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11 Ways To Surprise and Woo Your Wife-to-be Before The Wedding Day

11 Ways To Surprise and Woo Your Wife-to-be Before The Wedding Day

Women are creatures of emotions, not logic. All they crave from their better-halves are some extra love, pampering, and tons of attention. Moreover, women love to get romantic ways to surprise your wife. And there is no better time for the men to surprise and woo their lady love right before the few days left for the wedding.

As wedding planning is quite a strenuous task, it often exhausts and stresses out the brides. You can harness this opportunity to shower some happiness and charm in their life and also help them to chill out.

To woo your wife-to-be, you don’t have to do anything lavish or extravagant. Just add your personal touch in whatever you are going to do and we bet she will love it to the fullest. Just to make your job easy, we’ve compiled 11 romantic ways to surprise your wife to woo your lady love before the big day.

11 Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Wife-to-be

1. Write A Romantic Love Letter

Write A Romantic Love Letter

No matter how much Whatsapp or Instagram texts you send to your partner, there is nothing in this world which can match the romanticness and charm of love letters. Sit down calmly, pour down all of your feelings for her in a letter and get it delivered via one of your friends. Your heartfelt love letter will surely bring a huge smile on her face and also make her blush a multitude of times.

2.  Cook for Her

Cook for Her

We don’t know to what extent this statement is right but women find those men irresistible who can cook, especially for them. Cook a toothsome and highly nutritious food for her and serve the food in a romantic way. A glass of damn fine wine along with your cooked food will surely sweep off her feet like nothing else. And, if you don’t know how to cook, not an issue. Just order a yummilicious breakfast or meal from her favorite restaurant when she is busy planning the wedding. This gesture of yours will spark the feeling of romance in her for you.

3. Organize A Surprise Trip

Organize A Surprise Trip

Well, who doesn’t love to hit exotic locations, sip some whiskey on beaches, and has a sunbath? The excitement increases manifold times when the trip you always wanted to have comes as a surprise. Do some painstaking research to find out where your wife-to-be always want to go. Then, plan a surprise trip for your better half. Your partner will get super-excited when she comes to know this and you will receive tons of appreciation from her end.

4. Tattoo Her Name on Your Hand

Tattoo Her Name on Your Hand

There are a lot of things you can do to woo your partner. Among them, one of the most darndest things is engraving your wife-to-be name tattoo on your hand. Your this move will surprise her to the core and she will start adoring you even more.

5.  Romantic Dinner Date

Romantic Dinner Date

Agree or not, romantic dinner dates still work. Ravishing clothes, candle night dinner, and slow romantic dance with the partner. That’s all required to sway away the wife-to-be with your charm. Plan a romantic date at her favorite restaurant or hotel and kick up her wedding excitement a notch higher.

6.  Surprise Firework for Her

Surprise Firework for Her

The array of astonishing fireworks can fill the most boring person with utter excitement. Select a venue where you can have personalized fireworks. Once all is set, take your better half to the venue and let the stunning fireworks spill the magic on her. She will immensely appreciate your this effort.

7.  Send Her Chocolate Hamper

Send Her Chocolate Hamper

For those who don’t know, women love to eat chocolates. And trust us, they can eat the heaps of chocolates. A hamper which is full of the imported chocolates and a heartfelt note can do the wonders for you. After all, the secret to making a place into a woman heart is lip-smacking chocolates.

8. Send Her A Cute Good Morning Video Message

A heart-warming and full of love good morning message can make anyone’s day. Nothing will make your wife-to-be hectic and soul-tiring day as much as your heartfelt good morning video message. If possible, include the messages of loved ones as well.

9.  Take Her to Favorite Artist Concert

Take Her to Favorite Artist Concert

We all have one favorite artist whom songs we love to hear again and again. Well, you can make the day of your wife-to-be by taking to her favorite artist concert and if possible, arrange the fan girl moment as well. She will thank you for this gazillion of times and may end up loving you even more.

10. Plan a Surprise Dance Performance for Her

Plan a Surprise Dance Performance for Her

When we talk about surprise dance performance, it doesn’t mean you have to shake a leg like a pro. Just a heartfelt and simplistic surprise dance performance on her favorite song will bring a huge smile on her face. And god knows, she may get more impressed by your dance moves.

11. Book A Refreshing Spa Session for Her

Book A Refreshing Spa Session for Her

A recuperating spa session after a long and arduous day can fill any person with immense delight. Book a spa session for your super busy wife-to-be and help her get over from the tiredness of wedding planning.

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