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Rohit Sharma – Founder & CEO Of Launch Women Skill Development Program ‘Naari Jaagriti’ Under Silver Stag India On International Women's Day 2020

Rohit Sharma – Founder & CEO Of Launch Women Skill Development Program ‘Naari Jaagriti’ Under Silver Stag India On International Women's Day 2020

रुके न तू, थके न तू
झुके न तू, थमे न तू
सदा चले, थके न तू
रुके न तू, झुके न तू

A woman is an epitome of beauty, grace, and sacrifice. She in her lifetime plays the role of a daughter, sister, wife, friend, daughter-law, mother, and grandmother. She is the source of life on Earth, she with her dedication makes the world a better place to dwell. Right from being a homemaker to reaching for the moon the modern age women have mastered all roles.  In the male-dominated society, the contributions of women go ignored. Breaking the stereotyped norms of the society the women have fought and worked towards achieving an identity of their own in society.

Naari Jaagriti

Saluting the courage of the women and as a mark of tribute to their determination under their CSR initiative, Silver Stag India is launching a new programme “NaariJaagriti”. Wherein “Nari” symbolizes to WOMEN and “Jaagriti”as AWAKENING. The programme is created with the aim of awakening women to realize their potential and help them in building their own identity in the world.

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After other successful CSR programmes, Franchise and Ekam, Silver Stag India – The CSR initiative of, with NaariJaagriti adding on to the accolades of Silver Stag India, this year on Women's Day.

Under the "NaariJaagriti Programme", the company shall be conducting several opportunities for skill development of women, sponsor and support the existing programmes, sharing the told/untold contributions of women etc.

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Dr. Nishi Gupta - Founder of A70 Lifetrons And Senior Gynecologist - Santokba Durlabhiji Memorial Hospital joins hands with Naari Jaagriti - Silver Stag India - The CSR Initiative of

By Moneeca Moitra | 09 Mar, 2020

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