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Time-Honoured Choker Necklace Designs Complementing Your Bridal Looks

Time-Honoured Choker Necklace Designs Complementing Your Bridal Looks

Bridal jewellery is one of the most important parts of bridal attire. Every bride wants to look her best on the day of her marriage and sporting an embellished lehenga and enchanting makeup is not enough. Jewellery is considered to be “the cherry on top”, and helps take the beauty of the bride to a whole new level.

When selecting a neckpiece that you think will be perfect to go with your embellished lehenga, you can decide on wearing a choker necklace. A choker is a close-fitting necklace and will help to really amp up your wedding look.

What Makes Choker Necklace A Perfect Addition To Your Bridal Attire?

It is said that if we keep something that’s trendy now, for quite some time, it will come back in trend sometime in the future. All the top fashion designers agree on the fact that fashion trends have a quarterly cycle, i.e., a fashion trend repeats itself in every 25 years.

It is now time to revive the trends of the early 1990s, and the choker necklaces have once again made a triumphant return.

Encircling the neckline with a choker that’s embedded with glistening stones is one thing that no bride can say no to. Deciding on having a traditional look or a modern one, a choker is a perfect addition.

There are a variety of different choker styles from which you can choose from. Chokers are made from different materials like Gold, Platinum, Silver and are adorned with diamonds, pearls and rhinestones.

51 Stunning Choker Necklaces That We Fell In Love With

Struggling with the questions in your mind, that if you should wear a choker? or, what kind of choker necklace would be perfect for you? Then you don’t need to worry, as here we have described some really amazing choker necklace designs that we think will be an amazing addition to your bridal attire.

A Multi-Level Choker With An Assortment Of Rhinestones


A necklace that’s embellishing and highly detailed with randomly cut rhinestones studded all over it.

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A White Metal Choker With Matching Earrings


If you don’t wish to go to the traditional side and want something that’s more modern and chic, then choosing a white metal choker is the best choice.

A Combination Of Black And White Choker Design


A white metal choker necklace with black coloured crystals will give you a look that's trendy and fashionable.

A Traditional Choker Necklace With A Hint Of Modernity


Enhance your wedding look with a traditional choker necklace that carries with it some elements that give it a modern twist.

A Swirly Choker Studded With Pearls


Flaunt your bridal look that’s bold and ravishing with a choker that looks modern and trendy.

A Gold Choker Set With Intricate Stone Work


A gold choker set with the different pieces of jewellery studded with common themed stones will truly be a mesmerising addition to your bridal attire.

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 A Pendant Style Choker That’s Embellished With Meenakari Artwork

Credit : Aquamarine

Meenakari artwork is great to spice up any piece of jewellery, and this amazingly beautiful choker necklace is perfect for any modern-day bride.

Flaunt Your Royal Side With This Amazing Diamond Choker Necklace

Credit : Aquamarine

This amazing diamond choker necklace showcases a combination of differentially cut diamonds that come together to form a necklace design that’s perfect and glittering.

A Kundan Choker With Colourful Stone And Bead Work


A stylish round neck traditional choker necklace with intricate stone and bead work. This amazing piece of jewellery will surely make your wedding ensemble a whole lot stylish.

A Choker Necklace Design With An Adjustable Beaded Chain

Credit : Aquamarine

This kundan choker neckpiece with multiple bead chains for fastening is an amazing choice as you can keep it as loose as you want without choking on it.

A Round Neck Traditional Choker Necklace With Detailed Kundan Work

Credit : Dark Room Doctor

Be the beautiful bride on your wedding day, wearing a choker necklace and combining it with bell-shaped latkan earrings.

Bring Together The Goodness Of Kundan And Pearls


The most used embellishments in any Indian jewellery are the pearls and kundans, and combining both of these in a single choker will surely be amazing.

A Multi-Level Gold Choker Necklace That's Equally Traditional And Modern 

Credit : Dipak

An intricately designed gold choker necklace with the meenakari work and latkans that look trendy and traditional at the same time.

