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On This Promise Day Tie The Threads Of Promise With Love & Compassion

On This Promise Day Tie The Threads Of Promise With Love & Compassion

Valentine's day is back again with lots of reasons and exhilaration to enjoy with your loved ones. From rose day to teddy day, you have got plenty of reasons that you celebrate to create a beautiful smile on the face of your loved ones. Just like all the other day, Promise day itself comes with lots of emotions together. A promise is equally important as proposing someone. To start a relationship, there are a trillion commitments that people do from beginning to end. They are not always said out loud but most of them are unsaid and completely hidden but they exist. You can't imagine a relationship without giving a promise. That promise could be anything but it simply makes that strong in its own way. On this promise day, we are wishing you Happy Promise Day 2021 and want you to make this day special with your loved once around you.

Happy Promise Day

When it's valentine's week and you are planning to make each and every single day special then you can't miss out on this precious day which is the Promise day itself. Holding hands and sharing some commitments together, that's how a relation starts and if that commitment becomes weaker, promise day gives you an opportunity to make it strong again. If this day holds such importance then this is so important to make this day special for those lovely people of your life. In this blog, we are giving you a secret recipe that can make your day way more special than you have never thought of.

Promises tend to be protected, #Happy Promise Day 2021

I promise to love you forever!
I promise you that you'll be mine always!
Happy Promise Day sweetheart!
I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me,
For This Is All I Can Do.
It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This,
You Be The Greatest Of You.
Happy Promise Day

On this 11th Feb, make a promise of respect and compassion that no one can break ever and everything else will follow on its own. Let's celebrate this festival of bonds in a unique way. Make a list of promises that you would love to give the love of your life. You won't feel even a bit of effort while making these promises as you might be already practicing these promises in your relationship but just spelling them today can add a lot of magic on this day. Here we are comprising a list of promises that you can give the love of your life on this promise day 2021.

Promise of Commitment

Some things you don't have to promise. You just do. - Rick Yancey

happy promise day quotes

If you are someone who is in a relationship but never been vocal about your feeling towards your partner then no other day is better than this. Yes, certainly this is the day for you to say what you feel about them along with a promise of commitment. You can tell them you never want to lose them and will never let them go away from you. In this unstable life, you can't be assured of anything but this is the relation that you take a swear of.

This is a pledge that both of the partners can take for each other. Even being a wife a pledge that you have already taken in your mind that you will never leave him, today is the day you can tell this to him in a creative manner that he will fall in your love once again.

Promise of Space

Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep. - Anthony Hitt

promise day 2020 messages

Taken a promise of commitment and you are in the underquotes of Taken but you still belong to your own world too. We all have the individual space that we never want to mess with any other thing in the world. It could be your work, a hobby or even nothing but some moments in solitude, it's a promise that you need to keep along with the deep love in your hearts. You both are working professionals, then having that particular time is a must. You love each other so much then it could be never difficult for us to understand that their me time is precious to them a lot.

This promise is all about giving that healthy space to each other which is a must in every relation to breath and grow. If he wants to go on a holiday with his friends, let him go as you will be amazed when he will tell you how much he missed you. Also if she wants to go for a solo trip, you should welcome his idea too. It's a fact that you were never far then how and when you both feel each other's need and when will you miss each other. Give this promise of space on this promise day 2021, to get your love, even more, closely than ever before.

Promise of Overlooking Flaws

Your promise means more than the words you use to give it. - Ron Kaufman

I don't like your habit of forgetting things or I don't like your habit of being late all the time. I'm sure you just like these you also have a list of complaints with your spouse and that evolves, even more, every next day. Make a promise today that you will start overlooking those flaws of your partner and think more about their positive sides. If that's not easy, simply look at the reason behind those flaws. The reason behind their weak memory could be just you that you take care of them a lot that they have lost this habit of taking care of the things around.

She is over-complaining just because she expects a lot from you. If she won't expect anything, then what flavor is left in your relationship. Keep things the way they are and try to see the positive side of these things. Give a promise of 'Ignoring The Flaws' and finding the positive reasons behind them could be the promise for this Promise Day 2021.

Promise of Giving Time

Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them. - Stephen Richards

2020 promise day messages

No matter what situation will come, it could not always be the same but we will give each other time to listen to each other no matter what. Issues overcome, problems resolved when you sit together and untie the knots of misunderstandings. Relationship is just like a plant that grows with continues care and consideration. Take time to give her a surprise date or give a text message of love when he is busy with his business clients. You just need to be committed with the relation you have together and a promise becomes more like a stubborn will to implement. Sharing the thoughts and robbing some moments of romance is the promise to be taken on this Promise day.

Giving time is not always giving time by being available there with your partner all the time as that is not possible for any of us. Instead of that giving them a feeling that you are still somewhere close to them by their side is how you give them time when you cannot really be presented there.

