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Floral Jewelry Alternatives Brides Can Try On their Weddings: A Bit Different Feel and Style

Floral Jewelry Alternatives Brides Can Try On their Weddings: A Bit Different Feel and Style

When girls hear the name “jewelry”, they go crazy. Jewelry, diamonds, gems, these all they want to own it. And why they don’t want to? It is a treasure for them, perhaps more than their boyfriends or men whom they are going to marry. These days there is no dearth of jewelry. If you have the pocket, you can own everything whatever piece of jewelry you want to wear it. There are traditional, modern, fusion and culturally specific Floral Jewelry Alternatives Brides you can wear on the day of your wedding. But we think nowadays brides are walking in a different lane, and they are adapting to a new trend in jewelry and it is not much costly. You don’t need to shelve out more for them, just a little bit.

Floral jewelry is in vogue but if you don’t especially care them, then with the time they fade, even on the day of your wedding. Though you don’t need to worry about it. If you don’t want to buy original floral jewelry then there are floral jewelry alternatives that you can try on your wedding ceremonies and on any function whenever you want to wear them.

Here are some best floral jewelry alternatives. Though they are not original but still can spread the fragrance of your aura on the day of your wedding.

Our Traditional and Ever-green Gota

Ever-green Gota

Gota-Patti has always been being used in our traditional and modern dresses. There is another use of it that has been trendized these days. It can be a Floral Jewelry Alternatives Brides. In different customized shapes, you can wear them as in earrings, bangles, Baaju-Band or in any other type of jewelry you want to wear. Customizations are always possible.

 Tassels that Don’t Wrestle

tassels that don’t wrestle

You must have seen the use of tassels in women’s blouses but perhaps you haven’t seen the use of them as floral jewelry alternative. Yeah, they can be used in this way, and tell you look so attractive and awesome. These are available in the market or you can yourself make it. Of various colors and various customizations for hands, arms, neck, ears, you can make. Not so costly and affordable.

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 Wrap Easily Paper Jewelry

wran easily paper jewelery

Though personally, we don’t like it and in favor of paper jewelry. But if you want to use it you can use it. But there are lots of problems with it. They can easily get torn up and whatnot. But if you still want to try it, you can.


Floral Jewelry Alternatives brides

Fabric jewelry, they look pretty good and can be combined with any kind of dress you wear. Whether you wear of silk, cotton, lace, velvet, they can be of any clothe. Any kind of color and design you can make them of.

 Crochet Ones the Best

crochet ones the best

It is one of the most aesthetically fine Floral Jewelry Alternatives Brides and really look like flowers. Gives a kind of boho feel of jewelry. And it feels fine, not heavy like fabric. You can easily buy them in the market according to the dress or suit you are wearing.

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 Beads Breed

Bead jewelry is not the new one. It is one of the oldest jewelry types, said, of Indus civilization. You can wear of many colors and types. Beads are available in all types of sizes and materials like wood, crystal, and acrylic and plastic. And we think it is one of the finest floral jewelry alternatives that you can try on your wedding instead of gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Dazzling, glimmer and glitter you look when you wear it and walk down the aisle on the day of your wedding.

These are all the floral jewelry alternatives that you can wear on the day of your wedding. Customize it or buy it as you want. If you want to make it yourself then try to do it before some weeks of your wedding. They are silk, soft and attractive. So which one you want to try on your wedding? Besides all that, if you have already tried floral alternative then tell us in the comment below how you like it and what you feel about it in comparison to gold and silver jewelry.

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