An Amazingly Beautiful Gold Choker From The Sabyasachi Collection

Credit : sabyasachiofficial

A magnificent choker in Burmese spinel, with uncut diamonds, emeralds and pearls set in 22 karat gold.

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A Gold Choker Set Embellished With Colourful Stones


Flaunt your vibrant side at your wedding. This amazing gold choker set that’s studded with numerous colourful stones will be an amazing addition to your bridal ensemble.

A Choker With A Combination Of Square And Round Cut Crystals


This out of the world choker necklace with crystals cut in different shapes will surely help you amp up your wedding looks.

Another Gem From The Sabyasachi Collection That’ll Look Great On Your Wedding

Another Gem From The      Sabyasachi Collection
Credit : Sabyasachi

Traditional choker necklace hand-crafted in 22 karat gold with uncut diamonds, tourmalines, emeralds and Japanese cultured pearls. The finest of naqshi, meenakari, partash and a multitude of other techniques come together to create a modern heirloom.

This solid Lac Choker Looks Chic And Modern


Want to wear a look that’s trendy and modern at your wedding? You can wear a Lac Choker that will go well with your modern look.

A Choker Combined With A Multilayered Neckpiece


This amazing hand-crafted traditional choker with large crystals will help you look bold and confident at your wedding.

An Elegant And Chic Choker Necklace Design Will Be A Perfect Accessory


This choker design is chic and elegant. It is perfect to add a grandeur to your already amazing wedding look.

A Choker With A Blend Of Kundan And Beads Will Be A Great Choice


The most prominent embellishments in any Indian jewellery are kundan and beads and having these two in the beautiful neckpiece at your wedding will simply be amazing.

Flaunt The Amazing Traditional Indian Roots With A Choker That’s Traditionally Traditional


There is nothing more embellishing than an Indian bride dressed in authentic traditional look. Adding in a gold choker necklace that looks traditional is something that’ll help enhance your amazing look to an entirely different level.

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You can also decide on a choker that’s offbeat and modern

Credit : sabyasachijewelry

This uncut diamond and yellow sapphire necklace with hand-carved peacocks in 22k gold is another fabulous addition in this list from the Sabyasachi collection

A Choker Necklace In The Peacock Inspired Design Pattern


Embedded with precious ruby in the centre and full of kundan work all around, this amazing choker necklace will really add a charm to your already beautiful looks.

A Choker Necklace Design With Kundans Elegantly Lined Up


An elegant choker necklace design with kundan work forming the various layers of the necklace looks really amazing. The water-drop shaped latkans and big pearls dangling complete the stunning look.

Amazing Kundan Work In The Different Geometric Shapes


Circles, Bricks, Pentagons and Teardrops, this amazing choker not only looks traditional but will surely be a headturner at your wedding.

Choose Something That’ll Look Modern And Chic


This amazing choker design is an example of expert craftsmanship. The intricate wires of gold and embedded crystals and beads, give it a mesmerising look.

A Necklace That’s Modern And Traditional At The Same Time

Credit : Studio

A combination of different styles blended into one, this amazing choker will surely be a great addition to complete your bridal look.

The Amazing Curtain Style Choker Embellished with Meenakari Work

Credit : Witty Vows

The amazing choker necklace with golden beads lined up to form a curtain like design. The colourful stones and meenakari work add a vibrance and enhance the overall look.

Nail the Modern Bride Look wearing a choker That’s Offbeat And Trendy

Credit : Shweta Gaur

The highlight of this amazing necklace is the large stones carved with intricate floral design patterns along with the spherical latkans embedded with small crystals.

The Random Cut Crystals That Are In Vogue This Year

Credit : Hitched & Clicked

Bring in the latest fashion trend by including a multi-layered choker set adorned with a set of randomly cut crystals.

A Traditional Choker Necklace For A Queen Like Look


This Rajasthani style traditional choker necklace will give you a look that’s truly amazing and time-honoured.

