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Charu and Sakshar, Their Lovely Wedding Story and the Wedding

Charu and Sakshar, Their Lovely Wedding Story and the Wedding

Seeing these, their wedding ceremonies pics, it really feels that Charu and Sakshar are the couple made for each other. 

Look at the Haldi ceremony of Charu, how happy she is feeling, relatives pouring milk and rubbing Haldi. She is totally embellished with floral jewelry, looking so beautiful. Uncles, aunts, maternals and paternals all are there. 

And this group photo is really the charm of the ceremony where sisters, friends, and bhabhi are together. 

Sangeet ceremony is also melodious where she is shaking legs with father and other relatives. Her mehndi designs is so attractive, some peacock and God ideal design with a touch of royalty.

And the wedding couple, Charu and Sakshar dancing together like he is proposing her for the ball or some real thumka and jhumka. Both are shying, love in their eyes. On which song they are dancing, we don’t know but looking nice. Oh! Dancing troupe is also behind synchronizing their moves with them. 

With all the ceremonies ending, couple comes to their final one, where you can see Sakshar putting vermillion on her crown making her forever for his life. She is gazing and he is shying. We have seen many grooms during the time of their Varmala ceremony they weep. Charu is looking so ecstatic to wed Sakshar, that’s the love that can be seen in their eyes. So glamorous, glittery, emotional, happy the couple is and wedding too.

Haldi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony



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