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All About Sabyasachi's Beautiful New Winter Bridal Collection-Charbagh!

All About Sabyasachi's Beautiful New Winter Bridal Collection-Charbagh!

We are at awe, yet again. The top designer, Sabyasachi, is back with a new collection. Our hearts have stopped at the sight of his new winter collection called ‘Charbagh.’ Moreover, it is not just about the traditional and rustic designs, but about how the lovable designer was inspired to come up with this collection. His couture is divided into four themes, and they are- Devi, Nargis, Chowk and Isfahan. These four dramatic themes are backed up with Sabyasachi Jewelry that tries to revive the old craftsmanship of the goldsmiths. It all was initiated when the designer celebrated 20 years of success.

The very next day #TheWorldOfSabyasachi released the teasers of this new collection. These designs were the continuation of the curiosity, art and antiquity project. The theme ‘Devi’ was inspired by the simplicity of the traditional way of bridal dressing, wedding dresses and the royalty of the color red. The following theme is ‘Nargis’ which was inspired by the blooming designs of the old tapestry and architecture.

Then comes the ‘Chowk’ theme, which highlights the rustic rural textiles and the intimacy of their style. And the last theme ‘Isfahan’ covers the depth of the Islamic art, the dusty-personalized colors and the glamorous fabrics.

Let us Look into the Varieties of Wedding Dress by Sabyasachi

 D E V I


devi collection of sabyasachi

sabyasachi devi collection

sabyasachi winter bridal collection

sabyasachi bridal collection for brides

sabyasachi bridal winter collection

“Sometimes following a cliché doesn’t make you any less of a rebel or an individualistic person. It just makes you feel beautiful” says Sabyasachi.

This collection majorly showcases the exquisite side of dressing up in traditional bridal attire.

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This concept is also a very special attempt as it features a plus-size model in a Sabyasachi Lehenga.


sabyasachi nargis collection

sabyasachi nargis collection

nargis collection of sabyasachi

Sabyasachi winter collection

sabyasachi bridal winter collection

sabyasachi bridal winter wear

Sabyasachi's Beautiful New Winter Bridal Collection

Nargis bridal wear

sabyasachi nargis collection

“ I started getting vivid and beautiful images of an abandoned home. Beautiful tapestry. Peeling wallpaper. A wild overgrown garden with lush flowers blooming everywhere. It was hauntingly beautiful. Silent. Serene” says Sabyasachi.

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Nargis is the theme in which the designer focuses on bringing out blooming motifs in the wedding dress.

We observe the designs to be highly embellished that resemble the freshness of the wild forests filled with exotic and colorful flowers and colors.



chowk collection of sabyasachi

sabyasachi chowk bridal collection


sabyasachi chowk collection

“When I look at the way women in rural India dress, their naiveté and their authenticity in how they express themselves through their clothing make them almost arrogant and defiant in a positive way. There is a certain sense of strength, confidence and provocative sexuality that I don’t find in urban clothing any more. But I see a lot of urban women today who express their sense of fierce individualistic modernity by adopting rural textiles” says Sabyasachi.

Chowk is inspired by the rustic and intimate clothing of the rural lifestyle. It is about how beautifully Sabyasachi has brought the innocence of the rustic vibe on to his gorgeous bridal dresses.


sabyasachi isfahan winter bridal wear
sabyasachi isfahan bridal wear

isfahan winter bridal wear

Winter Bridal Collection-Charbagh

sabyasachi winter collection

Sabyasachi's Beautiful New Winter Bridal Collection

“Our royal costumes are a combination of velvets, organzas, muslins and mul mul, and I wanted to revive them for Isfahan. Most gloriously embellished with decadent zardozi in gold and silver, with tiny specks of mina in silk floss. With Mughal motifs, Persian flora and fauna. Set against evocative stains rather than saturated colors. They have more depth ironically, telling you untold stories that you want to listen to” says Sabyasachi.

This concept depicts the unique art background of Islamic art backed by stunning fabrics and varied colors.

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This theme has vivid color schemes and a variety of unavoidable couture designs. We hope you will like the very new collection of wedding dresses for girls by Sabyasachi!

Source:- Sabyasachi

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