A Contemporary Choker That’ll Be Perfect For Any Millennial Bride


From colourful stones and beads to colourful artworks, this choker necklace is bright and vibrant and will look great on your wedding.

The Intricate Metal Wires interwoven To Form An Embellishing Choker


From small beads to mirror work this amazing choker looks stunning and ready to spruce up your neckline at the wedding.

A Gold Choker Set With Amazing Kundans With Embedded Stones

Credit : Ujjwal Dua

Gold choker set with the evergreen kundans studded with vibrant coloured stones is a perfect accessory for any bride. The choker combined with latkan style earrings and matching ring really add up to create a look that’s truly enchanting.

The Shimmery Choker Adorned With Crystals And Beads

Credit : The Videowala

A kundan choker with beads dangling below it will look perfect when combined with your shimmery bridal lehenga on your D-Day.

A Gold Choker Necklace With A Mix Of Lac And Filigree Design Patterns

Credit : Hitched & Clicked

The intricately woven filigree combined with the bold lac design patterns looks amazing in the gold choker necklace.

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A Traditional Gold Choker Necklace Studded With Stones And Beads

Credit : K . J . H

Flaunt your glorious traditional looks by incorporating an awesome choker that’ll be enchanting and will be perfect to capture everyone’s attention.

A Modern And Elegant Choker Necklace TO Add To Your Wedding Looks


This amazing choker necklace will surely be an amazing addition to your wedding ensemble and will help complement your attire.

Ever So Amazing Crystals And Bead Studded Traditional Choker


There is nothing more wonderous than an Indian bride with a traditional lehenga and traditional jewellery with an amazing choker and beautiful jhumkis.

A Diamond Choker Necklace That’s Modern And Chic

Credit: Dipak

A diamond choker necklace is something that can go really well with a modern look. So, if you are planning to have a laid-back casual wedding then add it to your must-have list.

A Gold Choker Set With Matching Latkan-Style Earrings

Credit: Dipak

Choosing a gold choker set that’s traditional and elaborate is something that’ll look glamorous yet elegant at your wedding.

A Floral Gold Choker Necklace Design With Coloured Stones And Evergreen Crystals


When it comes to an Indian wedding, florals are something that is always in vogue and showcasing them in your gold choker necklace design will be a brilliant option.

A Choker Necklace That’s Covered With Big Uncut Crystals And Hanging Stones

Credit: K. J. H

The amazing choker necklace combined with similar earrings and maang tikka will look really amazing with a traditional saree.

A Modern Neckpiece With Contrasting Stones Is Sure To Give Out A Strong Look


The choker that’s modern and trendy is something that every bride wants and this gold neckpiece is something that’ll help amp up your looks.

A Traditionally Beautiful Gold Choker Necklace With Kundan Work


An amazing gold choker necklace with various different elements attached by hoops is something that is perfect for every Indian bride.

 A Traditional Choker Necklace With Heavy Stonework

 Traditional Choker Necklace

A piece of tribal jewellery from the collection of Sabyasachi, this amazing choker with heavy stones and crystal work will surely leave all the guests stunned

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A Colorful Choker Set Studded With Glittering Crystals


Look your best in a vibrant and colourful choker set with meenakari artwork and multicoloured crystals.

A Choker Inspired From The Peacock Feather Designs


The intricate gold wires are woven to form some intricate design patterns that look traditional. The amazing beadwork adds in the much-needed wow factor to the choker.

The Intricately Designed Choker With Assortmentment Of Crystals


This amazing neckpiece inlaid with various glimmering crystals and hanging beads will be another great addition for having a posh look.

 A Traditional Choker Necklace From The Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Credit : sabyasachijewelry

Traditional choker necklace with uncut diamonds and pearls from the Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection will be another great addition to your wedding ensemble.

These are some of the most amazing handpicked choker necklace designs that I think will be a great addition to your wedding ensemble.

So, what are you waiting for? It is now time for you to step out and find a choker necklace that connects to your heart and will look great with your bridal attire.

But before that, do tell me in the comments below about the one choker that’s your favourite on the list that I curated.

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