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This Quirky Quiz Will Tell What Type of Honeymoon Destination You Should Hop On

This Quirky Quiz Will Tell What Type of Honeymoon Destination You Should Hop On

Switzerland would be thrilling babe! No, I think we should roll out to Australia. C'mon, Australia is humdrum, I don't wanna get a sunburn there. Switzerland finalized no more arguments. Are you kidding me? I want a swash-buckling honeymoon trip, not the one where I yawn all the time. This conversation is just a glimpse of tussle many newly hitched couples have while deciding the honeymoon gateway. When there is such a colossal number of ethereal honeymoon destinations out there, arguments are bound to happen between couples because of varied taste.

No matter which honeymoon destinations you lock, the key thing is it should be one heck of an enthralling affair. A honeymoon trip is an exemplary opportunity for a newlywed couple to get intimate and know each other well. Still unsure about where to land up on your honeymoon? Not an issue anymore.

Take this Quirky Quiz to Reveal Which Type of Honeymoon Destinations Speak to You

1. What Type of a Person You Are?

A. Swash-buckler: Adventure runs in your veins

B. Calm and Composed: Love to stick to your routine

C. Social: Let's cheers beer with strangers

D. Introvert: Aren't we both are enough for each other?

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2. What's Your Main Focus of Honeymoon?

A. Sight-Seeing and Relaxing

B. Gobbling local cuisines

C. Thrilling Adventures

D. A bit of everything

focus on honeymoon

3. What's Your Budget?

A. $$$

B. $$

C. $$$$

D. $

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4. What You Expect from Your Partner?

A. Want him/her to be adventurous

B. A deep relaxing massage

C. Book romantic movie tickets

D. Want him/her to listen you

expectation from your partner

5. What's Your Opinion on Long Flights?

A. I love flying! Not an issue

B. I just Hate Long flights

C. If honeymoon destination is worth visiting, then only

D. I am comfortable with any mode of transport

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6. Idea Accommodation Type According To You

A. A Lavish private villa

B. A highly luxurious resort

C. A small wooden cabin in the mid of lush green forest

D. A simple boutique hotel

Idea Accommodation

7. Which Climatic Condition You Prefer

A. Warm and dry

B. Spine-Chilling Weather

C. Warm day and cool night (Mediterranean)

D. Tropical and humid region

8. What You Would like to Bring Back Home from Honeymoon?

A. Gemstones

B. Artistic piece like a painting

C. Branded  Clothing

D. An uber-cool gadget

9. What's the Most Romantic Thing for You?

A. Gazing stars under the lap of tree

B. Candle Night Dinner with Better-Half

C. Beer on the Beach

D. Bike ride on a long highway

romantic thing for you

10. Choose Your Favorite Meal

A. Cheesy Pizza

B. Continental Food

C. Seafood

D. Wine with any new cuisine

It's Result Time

Mostly As - If a majority of your answers are A option, you must plan for a high octane adventurous trip. The hottest destinations for thrilling honeymoon are Bangkok, Phi-Phi island, sky diving in New Zealand, spelunking or skiing in Switzerland to satiate your adventure thrust.

All you need is intense experiences on the honeymoon rather than romantic dates or deep conversations.

Mostly Bs - You are more of a beach person. It barely matters whether you stay in a swanky villa or a little homestay, all you want is open sky, the gurgling sound of ocean waves, and the love of your better-half to savor the real pleasures of life. Honeymoon destinations like the Maldives, beaches of Goa and Kerala are way too perfect to celebrate your honeymoon vacations.

Mostly Cs - You are more into cultural and meaningful trips. You surely want to take a break from all the wedding drama. Soothing and wonderful trips to natural places like Machu Pichu, Villages of Himachal Pradesh will keep you hooked and entertained.

At natural destinations, you will get to perceive the meaning of life differently and can learn a lot of things that are culturally significant.

Mostly Ds - You are open to everything. From snow-capped mountains to hyper-connected urban areas, everything intrigues you. You just want to experience every facade of life, be it feeling the rain and sunshine, experiencing the luxurious things, hearing the crackle of the campfire, or exploring the beauty of nature.

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