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Capture The Fun With These 40 ‘Fun’-tastic Prewedding Photoshoot Prop Ideas

Capture The Fun With These 40 ‘Fun’-tastic Prewedding Photoshoot Prop Ideas

“Photography is the beauty of life captured.”Tara Chisolm

It’s your wedding, the most awaited day of your life. You would want to capture the essence of the wedding. The best way to capture and frame the priceless moments is with wedding photography. Traditional wedding photography has become a concept of the past. Of last prewedding photography has become a hyping trend. A wedding is the celebration of the union of two souls and the prewedding photoshoot captures the story behind the celebrations.

A prewedding photoshoot captures the journey of the couple from the time they first met to the day of their wedding. Right from capturing portraits of the bride to the couple shots the prewedding photoshoot covers it all. Every person aspires to tie the knot with their soulmate. They dream of having a wedding of their dreams. The prewedding photoshoot enables the couple to transform their wedding fantasy into a reality. The prewedding photoshoot one can say is more like a playback of childhood wedding fantasy coming true. It could be your dream of arriving as a princess in a royal chariot or the ball dance moment with your prince charming, the prewedding photoshoot adds a dash of love to the wedding. What spruces up the game of the prewedding photoshoot is the addition of the props. While every couple tends to invest in hiring a good photographer, selecting the shoot venue and picking the right outfit for the shoot, they tend to ignore the aspect of getting prewedding shoot props.

Traditional photography props such as cycles, photoframes have become a talk of the past. For the modern day prewedding photoshoot several fun and amusing props are available which ooze fun in the shoot. If your one such couple looking for innovation to enhance the beauty of your prewedding photoshoot then you have arrived at the right place. To help you out we have enlisted below some of the beats ‘fun’-tastic prop ideas that are perfect for prewedding photoshoot. So scroll down to get to know about these amazing and funky prewedding photoshoot props.

40 Creative Prewedding Photoshoot Prop Ideas

1. Fireworks to sparkle the pictures

Fireworks to sparkle the pictures
Credit : KmjProductions

Fireworks are the latest addition in prewedding photoshoots. The fireworks add sparkle to the wedding photo shoots. Be it names of the couple in fireworks or letters of love the addition of fireworks as props in the backdrop of the picture not just enhances the aesthetics of the picture but it also makes it worth the click. The fireworks in the backdrop create stunning photos and also add a dash of dreaminess to the wedding pictures.

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2.  Frothy Foam

Frothy Foam
Credit : Pinterest

Remember you childhood days when you would enjoy the froth created by the shampoos in water. Revive back the charm of your childhood days as you make the froth foam your prewedding photoshoot prop. The froth foam is a playful addition that induce fin in the wedding photos.

3. Game of goals

Game of goals

Love soccer then why not have a game of goals between the #bridetribe and #groomgang  for your prewedding shoot. While each teams tries scoring goals the photographer captures the fun filled off the cuff moments of the game. Why go for the regular prewedding photoshoot when you can have a soccer game for it?

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4. Music of love

 Music of love
Credit :

During the wedding the couple gets hardly any time to spend some quality time together. Let your prewedding shoot to string the notes of love and add melody to your photos. The prewedding photoshoot gives the couple the ability to spend quality time together. For the shoot have a picnic setup where your bae strings the notes of love on his guitar to play the melodious tunes for you. The moment where your eyes meet is worth the capture and the setup adds on to the aesthetics of the photoshoot.

5. Flow of Knowledge

Credit : Studio Kelly

A couple who reads together stays together. For those couples who are ardent book readers should opt for this book shoot. Although the idea might seem a bit geeky but  post the shoot you would  be marveling the pictures.

6.  A desert story

A desert story
Credit : Pinterest

Creative and unique! Adding the silhouettes to the wedding photographs enhances its charm. The beautiful silhouettes touch to your wedding photo amidst the backdrop of the amber hues of the sun or the illuminating glow of the moonlight is what makes it worth the click.

7. Ride away to glory

Ride away to glory
Credit :

Always believed in a the fairy tale concept of a happily ever after where the prince carries the princess away. Here is the opportunity to transform your fascination into a reality. Give your dream of a happily ever after a twist as your prince charming carries you away on his motorbike. The motorbike  serves as the perfect prop for your prewedding photoshoot.

