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Unplugged Weddings - What You Need to Know & Why You Should Have One

Unplugged Weddings - What You Need to Know & Why You Should Have One

The advent of the social media age also led to the emergence of the age of dramatic distractions. Yeah, social media is all cool, but the life before the digital age was soothing, frisky, and more engulfing than the current time.

Baby boomers have lived in an era where the focus was on living the life one moment at a time. But the millennial are poles apart from their predecessors. They like blazing pace, they like to flaunt personal life, and the harsh truth is most of them are suffering from digital dementia.

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Pick up any random wedding function, and you will find couples and guests clicking endless pictures like maniacs instead of being the part of the beautiful occasion. The auspicious occasion of the wedding is terribly ruined by the flashes and clicks which are taken with the intent of posting on social media platforms instead of cherishing for the later part of life.

In recent times, the trend of unplugged weddings has picked up the momentum. Now, you must be wondering what on earth is an unplugged wedding? In simple words, it's a style of wedding where you request your guests not to use digital devices like smartphones, cameras, or other digital devices during the wedding ceremony.

But What's The Big Deal in Taking a Few Photographs or Using Phones?

It does sound rude to force your guests to turn off their devices and fetter them to use until the wedding ceremony ends or they leave the venue.

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The major problem here is for couples. A great chunk of couples likes to reveal their much-awaited wedding photographs at their own pace to their friends or on social media platforms. Most of the guests having this annoying habit of taking selfies of every length and breadth of the wedding ceremony and post them immediately on social channels.

Getting their wedding photographs leaked could be a major upset for those couples who plan to announce their marriage themselves to the world. With digital devices at their disposal, guests often overlook the key purpose of hopping on the wedding, and that is witnessing the couple tying the hole knot and render them immense blessings. Isn't it is the reason why people get invited to a wedding ceremony in the first place?

Some Untold Benefits of Having an Unplugged Wedding

1. Your Guests will Witness the Wedding With Utmost Attention

When all the distraction sources are taken away from your guests, they will merrily and attentively witness your wedding for which you have put your heart and soul to plan.

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They will be more likely to remember all the fine details of your wedding and surely shake a leg with everyone instead of viewing your big day through small screen later.

2. Your Wedding Photographs Won't be Ruined

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hosting an unplugged wedding is that the charm and enigma of your wedding photographs won't be comprised at any cost. When no one has cell phones to click your wedding pictures, you can rest assured that nobody will upload your terribly clicked wedding photographs on social media platforms.

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3. The Privacy of Everyone is Respected

Social media generation have this habit of posting or sharing any random thing on social networking channels. We don't know why, but they love to post every minute detail of their personal life on these channels to garner few likes and tons of attention.

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The technical side of not allowing devices in a wedding is, everyone's privacy will be respected well, and people who don't like to get publicized on social media will be happy from your this move. The concept of unplugged weddings is a huge range in the west side. It is slowly picking up the pace in Asian countries as well. Is it the right thing to do or not, by dropping the comments and make sure to share your honest thoughts.

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