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A Groom’s Guide to Plan a Crazy Entrance to the Wedding Reception

A Groom’s Guide to Plan a Crazy Entrance to the Wedding Reception

Are you the one who thinks that arriving at your own wedding riding a horse, elephant or a vintage car is a thing of the past and like various other modernizations this too needs a bit of an extra twist? Is thinking of surprising your guests with some creative ways to arrive at the venue is your forte? Then you’re at the right place.

Here, we’ve discussed all the creative ways in which you can arrive at your wedding with a bang! We guarantee that these will surely leave your guests dumbfounded. So, Let’s Just Get Started

Some Unconventional Groom Entries That Are Already Tried And Tested

On a Bike

groom on bike

Arriving at the wedding on a motorcycle will be a great idea. It might be a less crazy one but will surely turn some heads.

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groom entry on atv

A Yuvi Style entrance riding an ATV can be another option to your guests and the family of the bride.

Driving a Tractor

groom driving a tractor

Okay! This one is common in Punjab and Haryana but is worth mentioning for larger cities. Driving a tractor with all the Baraatis doing the Bhangra will surely send your guests Balle!!! Balle!!!

In a Boat

groom entry on boat

Planning on a beach wedding? Even if you’re not, then go ahead and plan one as this entrance is worth every trouble.

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By a Helicopter

groom entry in helicopter

Having a grand wedding calls for a grand entrance. Why not go for a Bollywood style grand entrance and land directly at the venue with a helicopter.

Ride a Scooter

groom entry on scooter

A vibrant and colorful scooter will be another perfect option. You can even select one with side carriage and tag along a friend like Pandya did on his wedding.

Golf Cart

golf cart for groom entry

Want not just one friend to tag along but a whole gang? Then a golf cart will definitely be the right option to choose.

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Take a Tuk-Tuk

groom entry on taxi

You can ride your way through to the venue in a colorful Tuk-Tuk embellished with some beautiful flowers.

Flash Mob Through the Door

groom entry with flash mob

Does your family have great dancing skills? Then why not include everyone and start a flash mob when the Baraat reaches the gate of the venue.

The Friend’s Shoulders

groom entry on friend's shoulder

What better than getting a Man of the Match treatment by your friends? So just get on their shoulders and groove your way to your wedding doing the Bhangra.

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These were some of the ideas that’ll surely give your guests something to talk about at your wedding. I can even guarantee that this will be a gesture that the guests will remember for their entire life.

Just don’t keep it to yourself and tell us which idea do you like the most and want to steal for your own wedding in the comment section below.

Have a creative idea popping in your head that’s not mentioned in the list then go ahead pop it out and share with us!!!

We will absolutely make sure that it reaches the world.

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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