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15 Best International Honeymoon Destinations You Would Love To Go

15 Best International Honeymoon Destinations You Would Love To Go

Wedding is over. Where do you want to go for Honeymoon? You are not looking for any inbound destinations but want to go for international destinations. Soothe that you can feel there you could not feel here in the country. We are not saying that our country India doesn't have any good honeymoon spots. We want to say we have lots of.

But sometimes our heart craves for international destinations because it is just the different air we want to feel and we can only feel it when we go outside the country. Obviously it is the case. There are various international destinations where you can go for making your honeymoon.

Just after the wedding, you can say it is a kind of ritual for couples who just want to spend some alone time hand in hand, arms in arms talking about each other, dreams they have, they want to achieve, and whatever their hearts want to talk.

The moments that they spend each other together are life-time moments which are not going to come again and it is their memory that they are making that they would cherish when they become old. Life is all about memories, making some beautiful ones. It is only the treasure that we cherish while talking or somewhere sometime we get to talk about something accidentally. Life it is. Here are all the best international honeymoon destinations where you would love to go:

Best International Honeymoon Destinations

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo for honeymoon

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 Cartagena, Columbia

Columbia for honeymoon


Maldives for honeymoon

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Dubai for honeymoon

Nambia, Africa


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 Fiji Islands

Fiji island for honeymoon


Greece for honeymoon

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Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree




Bali for honeymoon


Switzerland for honeymoon

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy for honeymoon


Balkans for honeymoon


France for honeymoon

Ye couples, these are some of the best international honeymoon destinations where you can go to spend your special moments. Though the whole world is yours wherever you want to go. Choose the destination where your soul calls to you, and when you are choosing, ask your wife first where she wants to go. Just don't force your choice, ask her too. On the other hand, if you have some other suggestions for honeymoon destinations, you can tell us in the comment section below. Anything interesting you can also tell about your honeymoon. Choice is yours!

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