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Happy Rose Day 2021: Everything You Should Know- Origin, Rose Day Quotes, Proposal Ideas, and Gifting Ideas.

Happy Rose Day 2021: Everything You Should Know- Origin, Rose Day Quotes, Proposal Ideas, and Gifting Ideas.

Love is the spell that enchants us all, a magical story that binds us all and an emotion that completes us all. Such an exuberant form of emotion and sense requires dedication as beautiful as its zest. And for this very fact, we have dedicated the flower belonging from the family of Rosaceae, the flower rose is treated as the symbol of the divine emotion- ‘love’. Not only a rose matches the passion of intimacy but also stands in par with the layers of complexity that love has. This is the power of love and a rose that signifies the feeling. This is why we celebrate the very happy rose day with the utmost joy.

“A single flow’r he sent me, since we met.
All tenderly his messenger he chose;
Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wet—
One perfect rose.” written by Dorothy Parker

Especially when we talk about the valentine’s week, then this flower marks up the very beginning of this week. From the adorable rose exchanging activities to the happy rose day 2021 celebrations, this flower is a big part of this long week celebrations. The lovers usually present each other with various colours of roses and express their love for each other. These roses are paired with more gifts and are gifted to the beloved person as the best symbol of love.

Nevertheless, this priced possession is valued more than the fancy gifts because it signifies all the hardships and the beautiful aspects of love. The infinite layers come up with the endless mysteries the emotion holds, the faint fragrance matches the simplicity of love and last but not the least the rich colour red signifies the never-ending passion of this sensation. So if you are willing to celebrate this lovely rose day 2021 with the love of your life, then we will help you plan your day well!

Now we will help you to plan this special occasion for you to surprise your loved one! To begin with, you must start with a beautiful message on the happy rose day or a special quote on the rose day 2021. It will help you to build a cute mood with your person, and when you are done then do not forget to give a very gorgeous red to him or her. Followed by this rose you can present that person with some lovely gifts which can have a personalized touch to it which only you both will understand. These gifts can be sent together with some cheesy happy rose day wishes to add a romantic touch to it.

What was the origin of Rose Day?

The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that you must know why this day so special and what is the origin story. The origin story goes back to the hopeless romantics of the Victorian era who used to give roses as a token of love to their love to express their emotions. And often in this Victorian-era the queen was presented with the rose from the fellow countrymen as a symbol of respect and love.

This is how the common public caught on this tradition of passing on the rose as a mark of love and respect to their beloved on the very special rose day.

What does the colour of the rose signify?

The essential part is the colour of the rose. Initially, the colour of the red was the most significant part of the rose, but after years of positive romanticization of all relationships and emotions has helped people to accept other colours of the flower roses. But still, the colour red goes in history as the most prominent colour of the rose to be passed over as the memoir one’s love. But the question is, what do these colours signify and who should you give these colours to?

Red Rose– A colour of passion, a colour of desire, and a colour of all the boiling emotions; the colour red signifies all the sensations that lie in the vicinity of longing and pure strength. So if you want to express your love on rose day 2021 for somebody, then the red coloured rose can be the best choice for you to gift to your person.

Red Rose - rose day 2020

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Yellow Rose - The colour of energy and the colour of happiness and the colour of freshness. Not only this colour spike a thought of positivity but also fills us with the optimism that we cannot avoid. This very thought and feel represent the beauty of friendship. So don’t forget to give a yellow rose to your lovely friends on this rose day!

Yellow Rose

Pink Rose - The colour of sweetness, the colour of charm and the colour that signifies charm. This colour passes on a cute and adorable message of being interested and tenderness in context to love on this Happy rose day 2021. So if you want to confess to your crush, or you have been holding emotions in that you have always wanted to express but never could gather strength then a pink rose can be the best choice for your proposal.

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Pink Rose - happy rose day 2020

White Rose – The colour of eternity, the colour of purity and the colour of peace. This pure colour gives a very serene sense to all the people who look at it. Especially, when it is a white rose, then it is the best choice to give it to the love of your eternity before you begin your journey together.

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White Rose

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Rose Day Quotes As A Starter For Your Love

The first thing to keep in mind is that you must start with rose day quotes so that the rose you give is not that surprising and the mood is all set. So rather than going for some mainstream happy rose day quotes, you must go for adorable pickup lines that can make the heart of your lover flutter. The most important part is that you must share these rose day 2021 quotes with your special person before giving him or her the rose. So here are some handpicked pickup lines that will not only make them happy but also lighten up the mood before you go for the rose.

Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.

