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Sister Marriage Quotes: 90 Sweet and Heart Warming Wishes for Your Sister

Sister Marriage Quotes: 90 Sweet and Heart Warming Wishes for Your Sister

Love is now in the air. The joyous time of your sister’s wedding is around the corner. As you await the celebration of love, it’s now an ideal time. To infuse some magic in this extraordinary day with heart-warming sister marriage quotes. By infusing the wishes with genuine experiences and emotions, you can uplift their spirit and make the occasion more meaningful for them. 

These heartfelt sister marriage quotes may serve as the source of encouragement and motivation for your sister, whose marriage is a chance to consider your past, present, and even future. Your special emotional and heartfelt sister marriage quotes will have a special place in their heart, reminding them about the eternal links you have by conveying your laughter and love. You may pen down an unforgettable chapter in their wedding story, one which is filled with sentimental connections, happy memories, and hope of their future brimming with unlimited opportunities, by cautiously composing beautiful sister marriage quotes. \

Sweet and Heart Warming Wishes for Your Sister

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Emotional Sister Marriage Quotes

The moment you see your sister dressed up beautifully in her bridal outfit, you are going to feel short on your words. To give special words to your emotions that hold all the feelings, memories, and moments you share with her perfectly, below are the best emotional sister marriage quotes

> I am very happy that you have met your dream man finally. Congratulations dear sister on your wedding.

>> I am so glad and delighted to see you happily in the arms of the man who really deserves you and your love. I am confident that he will make you happier. and I love you dear sister and Congrats on your wedding!

>> My dearest sister, we believe that just like you’ve filled our life with joy and happiness, you’ll fill your husband and his family’s life with great happiness and joyous moments. Lots of blessings and best wishes as you start this new journey of your life. 

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>> You were a little girl who followed me around always and now you are grown up. You are getting married. It seems like a dream to me. I wish both of you Good Luck in all your endeavors. Congratulations guys!

>> Dear sister, congratulations on your marriage. I wish you both the best whole heartedly as you start a new chapter in your life. I’m confident that both of you will always be happy together. Wish you a very happy married life!

> Do not make your hubby’s life as hard as you always made mine, sister. Just Kidding! Wish you a joyful and pleasant married life!

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>> It is an extremely lovely day of your wedding and I am super excited to share every moment with you, my dear sister. 

>> May you fall in love with each other again and again! Happy married life dear sister!

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>> Let your love overcome every odd in your lives. And I’ll request the Almighty to shower you with his blessings and joy forever. Congrats on your wedding my beautiful sister. 

>> You’re the loveliest bride I’ve ever seen. I hope your joy and happiness will last forever. Congratulations to both of you!

>> My dear sister, you’ve the best man now as your life partner. He will treasure you for all his life. Cheers to your happy married life. 

> I wish you best of luck as you start your new life together as husband-wife, my sweet sister. 

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>> The Almighty has blessed you with an ideal life partner. Treasure him for a lifetime. Allow the bond of your love to grow stronger and sweeter. 

>> I’m confident that you’ll be the best wife like you’re the best sister. Congratulations to both of you!

>> Many wedding wishes will come to you, ensure to choose the best one that stays forever. Congrats dear sister. 

Unique Sister Marriage Quotes 

Whether you are a brother or a sister whose sister is getting married, you will want to express your love for her in some special words. The bond between a sister and a brother or between sisters is one of immense hate and love always. You may tease them always or get scolded by elders in small fights. However, you will protect them as well from the world. Include some humor with these unique sister marriage quotes, ideal to tease her before she finally ties the knot! These heartfelt sister marriage quotes are sure to grab your sister’s attention. 

Emotional Sister Marriage Quotes

>> Please amp up your cooking skills. I’m really worried about your husband’s health after your wedding. Have a happy married life filled with spicy humor. I cannot still believe that he married you willingly. Sending my wishes to him to bear you 24*7. Love you guys and congrats on your big day!

> I want to remind you that blind wives and deaf husbands make the best couples. Hope you’ve a great life ahead. Sending you both my best wishes. 

