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How To Darken Your Mehendi & Deepen Your Love With Some Magical Tips

How To Darken Your Mehendi & Deepen Your Love With Some Magical Tips

No matter how beautiful bridal mehendi you have got applied for your big day by paying a handsome amount to the best mehendi artist… your every effort will go in vain if the color of mehendi is not that dark & deep. Mehendi plays a major role in complimenting the overall look of a bride and it is only possible when the color of the mehendi is as deep as the love of the couple. After all, it is an old saying that ‘the color of mehendi unveils the hidden love of your man for you’ so many bride check ways for how to darken your mehendi?

Bridal Mehendi
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So, don’t let anyone dare to question your love; rather secretly follow some of the below given magical mehendi darkening tips to intensify the mehendi color and deepen the bond of love between you two.

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Wash your hands thoroughly

How To Darken Your Mehendi
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Let us begin with the very first step that needs to be actually followed before applying henna. This is for those who want to know, how to darken your mehendi! You need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then wipe them with a hand towel and allow the hands to dry for some time. Do not use any sort of hand cream or moisturizer as these cosmetic creams preclude your skin from engulfing the mehendi properly which further result in not giving a nice dark color.

Few drops of Eucalyptus Oil/Mehendi Oil

Nilgiri oil for How To Darken Your Mehendi
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Once you are done with the first step, ensure that you do not miss to apply a qualitative Eucalyptus Oil to your palms before you begin to put mehendi. Just pour a few drops of the oil and rub both the palms with the help of each other so that the oil is well absorbed by your palms. Once the oil is soaked up nicely, you are all set to begin.

Dark Mehendi for Bride
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Consecrate the right amount of time

Hurry makes Curry – you must have heard of this proverb. Now is the time to imply it in your life as for now. After going through the entire process of getting beautiful henna adorned on your hands by sitting for good long hours continuously, still hold on your patience for some more time. Do not hush-hush in just removing it early. Let it also rest on your palms for the whole night or at least for 6 to 8 hours before you remove it for a darker & deeper shade. Your wait will surely be worth!

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Apply lemon & sugar syrup

Home remedy for How To Darken Your Mehendi
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This step is to be followed when your henna has actually dried but should not come out because of over-drying. With the least moisture (like almost dried) in your mehendi, you need to gently apply the lemon & sugar syrup. For this, squeeze a lemon to a bowl and mix sugar to it. Dab it with the help of a cotton ball.

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How To Darken Your Mehendi with ease
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This mehendi darkening tip will not only let your mehendi firmly stay on your palms but also will do its magic in imparting it a lovely dark color. It might make your hands a bit sticky but everything is worth when the results are exactly as you wished.
Do not over apply the quantity, as the effect may be vice-versa. So, use the right amount for right time.

Fumigate the cloves

Clove for dark mehendi
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Here comes an old trick to darken your mehendi, right from granny’s time! No rocket science, but trust us this has always worked! All you need to do is:

  • Turn on the gas and fumigate few cloves over an iron pan.
  • Now let the smoke engulf in your mehendi hands by placing them in such a manner that smoke reaches your hands. Do it as long as you can conveniently do it.
  • Repeat the same at least twice or thrice but with safety.

Apply Vicks Vapor Rub

Vicks for dark mehendi
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To darken your mehendi color, you can undoubtedly follow this tip too!
After completing the tenure of drying & keeping mehendi on your hands, now the time has come to remove it. You can either do it by rubbing both your hands or can apply mustard oil for few minutes to get it smoothly removed. When done with it, take an adequate amount of Vicks Vapor Rub and rub it well in your hands. In case of unavailability of Vicks, you can apply any balm which has strong peppermint).

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Enwrap your hands

Easy ways to dark Mehendi
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Last but not the least; you can even enwrap your mehendi hands with gloves or socks or any piece of cloth so that your hands stay warm. The warmness is also said to escalate the color of mehendi. Do follow this tip especially when you have got your mehendi applied in day time. Moreover, this mehendi darkening tip also safeguards your bed from mehendi stains.

Other things to take care of – Petty but Crucial

Cool designs of mehendi
Pic Courtesy Kajal Shah
  • Apply mehendi a bit in advance. Do not wait for the last moment as you need to devote enough time and care for the dark color.
  • Keep distance with water! Do not wash your hands for at least 12 hours after scraping-off your mehendi else the color of mehendi will also flow away with the water.

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  • Do not do any sort of beauty treatments like: wax, manicure, pedicure etc over the ‘mehendi- waale’ hands. Get them done in prior to 2/3 days.
  • Avoid using any chemical in mehendi solution to prevent any sort of allergic reactions. In fact you go natural and use coffee or tea mixture for a good color.
Traditional Mehendi Design
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The more sincerely you follow these tips, the sure-shot results you are going to achieve! Do let us know which mehendi darkening tip worked the best for you.

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