I’m lost. Can you give me directions to your heart?

I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Because mine was just stolen.

Are you a bank loan? Because you got my interest.

Rose Day Quotes With Images

Happy Rose Day 2020 quotes

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Rose Day Quotes

rose day 2020 messages

rose day wishes

happy rose day messages 2020

Rose Day Proposal Ideas For You To Create A Special Moment

If you really want to put your all into this rose day 2021 then do not forget to pass on the rose in a special way followed by the rose day message . But don’t worry we have got you sorted on this part as well, we have some very elegant proposal ideas that can help you make the day of your beloved one as special as the rose that you will present him or her with. So don’t forget to pass on this gorgeous flower in the most magnificent way ever, and they are as follows-

Ferris Wheel Top- The first one on the list is the classic trick to win over the heart of your special person. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about the Ferris wheel top moment that is a perfect choice for rose day proposal. All you have to do is take your date on a Ferris wheel ride and when you reach on the top of the ride then confess and pass on the lovely rose.

Ferris Wheel Top
Pic via -

Road Trip- Followed by the Ferris wheel proposal we have a thrilling proposal idea that can not only bring you both close but can also help you add some adventurous experiences on your date list as well. You can give him or her the gift just before starting the journey, so that he or she can admire your presence and the rose equally.

Road Trip
Pic via -

Handmade Breakfast- Then the next proposal to follow on this rose day 2021 list is the most cherished gesture amongst all the couples. Yes, we are talking about food, particularly the handmade food that one cannot stop adoring. Nothing is better than your partner cooking breakfast for you as you are lying in bed on a lazy morning. So don’t miss the opportunity and surprise your mate with a personalized favourite dish and a rose to complement it.

Handmade Breakfast
Pic via -

Sunset- Then comes another cheesy pick for the very special proposal idea. The very idealistic spot to pass on the rose is in front of the setting sun. The gorgeous hues and the mesmerizing scene can be the perfect rose day proposal without any doubt. All you have to do is take your date on a sunset gazing date and pass the rose with a romantic message.

rose day proposal - proposal
Pic credit - akm_photography

Picnic Date- Last but not the least on this list of proposal ideas we have a picnic date. You both can travel to a beautiful park surrounded by some gorgeous flowers and spend some quality time together in each other’s company. Eat a bit, play a bit and then finally when the sun sets, give him or her the rose to seal the deal!

Picnic Date
Pic credit - Peppermint-Pix

Rose Day Gift List That You Should Keep A Tab On!

The next thing that you can do to surprise him or her more is gift them something absolutely adorable that can make their day. And for you we have picked some very romantic rose day gifts for him and her that can not only make your partner’s heart flutter but help you express those cheesy thoughts just right! These assorted presents can be gifted to your loved person, paired with an elegant rose and some romantic hugs. So here are the following gifts that you can give to your beloved-

Clothes- The first one that never ceases to surprise us are the clothes! Apart from the baggy hoodies and pastel pyjamas, the couples really love to dress alike. So it is the perfect opportunity for you to gift matching clothing to your loved person and surprise them on this extraordinary happy rose day 2021!

Chocolates- Then come the very popular valentine’s week gift- chocolates. So if you are not able to make up your mind on what to gift him or her, then you can always gift a box of chocolates to your loved person paired with the rose.

Buffet Passes- But if you both are passionate foodies then nothing can beat a buffet pass as a gift! You both can go on this buffet date whenever you feel like savouring until you are full. So surprise your special person with a rose, a rose day message and a very special buffet pass on this rose day!

Soft Toys- Followed by the buffet passes we have another corny suggestion for you, and it is none other than the adorable soft toys! We all know how cute the oversized soft toys look, especially when they are matched with the size of your loved person. So if you are looking for a gift which is not that fancy and can match the valentine’s week vibe, then nothing can beat this gift.

100 Roses- This is the idle gift that you can give to your partner on the rose day. A bouquet of 100 roses bunched together can really make them feel special to the very core and help you win their heart with the utmost ease.

Polaroid Frame- Last but not the least rose day gift for her that we have on our list is the most personalized one that you can gift your date. It is none other than the Polaroid frame; you can get your couple pictures printed in the form of Polaroids as rose day gift.

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We hope we could help you plan your rose day with your lover! But don’t forget to add a personal message with the rose and gift that you will pass to your loved one. It will not only assert your love for him or her but will also help you express yourself better! And if you liked our blog then do not forget to share it with more and more people, you can also comment all the things that can make this rose day 2021 a special one in the section below. We hope you have a very special happy rose day this year!

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