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A Big Day in the Life of an Indian Wedding Planner

A Big Day in the Life of an Indian Wedding Planner

Ever wonder how much a wedding planner goes through to hear, “The event was spectacular.Just to make your once-in-a-lifetime moment memorable, there is a lot behind the stage that remains unknown. As a bride and groom, you want everything magical, stunning, and memorable for a lifetime. From decor, lighting, and stage setup to varmala, festivities, and wedding themes, everything requires a pinch of perfection and dedication. To make your that one day special, planning starts months before. Let’s dive into the life of an Indian wedding planner. This blog will highlight key aspects of their day.  

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The Role Of Indian Wedding Planner in Modern Weddings

The Role Of Indian Wedding Planner in Modern Weddings Source: pinterest

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Indian weddings are lavish affairs that combine rituals, themes, fun festivities, and parties. The four—to five-day gala events are memorable for a lifetime. A wedding is a joyous and entertaining event for the bride, groom, family, and friends. The fun-filled festivities are loved by all. 

As the events spread over multiple days, it can be daunting for the families. Every event comes with different themes and activities. So, you must be looking for various games and different-themed parties to make your wedding enchanting. 

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Nowadays, many events, such as card parties, welcome brunch, phoolon ki Holi, carnival parties, DJ nights, and pool parties, are not easy to handle. Families are already involved in other tasks, which makes it hard to manage everything. So, who’s going to handle everything now? 

Here comes the role of top wedding planners in India

Ever wonder who ensures picture-perfect moments when you are busy enjoying lovely moments and making memories for a lifetime? 

The wedding planners manage everything. From organizing accommodation, cab services, and hotel bookings to sourcing the perfect venue, floral arrangements, lavish lighting, and decor, the whole event results from their blood and sweat. The team will work with you to create a bespoke wedding schedule that ideally involves all traditions and events. 

Your planner will be with you at every step, ensuring a fairy-tale wedding. 

Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

Why Hire A Wedding Planner? Source: pinterest

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Words will never be enough to describe the advantages of hiring a wedding planner. Hiring the best wedding planners in India can be beneficial in multiple ways. 

Top-notch Expertise

A wedding planner plays the exact role that an accountant does to your firm by managing taxes. Things that might take hours to solve, a wedding planner can manage within minutes. With years of experience, they can easily save you time and money. 

In addition to management and planning, they play the roles of designers, coordinators, budget managers, and legal counsel. From choosing aesthetic details to dealing with emergencies, they take care of everything. They are huge assets for busy couples who want to manage everything with minimal stress. 

Getting expertise from these professionals will give you peace of mind. 

They Make A Difficult Job Look Easy

Thanks to their expertise, connections, and experience, they make your wedding journey a charming one. From choosing the right venue and payment conditions with suppliers to negotiating terms, arranging visits, and managing every detail, they tackle everything easily. 

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As they have spent years in the industry, they know each vendor and get things done at a discounted price. According to your taste, style, and budget, you can select the best wedding planner packages. No one can calm and reassure you like an event planner, so you feel relaxed throughout the entire process and focus on having fun at the wedding. 

Handles Your Specific Needs

Depending on your wedding style and budget, there are various wedding planners, such as part-time, full-time, destination, and event planners. From idealizing the setup to discussing with vendors and planning fun-filled activities for your guests, a lot goes on their minds.  

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As the event happens, they focus on tiny details and ensure the bride and groom enjoy every moment. From a picture-perfect backdrop to the bride and groom’s entry, they take care of your specific needs. 

If your budget allows, you can also prefer a part-time event planner who can guide you on the tabletop and rentals and suggest the city’s best caterers and decorators for a beautiful event. 

Look For The Best Vendors For You

Look For The Best Vendors For YouSource: pinterest

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Another reason why you should hire a wedding planner is their good contacts. They know vendors in and out and get the best prices from them. Finding a good vendor is way too tricky as you don’t know their profile from the inside. You must’ve worked with them to understand who is solid and who is a nightmare. 

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Having a planner will save you time from finding a good vendor and wasting your time bargaining. 

Assist You To Stick To Your Budget

Assist You To Stick To Your BudgetSource: pinterest

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Behind all your decisions, purchases, and negotiations, a wedding planner will help you save your budget. As per your style, you can select from numerous wedding planner price packages. 