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>> May you enjoy the epic sleepover with your man for lifetime. I request God to keep you safe from one another. Have a great married life. 

>> I am excited that you’ve found your man to spend your life with. I am proud to have him as my brother-in-law. and I wish both of you good luck and hope you’ve an incredibly happy married life. Now and forever. 

>> I wish both of you a happy married life. God has given you a perfect life partner. Let your relationship grow stronger and sweeter. I wish both of you the best forever. 

>> I’m over the moon as I see you marry your dream man. Both of you are ideal for each other. Congratulations!

>> Welcome to the world of married lives. I’ll be a call away only whenever you need me for support or advice. Congratulations. 

> I’ve not seen anyone in love so madly like you guys. I hope your love continues to flourish even after marriage. 

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>> You’ve always been a special and important person in my life. Not even your wedding can change this. I wish you both a lifetime of joy and happiness. 

>> Sister, you’re my favorite and now you’ve gifted me my favorite brother-in-law. Hope that you both fill your hearts with happiness in warmth forever. Have a happy wedding!

>> Praying for you that you both fall in love again and again, after years of your marriage too. Congratulations on your big day. 

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>> The whole family will feel lonely and will miss you after your wedding. But when we find you happy in your life, we’ll learn to let it go so that you make your destiny. Love you my dear sister always. 

> I’m thrilled to see you marry a romantic, handsome man. Look forward to you narrating stories of your adventures. Congratulations dear sister on your wedding. 

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>> As you marry and tie the knot, I want to tell you that I’ll love and miss you always. Congrats dear sis. 

>> Dear sis, I wish you an extremely beautiful and blessed wedding. May your whole life be full of good luck. 

Favorite Sister Marriage Quotes 

Below are some sister marriage quotes that work great irrespective of the gender of the writer or their birth order. You can even personalize these favorite sister marriage quotes with small tweaks. 

Emotional Sister Marriage Quotes

>> The only thing that can be better than having you as my sister is now calling your husband my brother too. Wish you guys a lifetime of joy and happiness. 

>> To my shadow. I have loved spending my life by your side. Now it is someone else’s turn. I couldn’t be happier to always call you my sister, my loving friend. 

>> I might have hurt you out of mom's womb, but now you hurt me down the wedding aisle! Today, I hope that you get everything you have dreamed of – here is to your happiness. 

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>> From the small pest that wanted to take away my clothes always to my best friend. We have had the glow-up during the years. I’m so thrilled to see you in your bridal outfit and happier to find that you found someone who will make all your dreams come true. 

>> Life felt complete when you joined us and that is exactly how your would-be husband will be feeling today. I know you’ll bring them the love, happiness, and support you have brought us all these years.

> We have been dreaming about this day. You are not only my sister, you are my friend too and I do not know how I’d do in life without you. I am so happy that you have found your soulmate. 

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>> Happy wedding day to you. While nobody can replace me as your stan, I think your husband is a good choice to offer it a shot. So happy for you guys. 

>> Congrats sis. I hope your husband knows that he has got a 2-for-1 deal, as there is no way I will go less than 3 days without seeing you, although you’re married now. 

>> My princess has finally found the prince charming now. You have enchanted all of us with your smile. I wish your warmest dreams come true. Happy married life. 

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>> Many congrats to my sister on her wedding day. Annoying you was always my favorite thing and as touching as I’m now, I could not have been happier to see you start this beautiful journey.  

>> To my dear sister and her husband, may your life together be full of joy and happiness. Happy wedding!

> To my favorite sis on her big day, I wish that God showers his blessing on you both as you start on this new journey with your husband. Love you both. 

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>> Congratulations my dearest sister on finally marrying the one you love. Both of you look perfect with each other!

>> It’s not so often that two people look so perfect together. I’m so happy for both of you. As you embark on this new journey together, I wish you all the blessings. Congrats on your wedding.

>> To my bossy sis on her big day, I’m gonna miss you a lot. I wish you both all the best for your new life. 