Promise of Protection

Promises are the guarantees of true relation.

promise day 2020 messages

You will protect your BAE from all the harm that can ever happen to them. This is the promise that you have already taken in your head but this is the best time to be vocal about this promise on this Promise Day. Promise her or him no matter what happens I will protect you from all those mishaps that might occur in their life. This protection is not related to physical harm that can ever happen to your partner but mental harm too that can be more obstructive most of the time. You will stand like a backbone with your partner and this is the promise to behold till the eternity.

Protection from disappointments, hurt, anxiety, depression or any of that sort of issue, you will be there to save and protect your partner with all the love you have for them in your heart.

Songs for The Promise Day 2021

Going for a romantic long drive or simply celebrating a date night with her or him, songs that are filled romance are so must. We have here enlisted a list of songs that will get you two, even more, closer than ever before.

Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka | Khakee

SIMMBA | Tere Bin

Dil Diyan Gallan Song | Tiger Zinda Hai

Kasam Ki Kasam | Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

Falak Tak | Tashan

Janam Janam | Dilwale

Mere Haath Mein | Fanaa

Kyon | Barfi

Ishq Bulaava | Hasee Toh Phasee

Sadi Gali | Vicky Donor

Hosanna | Ekk Deewana Tha

Yahaan | Naam Ada likhna

Happy Promise Day Messages 2021 for BAE

Sweet love notes bounded by the threads of promises is the best gift for the love of your life. Here we have comprised a list of such messages that had can show your love and symphonize it with a rhyme of messages.

Promise Day Messages 2021 For Him

I promise that I'll never make you feel alone. Happy promise day love.
Let's promise each other to be best friends forever.

Promise me you will be with me forever and always! Happy Promise Day!
We have a lot of dreams to fulfill together. I promise that I'll do my part with the best I can do, always and forever.

You're my lottery to happiness. Thank God I've won it. I promise to love you and take care of you as long as I'm alive!

No love story was ever so romantic and passionate. No promise was ever so effective. You and I are going to make history! Happy promise day!

I'm so in love with you that loving you has become the meaning of my life. Everything else has just become an illusion. Happy promise day!

Even if I promise my whole world to you, it would be so little. You have given me so much love that can never be repaid.

I was directionless before I met you. You gave my life a new meaning, a new promise that I aim to keep for the rest of my life.

Every day I wake up with the aim of keeping my promise I made you long ago, the promise of loving you forever.

Genuine promises are the key to success and success is brimming with promises till one gets it and then it appears like a home from which the winged creature has flown. Happy Promise Day!

Promise to you my dear, we will walk together till life ended.

Promise Day Messages 2021 For Her

Home isn't a home without you. My life would be incomplete and meaningless if you were not my wife. Happy promise day my love!

You're the reason why everything seems alright even when nothing is right. I love you for everything that you are. Happy promise day!

Don't promise when you're happy. Don't reply when you're angry and don't decide when you're sad. - Anonymous

Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. - Unknown

When you're keeping promises well to your loved one, you're making your relationship stronger and happier! Happy promise day guys!

You bring the best out of me. Stay in my life, we will make a heaven on Earth. Happy Promise Day baby!

This promise day 2021, I am not making any promise because I promised to be in love with you when I saw you for the first time.

I Can’t Promise To Solve All Your Problems, I Can Promise, That I will Never Let You Face Them Alone. Happy Promise Day my advance!

I am more likely than not been conceived under a fortunate star, to discover a companion as you may be. I will take after the rainbow to the end if you promise to remain my companion !!! Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day Quotes For 2021

I promise
you that
I will never
leave you alone
You are the Light of my life 

Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them... Happy Promise Day

I will never let you go; if you ever go I’ll hold your hand and bring you back to fight with me daily.  Happy Promise Day.

Promise me, you won’t forget our laughs, our jokes, our smiles, our conversations, our plans, our tears, our memories, our experiences, our friendship.

Promise me with all of your heart to never let us fall apart to keep me strong and holding on promise me that you’ll never be gone.

True friends for life may or may not have money to share, may or may not have food to share but they share the love and care.

There are many people who will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave the footprints. You are lucky if your school friends are still your best friend. Three things are not meant to be broken– friendship, love, and promise.

Sometimes you need someone not to do anything or fix anything but just to be there to make us feel we are loved and cared.  And they are called friends. A true friend is someone who will don’t mind listening to your old craps again and again.

If you are the moon, I promise to be your star
If you are the rain, I promise to be your rainbow
If you be the butter, I promise to be your bread
If you be the river, I promise to be the current and not the banks,
Because I always want us to be together!
Happy Promise Day!

We Are Meant To Be Together
And Always Be Near Through
The Good Times And Bad One.
Happy Promise Day!!

This Promise Day
I Don’t Promise You The Moon,
I Don’t Promise You The Star,
But If You Promise To Remember Me,
I Promise To Be Always There.
Thinking Of You On This Promise Day…

I know love is not easy, especially with me
I know we have long miles to go before the destination we see
but with you by my side, I know it will be a journey worth it.
Promise to just be there, no matter rain or storms.
Because after even after the darkest nights, there is always a sunrise.
Happy Promise Day

I hope this blog helped you at least a bit to make your promise day even more special for you two love birds. We really hope that this blog added some more excitement to your promise day 2021.

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