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Mayank and Vidisha’s Soulful Wedding

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Mayank and Vidisha’s Soulful Wedding

Some couples believe in arrange marriage, some believe in love, it is their choice what they believe but it should not be a blur, just only love what they share with each other and give it a new turn when they marry. Many say arrange marriages are good and love ones are not so but what we can say, simply just, it is the way you love, whether it grows in arrange marriages or in love ones. Just forget all, we take you to Mayank and Vidisha’s resplendent wedding, which is only about love.


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Finally I am going to give my hand into your hand making an unbreakable promise that we both don’t ever brake.


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How we look both in blue, smiling faces having a happy hue.


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Having your kiss on my forehead makes my day joyous.


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I walk with you, hand in hand covering miles of distance with you without asking where we are going because I believe in you, that is what makes my love strongest in the world.


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Hold me, hold my hand; never leave me in the middle of road, that’s what I intent.


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It is the Sangeet night. We all friends and relatives shaking leg, drinking and shining. See our latka jhatka, dancing on our favorite song. It is the night of full masti that we always want.


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My father taking me to my new journey, holding his hand like holding God’s. He taught me everything and gave me everything, holding his hand like getting blessed.


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The final time, where I am going to be yours, in every way. I’m happy that I chose you but it is not like I chose you but you are in my destiny, you are my destiny.


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Phera’s ceremony, taking vows of faith, belief and trust among my elders and olders. Pundit Ji also is looking happy.


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Now I have become yours, coming to you finally, just keep me always nearest to you and your heart. This vermilion that you put to my crown, is what makes me alive; always.


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