rasikechya Lagnat’ and is sung by Jagdish Patil.

Vaat Majhi Baghtoy Rickshawala

The famous song ‘Vaat Majhi Baghtoy Rikshawala’ is the one song that is really famous at the Ganpati pandals and is one song that can also be an amazing addition to playlist as well.

Swapnat Harvun

The song is from the movie ‘Sarkarnama’ and is picturised in the setting where the lead actress Pratiksha Lonkar is about to get married and her friends tease her. The song is lively and emotional at the same time.

Navri Ni Navryachi Swaari

A superhit song released in the year 2013 is from the movie ‘Mangalasthak Once More’, the perfect dance no. ‘Navri Ni Navryachi Swaari’ in the voices of Avdhoot Gupte and Vaishali Samant featuring Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve will surely leave all your wedding guests foot tapping.

Khanderayachya Lagnala Banu Navri Natli

The traditional Marathi wedding song ‘Khanderayachya Lagnala Banu Navri Natli’ is about the celebration of the wedding and this makes it really a great option to add it to the Marathi wedding song playlist.

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‘Nawroji’ from the movie ‘Shubh Lagna Savdhaan’ is one song that’s the perfect dance no. for any Marathi wedding. The song is upbeat and modern and is sung in the beautiful voices of Jasraj Joshi and Kirti Killedar.

Sajiri Gojiri

The amazing song ‘Sajiri Gojri’ is all about the wedding preparation and all the mess that’s created. This makes this one song ideal for a wedding and will be quite relatable. The song is lively and will surely add in a lot of fun to your wedding.

Mendichya Panavar

‘Mendichya Panawar’ is an old traditional Marathi song that is sung by Lata Mangeshkar and is from the album ‘Sumadhur Geete’. This soft song in the sweet voice of Lata Ji will surely add a magical feel to your wedding.

Sunya Sunya

Sunya Sunya is a beautiful song from the movie ‘Timepass 2’ and will be a perfect addition for your wedding playlist. The song is a composition of famous duo Chinar and Mahesh and is sung by Adarsh Shinde and Ketaki Mategaonkar.

Tola Tola

The romantic song ‘Tola Tola’ is one song that’ll be really great to add to your wedding playlist. This song in the voice of Bela Shende and Amitraj is really catchy and everyone will be lip-syncing to it. There is an unplugged version of the song too, that is equally amazing and is sung by the Marathi actresses Sai Tamhankar and Tejaswini Pandit who play the lead in the movie.

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Sar Sukachi Shravani

The amazing voices of Abhijeet and Bela are quite soothing, and this amazing romantic song ‘Sar Sukachi Shravani’ from the movie ‘Mangalashtak Once More’ will be perfect for the wedding playlist as well.

Swapna Chalun Aaley

The love anthem from 2015, the song ‘Swapna Chalun Aaley’ from the movie ‘Classmates’ was really popular and is still one of the best choices to add to the wedding playlist. The voices of Sonu Nigam and Sayali Pankaj make the song all the more beautiful.

Mala Sang Na

Although an old song, but this Marathi romantic song from the movie ‘Sharyat’ is a signature song for every Marathi wedding. The song by Chinam-Mahesh is an amazing composition and the voices of Meenakshi Iyer and Swapnil Bandodkar adds to the charm.

Galyat Sankali Sonyachi

Another gem from the beautiful 90’s the song ‘Galyat Sankli Sonyachi’ from the superhit movie ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin’ is in the Marathi and Hindi language and was able to capture the interest of everyone. This evergreen love song will be a really great addition to the wedding playlist.

Mala Ved Laagale

Another great composition of Chinar-Mahesh this song is from the movie ‘Timepass and is a great love song that’s perfect to showcase the love between the bride and the groom at their wedding.

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I am quite sure that with these few Marathi wedding songs in your wedding playlist, you are set to have great music at your wedding that every guest will enjoy.

Among these, the one song that I liked the most is Sunya Sunya. Which one is your favourite among the awesome songs mentioned above? Do tell me in the comments down below.

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