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Ingenious Ways to Keep The Dance Floor Packed All Night Long At Your Wedding

Ingenious Ways to Keep The Dance Floor Packed All Night Long At Your Wedding

One of the biggest nightmares for a great chunk of couples is an empty dance floor. You can rope in the best in the business DJ, and state-of-the-art music and lighting instruments for the big day, however, if it's not pulling the crowd, there is surely something wrong at your end.

The wedding dance is an indispensable part of your wedding. Guests grooving on to the sound of varied wedding songs that keep the whole environment jazzy and make your wedding function buzz-worthy. The principal question here is how to ensure your dance floor remain utterly packed all night long and your guests have the time of their life.

In this blog post, we have chalked out top-notch effective and ingenious ways to keep your dance floor super-packed throughout the wedding without much of a hitch.

6 Ingenious Ways To Keep The Dance Floor Packed All Night

1. Ensure to Have a Spacious Dance Floor with Alluring Lighting Effects

A poky dance floor with humdrum music and gawky lighting is not a crowd-puller. To keep your guests hooked all night long, you need to pull out something flabbergasting off your sleeves.

One of the key ways to ensure your guests' dance till they drop is by making a spacious floor which also encapsulates stunning lighting effects. Request the vendor to customize the dance floor as per your requirements. It will exterminate all your worries.

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2. Rope in A Creative and Experienced DJ

A DJ is the heart as well as the soul of any musical night. A professional DJ with gargantuan experience can turn any ordinary function into an extraordinary affair in no time. Professional DJs also take requests from guests without any hesitation which make them feel special and set the mood for the entire night.

A DJ knows how to read the crowd's mind and play the kind of music on which they would love to know.

Creative and Experienced DJ

3. Set A Bar Near the Dance Floor

Because people love to dance their hearts out after getting little tipsy. Setting a full-fledged bar near the dance floor will make sure all the dancers stay stick to the dance floor as the booze will work as a fuel for them. It is our keen observation that people dance better and in a flippant manner when they let loose themselves.


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4. It's All About Timing

Obviously, it would not be a good idea to cut your wedding cake or exchange wedding rings when all your guests are super busy in banging the dance floor. Timing is of paramount importance here. Remember, once your dance floor is completely empty, it would be daunting for anyone to bring all of them back again. Set your wedding events like the ring exchange ceremony or cake-cutting ceremony before the dancing part officially kicks off.

Indian wedding dance

5. Play Mix Music

The moment monotony starts to hit your guests is the moment the dance floor will start to get empty one person at a time. To protect the vivaciousness of the event, ask your DJ to play the blasting songs on an intermittent basis to keep your guests hooked on the dance floor.

Playing the variety of feet-tapping songs of different genres can revive the dead dance floor like nothing else. In this situation, have trust on your DJ as he has the competency to turn every single jam into remarkable moments by selecting right songs.

Mix Music

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6. Make Sure to Have At Least One Couple Dance Performance

A wedding function is all about a couple. Both bride and groom are the star attractions of every single event, be it cake-cutting ceremony or ring-exchange ceremony. Make sure to add at least one performance of the couple when the dance ceremony kicks off. We bet every single person would love to see the adorable performance of the couple on the dance floor.

Couple Dance Performance

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