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Traditional Wedding Paan Vendors In Patna


India introduced the world with the minty, cool, and refreshing flavor of Paan. We Indians have been eating this sweet delight since our childhood days as a mouth freshener but people in other parts of the world use mouth wash or spray for this task.

Paan wala in Patna makes paan using a betel leaf which is stuffed with exotic flavors like Gulkand, Sauf, Betel Nut, Mint Chutney, and Saffron. As per many doctors, consuming paan is not considered a healthy practice. But there also exist scientific reports which claim that eating betel leaf has various health benefits. Some benefits are enlisted below.

  1. Betel leaf is rich in antioxidants which help in curing constipation by reducing the acidity and maintaining the pH balance in the stomach.
  2. As the betel leaf eases stomach pain and improves digestion - this has a positive effect of increasing hunger. The normal pH balance of the stomach gets restored which trigger the release of the hunger hormone.
  3. Betel leaf promotes oral health by killing the bacteria and germs. It also helps in refreshing the breath, thereby acting as a natural mouth freshener.
  4. Betel leaf has medicinal properties and is used to heal wounds as well as an infection. The leaves are crushed to release juices which should be applied to the cuts or wounds.

Whether you want to believe in the benefits or the harmful effect - it is your choice. But we Indians enjoy eating paan after a heavy meal as it cuts right through the oil and spice providing a cooling sensation to the stomach and mouth. However, there is only one important point which you should consider while is restrictions placed on wedding paan vendors in Patna.


Restriction On Having A Paan Stall At Wedding Venues

Many people have the practice of spitting paan masala which gets accumulated in mouth after eating the paan. And it leads to damaging of the property. Due to which wedding venues like hotels, marriage gardens, open lawns, and banquets imposed a restriction on setting up a paan counter. Hence you should confirm with the venue owner/ management regarding such restrictions in place.


Four Unique Ways Of Making Paan A Part Of Wedding Functions | Tips By Paan Wala In Patna

As discussed above, the majority of wedding venues prohibit placing paan stalls. But our love for that minty and refreshing flavor is eternal, then how to include paan in the wedding menu? Here are four super cool ways shared by paan vendors to make this sweet treat a part of the menu.

  1. Paan Shake -The summer weddings are incomplete without the cool and refreshing shakes. And you will be delighted to know that the flavor of paan is also available to satiate the taste buds of wedding guests. Paan shop in Patna recommends adding a touch of crunchiness to the shake with finely chopped paan leaves. It tastes so delicious that your guests may end up filling their stomach with three or four glasses.
  2. Paan Flavored Sauf -Many couples place sauf counter in place of paan stall at their weddings. If you plan to do the same, then paan flavored sauce is available in the market to sate the cravings. It is nothing but a dry mixture of all the ingredients which are used to make a paan.
  3. Paan Falooda -This toothsome dessert is a favorite of almost every Indian - from kids to young adults to the elderly clan. Falooda is milk based handmade ice-cream which is served with glass noodles and topped with rose essence. The paan flavor is added to the Kulfi which is traditionally has a flavor of Saffron.
  4. Paan Shots -Do not worry, we are not suggesting turning your wedding into a cocktail party. Paan shots are non-alcoholic drinks made of either water or soda or both. To this, the liquid essence of paan is added to give the taste and is served in shot glasses to freshen the guests' palate. However, alcohol can also be used if you plan to include this drink in the cocktail or bachelors party. As per top wedding paan vendors in Patna, flavored shots are becoming hot inclusion in the event menu. For Searching And Booking Paan Shop In Patna

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