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First Rakhsha Bandahan After Marriage? This Is How You Should Make It Special!

First Rakhsha Bandahan After Marriage? This Is How You Should Make It Special!

Do you ever miss your brother so bad that you just want to run to him and hug him tight?

This is usually all the newlywed sisters.

But all the stupid and funny memories you created together makes you relive the past like nothing else.

All the times you fought over the remote, or when you secretly ate each other's food, or when you wore his clothes secretly, and what not.

We all know how heated things got when your brother opened his mouth or how annoying it got when he would not shut his mouth while complaining.

Well, the feelings were mutual, and you can't deny that.

But was it only about the endless bickering?

Naww, it was more about creating memories and experiencing the friendly sibling relationship.

But don't worry! Rakshabandhan is in the corner, and you can experience all the bickering and altercations all over again!!

We mean, this is your first rakhi after marriage, and you want to make the best out of it.

Let us help you with that, today we made a list of things you should do on your first rakhi after your wedding. Here it goes!

Cook His Favorite Dish

Cook His Favorite Dish

Do you remember the times when you and your brother used to cook together in the absence of your mother?

Yes, all of us have made some special dishes time to time that our brothers absolutely loved.

But it was always surprising how he would lick the plate clean but still won’t appreciate your effort.

Every brother ever, but we think he did appreciate you, but from inside, you know? 

Maybe he never said it out loud.

So, why not do it again? Make his favorite dish which you mastered and surprise him! 

Buy His Nerdy Stuff

Buy His Nerdy Stuff

Don’t we all have brothers, who are always busy doing their nerdy and geeky stuff?

From watching superheroes movies to collecting new games is what he ever did.

And if you ever dared to touch his stuff, he would explode like there is no tomorrow!

So why not buy a gift for him which he always wanted but was never able to get it himself.

And if your brother is not a geeky person, then you can always go for something which your brother likes more than his life!

Watch That Special Movie Together

Watch That Special Movie Together

If you ask us, all the siblings had a movie which they enjoyed watching together.

Whether it is Jumanji, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter or some creepy haunted movie, you should definitely sit together and re-watch it.

It would be like old times, sitting together and commenting on every other scene.

Nothing can get better than this, can it?

Go On A Short Trip

Go On A Short Trip

There is another option, if you really want to spend some quality time with your siblings, then why don’t you take a short trip with them?

It doesn’t have to be all well planned; you can just choose a destination nearby and drive all the way down.

You can jam to your playlists, discuss all the childhood memories and get a closure of each other’s lives. 

This small getaway will help you cover up all the gaps which occurred due to adulting.

Binge Eat Street Food 

Binge Eat Street Food

Well, there is no denying that food can be a very good way to reminiscence the past.

So why don’t you both go on an eating spree?

You can visit all the street food joints which you both used to visit together.

This can be the best way to celebrate rakhi or any brother-sister reunion! We hope this blog will help you surprise your brother on this rakshabandhan!

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