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Dr. Nishi Gupta - Founder of A70 Lifetrons And Senior Gynecologist - Santokba Durlabhiji Memorial Hospital joins hands with Naari Jaagriti - Silver Stag India - The CSR Initiative of

Creating Change: Internal Iliac Ligation a revolutionary way to treat Postpartum hemorrhage

Postpartum Haemorrhage(PPH) is the major cause of worldwide mortality rate. Post childbirth often women suffer from heavy bleeding which is a result of postpartum hemorrhage. According to studies it has been observed that around 33 percent of the women suffer from this issue. After all medical and simple surgical procedures fail, the cure for postpartum hemorrhage has been the extraction of the uterus through a hysterectomy. However, this remedy becomes an issue for women suffering from it during their first childbirth.

The removal of the uterus not just causes the rise of risk of other complications but it also causes the women to undergo through mental trauma. The death tolls owning to postpartum hemorrhage have raised. The disease is fatal owning to the loss of over 1000ml of blood during the deliveries. One of the common causes of Postpartum Haemorrhage is Uterine atony. Though hysterectomy might arrest blood loss it is not suitable for women with a lower reproductive  history.

Keeping in mind the women who suffer from PPH the system of Internal Iliac Ligation(IIL) has been developed. The procedure has been an effective method of controlling intractable PPH and also helps in curbing the rate of maternal death. As per reports, IIL has a success rate of 40% the procedure eradicates the need for performing a hysterectomy. Therapeutic IIL is performed upon women suffering from PPH during cesarean section or normal delivery.The therapeutic procedure of IIL helps in curbing the emotional stress level in the women

The success rate of the IIL has made it popular in the medical sector. The top-notch doctors are seen ditching the process of hysterectomy and opting for IIL instead. Joining the league is Dr. Nishi Gupta of Jaipur. She is amongst the few gynecologists who have mastered the art of performing IIL.  Dr. Nishi Gupta who is a senior consultant at SDMH and owns her hospital A70 Lifetrons is amongst those doctors who prefer to treat patients suffering from PPH with IIL. As per Dr. Gupta IIL is the safest form of treating patients with PPH. For women suffering from PPH during their first childbirth IIL serves as a life savior .The treatment also promotes a speedy recovery. One of the greatest benefits of IIL is that it does not restrict the chances of future pregnancies. IIL is highly recommended for all obstetricians and Gynecologists during cases of emergencies.

Naari Jaagriti

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Dr. Nishi Gupta

Obstetrics & Gynaecologist


Dr. Nishi. Gupta is a Jaipur based certified medical practitioner. She graduated in 1991 from SMS Medical College, Jaipur and has additional qualifications in gynecology and obstetrics. Post attaining her MBBS degree she went ahead for her further studies. She completed her MS in 1995 from SMS Medical College with a specialization in gynecology.

Dr. Nishi Gupta has also completed DNB and MNAMs programs in 2004. After her education she leveraged her skills into the welfare of mankind, treating and healing the sick. Her career spans to over 29 years of experience wherein she has worked as a senior resident doctor in SDMH from 1996-1998, a consultant in Rajdhani Hospital in 1998, an assistant consultant in SDMH from 2002-2004 and she currently works as a senior consultant in SDMH. Before heading for working as a specialized she was self-employed from 1999-2002. For 22 years she has worked as a specialist in top medical institutes of the pink city.

Dr. Gupta has a keen interest in laparoscopic gynecology, high-risk pregnancy management, and urogynaecology. The felicitation of her DNB degree has earned her a membership in the National Academy of Medical Sciences.

She is fluent in Hindi and has professional proficiency in English. Dr. Nishi Gupta provides quality and compassionate care to all her patients. Her exemplary services have earned her several accolades over the years. Dr. Gupta’s friendly nature and positive attitude have earned her a good reputation in the medical industry. Her comforting treatments have made childbirth a less painful experience for mothers. She is an avid explorer of life and is a woman of few words.

Dr. Gupta’s works speak highly for her. She is a critical thinker with a focus on open communication. Her going out of the way for treating her patients has earned her fame and made her work commendable.

Take a glimpse of the Naari Jaagriti Celebration organized at Dr. Nishi Gupta's Hospital:

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    Dr. Nishi Gupta - Founder of A70 Lifetrons And Senior Gynecologist - Santokba Durlabhiji Memorial Hospital joins hands with Naari Jaagriti - Silver Stag India - The CSR Initiative of

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