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They offer various styles and themes within your budget and enchant your event. Unless you’ve planned an event recently, getting the market rate of vendors, decorators, and caterers is difficult. It is their daily business, and vendors offer things to them at nominal rates. 

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When you visit markets, you will learn how expensive it is to arrange a fairy-tale wedding. Meanwhile, wedding planners will give you a reality check on the budget and what to expect in current pricing. 

Enjoy Your Special Day

Think of the wedding planner as an emergency department on a wedding day. Whatever problem occurs, you can directly hand it over to them, and they will definitely come up with the best solution. 

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On your wedding day, you and your family will be busy capturing precious moments and enjoying the rituals. So, there should be someone behind the stage who ensures happiness and a stress-free wedding, and an event planner handles the role effectively. 

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Trust the person you’ve hired and let go of control. Working with an experienced one means you can spend time with your family instead of worrying about missing flower arrangements. 

Various celebrity wedding planners in India also update their clients on the latest designs. You can also select your favorite for your special day. 

Results Guaranteed

They will meet your expectations and create an enchanting setup you’ve dreamt of. If you allow yourself to follow an experienced planner, you will have the best time of your life. The team will deliver unexpected results and ensure everything turns out magical on your special day. 

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There is no room for stress as they take care of the smallest detail to make a memorable experience. 

Value And Distinction

From the perspective of a wedding planner, they make sure you look different. Every couple is unique, and their wedding should be iconic. To make an event insatiable and genuine, wedding planners must reflect the taste and personality of the couple. The entire scenario, decor, and setup should depict their love story. 

Services Provided By Wedding Planner

Services Provided By Wedding PlannerSource: pinterest

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Wedding planners provide numerous services free of cost that are not known to the couple. Each step they take contributes to a dreamy affair. From taking care of the tiniest details to finding a perfect venue and coordinating with vendors, they take care of everything. 

From part-time planners to luxury wedding planners in India, there are various at your service. 

With a team of experienced professionals, there is no need to exceed the budget, and all the celebrations will go smoothly. Here are some services provided by them - 

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  • Selecting the perfect venue for the bride and groom’s special day 
  • Communicating with various vendors, such as photographers, florists, caterers, and musicians     
  • Manages everything within the set limit 
  • Dealing with the issues that arise during the main event
  • Ensures that guests have everything they need 
  • Transform the wedding preparations into a memorable experience 
  • All three significant factors, that is, time, budget, and resources, are managed by them effectively 

Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Planner

Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Planner Source: pinterest

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There are various points to keep in mind when you are planning an Indian wedding. Here are some tips for choosing the event planner you need - 

  • Firstly, decide what kind of event you want. Do you want a traditional Indian wedding or a modern affair? After deciding on the wedding type, you can look for an event planner who can transform your dream wedding into a captivating one. The right choice can make a great difference. 
  • After deciding on the wedding type, you should not forget the budget. If you are looking for destination wedding planners in India, you must exceed the limit. They can range in price, so find one that suits your budget. 
  •  Never go for first come first. Ask for some recommendations from friends and family. If someone from your relative recently planned an Indian wedding, take some tips from them. 

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  • Always ask for their previous work. Check their social media profiles and take inspiration from the latest work. 
  • Finally, don’t hesitate to ask multiple event planners before finalizing one. This is your special day, so don't hesitate to ask questions. Make sure you can comfortably discuss things with the person you are selecting. 

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Why Choose Shaadidukaan As Your Wedding Planner? 

Shaadidukaan - your one stop destination for all wedding needs. For your special day, you must look for a company that can switch roles as needed. From planning to management, perfection is required. If you are looking for an experienced company that can handle your events beautifully, then Shaadidukaan is here to help! Here’s why you should choose us:  

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  • Verified wedding vendors in your budget 
  • Updates you with the latest trending wedding ideas 
  • Creative setups for different wedding festivities 
  • From accommodation to stage set up, we handle everything easily 
  • A team of experienced professionals 
  • Creative hashtags for bride and groom 


Indian wedding planners are essential in planning a decent wedding. With their expertise in every aspect of wedding celebrations, they ensure every moment is precious, and everyone gets involved. It's your once-in-a-lifetime moment, and with the expertise of event planners, create a memorable one!!

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