8. Paw-Perfect

Credit: Pinterest

For those pet parents who love their furry friends using their pet as a prop seems a ‘paw’-fect idea. If you both just adore your pet and they played cupid in your meeting then why not make them part of the photo. You can spruce up the beauty of the picture with inclusion of other props like chalk board with the wedding date, a scooter.  Doll up your pupper with those puppy suits to make them look adorable, after all why should mommy and daddy have all the fun!

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9. The Village Affair

 The Village Affair
Credit : Pinterest

Do you love the rustic and simple life of the village? Why not then create a village setting for your prewedding shoot. The simple setting paired with the rustic ambience adds on to the beauty of the picture.

10. Pupper Love

Pupper Love
Credit : Pinterest

Love dogs? Why not bring your furry friends in the frame to accentuate the picture. A picnic setting with the pupper and his parents makes the picture so natural and adorable.

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11. The song of love

The song of love
Credit : Pinterest

Remember the time when you tried to woo her and she would blush away? Now that you are getting married why not relive those beautiful moments by opting for a song over cup of coffee photograph. The mesmerizing picture enthralls you with its beauty. Play her a song while she enjoys her cup of coffee and let the photographer capture the beautiful moment.

12. Notes of love

Notes of love
Credit : Pinterest

She be the princess and you be prince, sounds like a fairytale right! Get your prewedding shoot done in a ballroom where you play a song on the piano and she enjoys it. The moment is priceless and is worth the click.

13. Colorful Umbrella

Colorful Umbrella
Credit :

Remember the old Bollywood flicks where the actors romanced under the umbrella? If you’re a believer of the hardcore Bollywood romance then consider having a colorful umbrella as your prewedding shoot prop.

14. Light it up with lanterns

Light it up with lanterns
Credit : Studio Kelly

Add a bit of drama to your prewedding photoshoot by lighting it up with lanterns. The soft glow of the lanterns illuminates the location thus giving a dreamy ambience.

15.  A walk to remember

 A walk to remember
Credit : Pinterest

Char kadam bas char chaldo sath mere- remember the popular Bollywood song from the flick P.K ? Why not recreate the scene for your prewedding photoshoot. A walk together with your bae gives the perfect photo that is worth the click.

16.  Lets words say it all

 Lets words say it all

Sometimes silence says it all. A pose where the couples eyes meet and the words do the talking is what makes the moment worth the click.

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17. Beachy Blues

Beachy Blues
Credit : Sunny Dhiman Photography

Have you always been fascinated by the beaches? Then why not go on  a date with your bae to the beach. A date on the silky sand with the backdrop of the blue sea water is all that you need to make your prewedding picture insta-worthy.

18. Moonlit Dinner

 Moonlit Dinner
Credit : Sunny Dhiman Photography

Sometimes love is all that you need. Love is what makes you complete. Celebrate love as you enjoy a moonlit dinner under the clear night sky. The idea is what makes your prewedding photoshoot a  real beauty.

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19.  Music of the mountains

Music of the mountains
Credit : Sunny Dhiman Photography

Do you and your partner love the mountains? Are one of those adventure loving romantic couples? Then why not have your prewedding photoshoot in the mountains. Let music add a dash romance to the picture as you use a piano as a prop.

20. Ride away with her

Does she have a love for driving? It’s time to give her the keys while you take a backseat. Using a scooter as a prop showcases your better half’s love for driving thus making the picture unique.

21. Swing away to glory

Swing away to glory
Credit : Sunny Dhiman Photography

Looking for a dreamy element that would ooze romance in your prewedding picture? Then why not make use of a swing. The swing with the bride sitting on it and the groom behind her makes photograph picture perfect.

22. The jungle book story

The jungle book story
Credit : Pinterest

The love for books never seems to cease away especially for those book lovers. The joy of reading is not bounded by time or place. A prewedding photoshoot in a jungle that most couples opt for but addition of a book as a prop to the wedding is what enhances the charm of it and makes it unique.

23. Game of cards

Game of cards
Credit : CoolBluez Photography

She is the queen of hearts and you’re the king of her heart! Get creative with your prewedding photoshoot as you make the cards your shot prop.

24. Love at first sight

Credit : Dulhaniyaa

Remember the time when your eyes first met and it was love at first sight for both? Relive the time and revive back the moments by recreating the moment. The place where you first met and the backdrop elements of it can act as your photoshoot prop. The door and a bicycle is what adds oodles of charm to this prewedding photoshoot picture.