Sister Marriage Invitation Quotes 

Whether you have a younger sister or an elder one, you always have someone who has your back. So, it becomes your duty to be her best bridesmaid on her big day and plan her wedding. If you are looking to send some heartfelt sister marriage invitation quotes, below are the top ones you can select from: 

Emotional Sister Marriage Quotes

>> “As our sister embarks on her new journey of togetherness and love, we cordially invite you to join us and celebrate the special day with joy and love. Your presence will definitely add to the occasion.” 

>> “Join us to celebrate the union of our beloved sister with the love of her life. The two souls are destined for eternity. Come and shower your blessings on them.” 

>> “Love has the power to bind two hearts. On this special day of my sister’s wedding, I invite you to see its magic.” 

>> “Join us to shower blessings on our sister as she embarks on the journey of love with her beloved partner.” 

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>> “We’d be honored to have you all attend my dear sister’s wedding! Save the date surely and join in for the celebrations. Your presence will make the day more special.”

>> “When they say “I Do”, let us surround my dear sister and the love of her life with our support and love.”

>> “Two lives, two hearts, and one love. Let us celebrate the union of my sister and her would-be husband.” 

> “My Sister (Name of Bride) and (Name of Groom) have decided to finally get married on (Date) at (Venue). It’d mean the whole world if you join us there. Thanks.”

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>> “With utmost joy and pleasure, I cordially invite you to my beloved sister’s wedding. I hope you’ll bless the couple with your presence.” 

>> “We’d be privileged if you come and join us for our sister’s wedding. Grace the occasion with your precious presence on the joyous occasion.” 

>> “Our sister’s marriage is approaching fast, and we’d be honored to have you in the celebrations. Save the date and don’t forget to join us!”

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>> “Love has no bounds. Today, we celebrate the boundless joy of our sister’s wedding. So, come and join us on (Date) at (Venue).”

> “Love is the biggest adventure. Today, we embark on the journey of love with our beloved sister (Her name) getting married to (Groom’s name).” 

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>> “With my heart full of joy and love, I invite you to witness the unique union of my dear sister (Her name) with her dreamy man (Groom’s name).” 

>> “Join us to rejoice as two hearts unite in commitment and love. Let’s celebrate our sister’s wedding with the love of her life. Save the date!”

Sister Marriage Quotes in Hindi

It was not long ago when you used to fight with your sister on small, little, and stupid things. And now when the time has come for her wedding, you don’t want to let her go. So, to let her know what you feel for her and what she means to you, here are some amazing sister marriage quotes in Hindi. We are sure these quotes will make her big day more special and memorable. 

Emotional Sister Marriage Quotes

>> Meri sabse achi dost aur meri sabse pyari behen ko bhut bhut badhaai. Mein apko bhut pyar karta hu aur hamesha apke support mein khada hu. 

>> Meri pyari behen, shaadi Mubarak. Pyar hi pyar mile tumko, Khusiyo ka sansaar mile tumko. Shaadi ki hardik shubkamnaye. 

>> Apki shadi ki shubh ghadi ayi, charo taraf khushiya hai chayi, ap rahe khush hamesha, dil se dua hai ye apki behen ki. 

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>> Ap dono ka pyar ka bandhan kabhi na toote, ap kabhi chahakar bhi na ruthe, khushiyo se bhari zindagi ko nibhate rahe, khuda kare khushiyo ke ye pal apki zindagi se kabhi na chute. 

>> Jab tum tumhare sapne ke rajkumar ke milne ki dua karti thi, mein bhi tumhare sath usi ki dua karti thi. Aur ab jab tumhe vo mil gaya hai, mein tum dono ke zindagi bhar ke pyar aur khushiyo ki dua karti hu!

> Meri pyari behen, aj ye shadi ka din ek nayi shuruwat hai khushiyo aur bhar se bhari. Tum isi tarah hamesha khush raho apne pyar ke saath. 

