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Cutesy Little Ways To Make Wedding Heart Decoration A Part Of Your Nuptials

Cutesy Little Ways To Make Wedding Heart Decoration A Part Of Your Nuptials

A heart is the symbol of love, and including it in the wedding decor will surely enhance the look of your wedding. From some large figurines to small heart-shaped cookies. There are many amazing ways in which you can make the cute heart shape a part of your wedding. So, when you are planning upon having a wedding heart decoration at your wedding heart-ception. It is important that you think about the details here-and-there, where you can include the cute little hearts. You can include the symbol of love in your wedding stationery along with various other decor elements that’ll help to highlight the theme.

What Makes Wedding Heart Decor An Amazing Wedding Theme?

You might be thinking that including heart shape decoration for wedding will be cheesy. But in fact, it’ll be a really great option to convey the feeling of love towards your partner. Although including the heart motifs in the cards and heart-shaped signage are quite common, it is a trend that can never grow old.

Small subtle hints of the heart theme are enough to set the mood for a romantic soirée. You can send out some amazing heart-themed invites and DIY some paper hearts that can be a great addition to the wedding decor.

If setting a heart decoration for wedding is not one of your favourite options. Then just including some heart-shaped centrepieces along with the theme of your choice will be a great option to make your wedding struck by the cupid’s bow.

15 Ways In Which You Can Highlight The Wedding Heart Decoration

Do you know why the wedding rings are worn on the ring fingers?

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“The ring finger of either side is connected to the heart directly. The small veins in the fingers start off small and then keep on joining with other veins to become bigger and get closer to the heart. The digital vein of your left index finger merges with the larger veins in your hand and arm which then merge with progressively larger veins until it reaches the vein known as superior vena cava, which drains directly into the heart.

Yes, it is a long journey from the finger to the heart.”

Here I have curated a list of ways that I think will be great for you and will surely give you some amazing inspirations which will help out in elevating the look of your entire wedding decoration.

#1. Carve Out Some Amazing Customised Hearts On Wood Using Pyrography


Pyrography is one of the best ways to convey your feelings and making your wedding a bit more customised. The designs are created using a pen to burn the wood that can create some amazing wood burned designs.

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#2. Large Heart Figurines At The Centre Of The Venue


Setting up some large figurines that can be placed either at the centre of the whole venue or at the entrance is another way to highlight the theme with the heart shape decoration for wedding.

#3. Heart-Shaped Delicious Cookies Should Be A Part Of Your Wedding Menu


Cute little freshly baked cookies will be a really amazing option that you can welcome the guests with. Handing them out as the finger food at the entrance will be a pretty amazing idea. You can also include your initials or your wedding logo if you have prepared one, on the cookies as well.

#4. Send Out Some Customised Invites With Heart Motifs


The first and the most essential way to include wedding heart decoration is to have them on your customised wedding cards. The stationery that goes into your wedding, be it the wedding cards. The food menu and the tags for the different dishes, each of them should follow the same theme.

#5. Intertwined Heart Designs On Carrying Bags For Wedding Favours


The best way to make your guests remember your heart-ception is by thanking them for using the wedding favours. To subtly highlight the heart theme you can order some personalised carrying bags with beautiful heart patterns printed on it.

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#6. Lovely Heart-Shaped Table Centrepieces


A table centrepiece is something that never gets unnoticed at a wedding, and if you want to highlight your theme. Then selecting a centrepiece that highlights the heart decoration for wedding is a perfect option.

#7. Decorate The Whole Venue With Some Amazing Heart Balloons


Balloon Decor is one of the most amazing things for any casual wedding. Including the heart balloons to decorate the whole venue is something that’ll be quite an amazing way to include hearts at your wedding.

#8. Heart-Shaped Floral Wreaths Will Be An Amazing Addition As Well


Want to include hearts on the wedding, but your heart is stuck on the floral theme? Don’t worry, as heart-shaped floral wreaths will bring in the goodness of both together.

#9. Paper Heart Hangings That Can Go Anywhere In The Decor


DIYing the wedding heart decoration is another way to include the heartsy theme at your wedding. Bring in some friends and craft out multicoloured paper hearts carrying some cute love captions. And hang them all around the wedding venue.

#10. Heart Pins As Wedding Cake Toppers


I am sure that you must have decided upon a really great looking cake for your wedding day. Embellishing that amazing cake with some colourful heart pins will surely add to the beauty of the cake.

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#11. Heart Straws For The Drinks


If you are having a really colourful and vibrant juice counter on the wedding. Then provide your guests with some amazing heart straws that’ll surely be an ingenious, non-cheesy way to include heart at the wedding.

#12. Hearty Shaped Candles Lighting Up The Venue


Yes, it will be a bit cheesy, but won’t be too over the top. You’ll need to talk about it with the decorator to have them placed in a manner that they capture the attention of the guests but it shouldn’t be overdone.

#13. Setting Up A Photo Wall Decorated With Hearts

Including a photo wall at the weddings where the guests can get themselves clicked. Is something that is doing rounds in the recent trends? The photo wall in the theme of wedding heart decoration will be a pretty amazing idea to include as well.

#14. Floral Rangoli In The Shape Of Hearts


Designing a colourful floral rangoli in the shape of the heart at the wedding entrance is another subtle way in which you can highlight the adorable hearts at your wedding.

#15. A Getaway Car Decorated With Hearts

Wedding Heart Decoration

After your amazing heart-ception of the wedding is over and you are finally married to the most awesome person in the world. Then saying your goodbyes from a car that’s decorated with hearts is another great way to include hearts as a part of your wedding.

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According to me, these were some really amazing, non-cheesy ways to capture the hearts at the wedding. What do you think about having some cutesy heart elements in your own wedding? Do remember to tell me in the comments below.

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