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Real Wedding (Sagar & Preshankha) Captured By Amazing Photographer (Nayan Studio - Surat).

Real Wedding (Sagar & Preshankha) Captured By Amazing Photographer (Nayan Studio - Surat).

I love you, not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you! I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me!

These lines might sound cheesy, but they are the true emotions that the heart of the bride is wrapped with.

Indian weddings are in a league of their own, especially held in the country itself. These weddings, lavish and heavy, are never a one-day affair. Depending on the type of wedding arranged and all the wedding-related activities, most weddings in the country lasts anywhere from over a couple of days to a week or ten days.

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Features for Indian Marriage

In Indian weddings, the level of engagement on both sides of the family is profoundly ingrained and much more than weddings across the globe. This cultural pride also brings preparation and traditions, from everything to bridal clothes and jewelry to the food and princely treatment that family members and wedding guests give.

A vibrant mix of colors and sounds, glitz, religion, cultural norms and emotions are few ingredients that Indian weddings are made of. Sneak a peek at the Real Wedding of Sagar & Preshankha captured by amazing wedding photographer Nayan Studio - Surat along with a glimpse about wedding rituals followed in India.

Haldi Ceremony

Tu chandan ban ja mahak mai haldi si ghul jaau ishq ki ibaadat hai teri chaht pe pighal jaau...

Weddings are a bond of love and devotion and the couple must be free and pure from all their evils, past, present and future, to begin this new life. To protect the bond between the couple, this is done. It is believed that the yellow shade purifies the soul and is added to the forehead, known as tilak or tikka. At this point, the pressure applied helps relax the mind while purifying it. The bride selected a red and golden yellow outfit along with red and yellow and white floral jewelry, keeping it simple. From the mother of the bride and her aunt gracing the occasion with their incredible dance steps to the cousin of the bride.

Mehendi Ceremony

Yeh sirf mehndi nahi, tere pyaar ka rang chada hai piya. Ab yeh rang chute na umar bhar, yahi mangu mai dua...

Mehndi is always associated with good luck and good spirits. The journey of the bride into her marriage is marked by the mehndi ceremony. The Indian wedding tradition calls for a Mehndi ceremony to be performed before the wedding day as a way to wish the bride good health and happiness.
The family calls a Mehndi Artist to come to their home or a family relative to create an amazing Mehendi design for the Bride and her guests.

Engagement Ceremony

I choose you

to do life with

hand in hand side by side.

I choose you to love with my whole being


I choose you at the begining and

end of everyday.

And i'd choose you in a hundred lifetimes

in a hundred worlds

in any version

of reality

i'd find you and i'd choose you!

One of the most special moments of a person’s life is engagement.

Exactly how it feels when you’re so in love that you want nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with your loved person. When you get engaged, your life together and holds a commitment to live a happy life with your beloved. It feels like all you want is to spend every moment of every day with that person. You feel like you want to live forever with them, and the engagement makes that a reality. When you’re in love, all you want is to get married.

Wedding Ceremony

The bride and the groom hold their hands, take seven rounds (Saat Pheraas) around the Agni and promise to be with each other for eternity. Only when the bride and the groom take the 7 vows keeping the holy pyre as the witness, they are called married.

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The 7 Pheras in a Vedic marriage ritual.

1. Nourish your self.

2. Be each other strength.

3. Prosper and stay faithful.

4. Love and Respect for families

5. Care for children.

6. To live a healthy peaceful life.

7. Bond of Loyalty.

A couple that enters into wedlock are companions for a lifetime who stay together through the thick and thin. With these 7 beautiful steps and their respective vows, every couple gracefully agrees to a lifelong commitment of mutual love, care, and respect.

The pure promises must be taken with a pure heart filled with genuine intentions. These centuries-old rituals are extremely reasonable even in today’s world to guide a couple. Followed with utmost honesty, sincerity, and dedication, these 7 steps are all that is needed for blissful married life.

Shaadidukaan wishes the lovely couple immense happiness and contentment.

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