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>> Jis tarah tum mere liye sabse achi behen ho, mujhe pura yakeen hai ki tum apne pati ke liye bhi achi patni banogi. Aap dono ko shadi ki bhut bhut badhaai. 

>> Pyari behen, apne pati ke Jeevan ko utna mushkil mat banana, jitna tume mera banati ho. Majak ke alawa, aj mein aap dono ke khushaal aur sukhi Jeevan ki kamnakarta hu. 

>> Aaj se mujhe koi chinta nai hai, kuki aap ne apne liye sabse acha Jeevan saathi chuna hai. Wo apko is duniya ki sab nakaratmaktao se bachayega. Shaadi ki bhut bhut badhaiya. 

>> Vishwas ka ye bandhan yuhi bana rahe, aapke jevan mein prem ka ye sagar yuhi bana rahe, dua hai sukh and samridhi se apka Jeevan bhara rahe, shadi ki apko dhero shubhkamnaye. 

>> Aj is shubh ghadi mein, ek methe rishte ki hui hai shuruwat, tum dono hamesha raho sath sath, khuda se bus yahi hai fariyaad. Shadi ki tumhe bhut sari shubhkaamnaye. 

>> Tere maathe ki bindi chamakti rahe, tere haatho ki mehendi mehekti rahe, tere Jodi ki ronak Salamat rahe, teri chudiyan hamesha khanate rahe. Shadi Mubarak ho pyari behen. 

> Ye Jodi sada bani rahe, dooao ki doli yuhi saji rahe, mile tumko saare jahan ki khushiya, aaye hazaro sugae tumhare angana. Sadi Mubarak ho behena!

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>> Pyar hi pyar tumko mile, Jodi sada bani rahe, raho ek dasare ke banker saari umar tum, hasrato ki manzil dono ko mile, shadi ki hardik shubhkamnaaye. 

>> Ram ji ne Jodi banai ye kamal, machana zindagi bhar sang mein dhamaal, jee lo ye din aaj jee bhar ke dono, fir reh na jaye koi dil mein malal. 

Missing Sister After Marriage Quotes 

Though you may be a lot occupied with your sister’s wedding chores, preparing for celebrations and ceremonies, there may be a moment when you may feel sad realizing that she will not be living with you now onwards. If you have such feelings, you can express them with any of the missing sister after marriage quotes below: 

Emotional Sister Marriage Quotes

>> Sometimes, I might upset you. At times, my words may hurt you. But you will never find any other girl in your life who loves you more than me. I am going to miss you. I love you a lot with all my soul and heart for eternity!

>> On your special day, I want you to know that I love you more than you’ll ever know. We laugh, we fight, and then we make up no matter what. You will be my forever friend even after your marriage and I am gonna miss you a lot!

> Congrats to my elder sister who is the loveliest and the most responsible person ever. Today you are starting your new life with your dreamy man. I love you to the moon and back. 

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>> Though you are miles away, your presence remains in all corners of my heart sister. Miss you dear. 

>> My days are incomplete without your sweet smile brightening them after your wedding. 

>> All moments shared with you feel like a treasure, especially now that you are far away from your marriage!

> We have finally escorted you to your groom for life. Congratulations my dear sister. May you enjoy everything that your new life has in its store. You’ve been a blessing for all of you!

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>> After your wedding, distance may keep me far from you, but there is nothing that can diminish the great love that I have for you, dear sister!

>> My days are incomplete with your presence dear sister. You are the best sister I could ask for ever. I really miss spending my time with you. I miss our everyday chats about nothing and everything. 

>> The bond that we share exceeds distance, my beloved sister, but I cannot still help missing you terribly. 

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>> Missing you terribly is a testament to the bond we share, one that distance and time cannot diminish, my dear sister!

>> Though we are separated by miles, we and our hearts remain connected always and I keenly feel your absence. 

> The laughter that we share is like a distant melody my dear sister. I really miss lying in its warmth.

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>> Even though you are far away from me, your soul and spirit feel close, my beloved sister!

>> Wish for one moment with you, my sister, to rush away my loneliness. 

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