25. Reserved for one another

Credit : The Meraki Moments

You both are head over heels in love with each other. Showcase your love for one another by adding customized signboards for your prewedding photoshoot props. The idea of using customized signboards with witty words or catchy phrases inscribed on them is what enables you to take a break from the monotony of the same old prewedding photoshoots.

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26. Togetherness forever

Togetherness forever
Credit : Pinterest

Are you both a believer of the fairytale ending of happily ever after? Showoff your love to the world by making the wooden block motif with alphabets inscribed on it as your prewedding photoshoot prop. You can get creative with the prop to create phrases or words of your choice and place it on your palms to get clicked.

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27. A food tale

 A food tale
Credit : Pinterest

Do you both love food?  Why not get your prewedding photoshoot done with the cooking elements as the props. The using of kitchen thing as the props showcases the couples love for food and also adds fun in the pictures.

28.  Fly away with her

 Fly away with her
Credit : Israniphotography

Balloons are associated with fun and happiness. Then use them as your prewedding photoshoot props. The balloon as the photoshoot props adds a dash of color in the pictures thus making the pictures creative.

29. Frame it up

Credit :

 Addition of cool frames as the prewedding photoshoot props gives the pictures a funky look. The wedding market has variety of frames available that you can use to make your prewedding photos creative.

30. Saga of love

Credit : Wedding Twinkles

Let the signboards revel your love story as you make them your prewedding photoshoot prop. The signboards add oodles of charm to your prewedding photoshoot picture.

31. Nature Speaks

 Nature Speaks
Credit : Pinterest

Bring in the goodness of nature to your wedding. As you let nature to do the talking by making a leaf or flower with your wedding date inscribed on it as your prewedding shoot prop. The picture with nature as a props says it all.

32. Chalk it out

Chalk it out
Credit :

Remember the childhood days when you would play around  with those colorful chalks, drawing thing on the wall and floor. Relive those childhood days as you make the colorful chalks your prewedding photoshoot prop. Get creative with the prop as you make use of it to inscribe your wedding date along with pictorials on the wall or floor for your prewedding photoshoot.

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33. Glow of the lantern

Credit :

The paper lanterns are a symbol of hope, love, faith and goodwill. Why not make it your prewedding photoshoot prop. While together you light the lantern the photographer clicks the moment The moment showcases your togetherness goals.

34.  Bookish Love

Credit : The story Weavers

Remember your college days when you used to romance behind the books? Relive those moments by making the books your prewedding photoshoot prop. The photoshoot with the couple romancing behind the books revives back the charm of the college days thus making the picture unique.

35. Stuck forever

Credit : The story Weavers

Post the wedding she is going to leave her home to live with you. A prewedding photoshoot  with the bride holding the signboard of being stuck forever makes the picture unique. Centering the photoshoot around the bride is what adds on to the beauty of the picture.

36. The ring story

Credit : Pinterest

Making the engagement ring as a prop is a creative way of adding it to the prewedding photoshoot. The engagement ring as a prop spruces up the photoshoot.

37. Flower shower

Credit : Ahmad Younes Photography

You’re tying the knot with your beloved then why not make her to feel special? Shower her with flowers as the photographer captures the moment. Using flower shower as a prewedding photoshoot prop accentuates the beauty of the picture.

38. Drape it out

 Drape it out
Credit : Pinterest

Drapes have always been an essential part of the wedding decoration. Make the drapes a part of the prewedding photoshoot to add a dash of colors to it.The drape serve as the perfect economical prewedding photoshoot prop.

39. Old school fun

Old school fun
Credit : Pinterest

Revive back the golden school days by making a slate with your wedding date inscribed o it as your prewedding prop. You can accentuate the beauty of the picture by bringing your pupper in the frame. Sounds interesting, right!

40. Photo Montage

Photo Montage
Credit : Shutterink

Instead of having a single prop why not use the photo montage as the prop. Get creative with the photo montage to give the appearance of a reflecting mirror with image of the couple inside it.

So these are a few prewedding photoshoot props that you can consider opting for. Do you know about other fun and creative prewedding photoshoot prop that you can use? Share with us your views and opinions in the comments below. Also, let us know about your prewedding stories.

Feature Img Credit : bluswanwedding

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