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Astounding Rajasthani Mehndi Design That Will Make You Gangaur Festival More Special In 2021

Astounding Rajasthani Mehndi Design That Will Make You Gangaur Festival More Special In 2021

The Gangaur festival has a special place in Rajasthan that is celebrated by women. All the ladies celebrate this festival in honor of Devi Gauri who was the wife of Lord Shiva. So, for this festival, all females adorn themselves with traditional ornaments and mehndi. They pick the best Gangaur mehndi design to look adorable.

Since this festival is originated mainly in Rajasthan, Rajasthani mehndi designs are famous for this occasion and most of the women opt for these mehndi designs. So, the special Gangaur mehndi design has all its roots in the Rajasthan. If you want a blend of tradition and spirituality, then nothing can be better than Rajasthani mehndi designs.

Rajasthani mehndi designs are known for their elaborated style that covers both of your hands full. So, if you have any desire to cover your hands with the stylish mehndi designs, then try some of these amazing mehndi designs especially for Gangaur 2021.

These mehndi designs are not just popular among ladies, it is also opted by the young generation as it has a mixture of modernity and contemporary that makes these designs so appealing to ladies of all ages. That different mirror reflecting art is also originated from Rajasthani mehndi designs and considered as one of the toughest arts of mehndi.

Nowadays when it is about Gangaur mehndi designs 2021, women try to mix the traditional art form with the modern one and hence, it creates a fusion by blending up them with Pakistani or Arabic mehndi designs. Today, every design with two or three mixed patterns has set a benchmark for the trendy mehndi designs and this is why they are most preferred by most of the women.

To give you inspiration for some stunning Rajasthani mehndi designs for Gangaur, we have listed down a lot of fabulous mehndi designs for 2021. Just go through our blog to find out suitable Gangaur mehndi designs as per your desire and choice. And, don’t forget to show them off after applying them on your beautiful hands!!

Stunning Gangaur Mehndi Designs For 2021 

Choosing the best Rajasthani mehndi design for Gangaur is quite a difficult task for all women. If you want to go a little overboard, after all, it is Gangaur, you can try these below-mentioned Gangaur mehndi designs. But ensure that you have the right pick for your hands.

Here, we are going to talk about some mehndi designs that will be perfect for the occasion of Gangaur. This festival denotes the celebration of marriage and love between the couple like lord Shiva and his wife Gauri. So, how can you not embellish yourself for such a special occasion? Here we have these Rajasthani mehndi designs that will blow your mind this festive period. 

#Portrait of The Couple to Show Love

Design by: bridalkinjalmehndiart

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#Trending Rajasthani Mehndi Design

Trending Rajasthani Mehndi Design
Pic via -

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#Full Hands Mehndi with Peacock Design

Full Hands Mehndi with Peacock Design
Pic via -

#Peacock Motifs for Feet

Peacock Motifs for Feet
Pic via -

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#Famous Mirror Image Art

Famous Mirror Image Art
Pic credit - gangaur_mehndi

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#Floral Rajasthani Mehndi Designs with Elaborate Spacing

Floral Rajasthani Mehndi Designs with Elaborate Spacing
Pic credit - gangaur_mehndi

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#Mehndi Designs with A Pop of Color

Mehndi Designs with A Pop of Color
Pic credit - gangaur_mehndi

#Rangoli Mehndi Design with Floral Motifs

Rangoli Mehndi Design with Floral Motifs
Pic credit - Hennabyhira

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#Simple Jaali Design for Front Hands

Simple Jaali Design for Front Hands
Pic credit - hennabydivya

#Shaded Gangaur Mehndi Design with Light and Heavy Strokes

Shaded Gangaur Mehndi Design with Light and Heavy Strokes
Pic credit - hennabydivya

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#Be Elegant with This Arabic Mehndi Design

Be Elegant with This Arabic Mehndi Design
Pic via -

#Rajasthani Mehndi Design with Floral Patterns

Rajasthani Mehndi Design with Floral Patterns
Pic via -

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#Mehndi Design with Different Motifs

Mehndi Design with Different Motifs
Pic credit - KP_mehandi_art

#Go Trendy with Boho Look

Go Trendy with Boho Look
Pic via -

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#Creative and Minimal Mehndi Designs

Minimal Mehndi Designs
Pic via -

#Be Innovative with Mandala Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

Mandala Rajasthani Mehndi Designs
Pic credit - Mehandibyhayat

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#Amazing Mehndi Designs for Backhands

Mehndi Designs for Backhands
Pic via -

#Full Circle Mehndi Design

Full Circle Mehndi Design
Pic credit - Hennabydivya

#Eye-Pleasing Mehndi Design with Strips

Eye-Pleasing Mehndi Design with Strips
Pic credit - KP_mehandi_art

#Mehndi Design with Spirals and Curves

Mehndi Design with Spirals and Curves
Pic credit - KP_mehandi_art

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Striking! Aren’t they? We hope you liked these fabulous Rajasthani mehndi designs and also found a suitable choice for you too!! Shortlist some of these mehndi designs for Gangaur 2021 and go ahead to your mehndi designer.

But before getting the Gangaur special mehndi, be sure about the design as searching for the perfect Gangaur mehndi designs can take a long time! So, find the best Rajasthani mehndi design to show it off. We would love to know what you picked for your Gangaur mehndi design!!

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