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Hear Out the Views of Designer Neeta Lulla on Bridal Outfits

Hear Out the Views of Designer Neeta Lulla on Bridal Outfits

Neeta Lulla on bridal outfits - A big name in the world of fashion designing since 30 years! Who doesn’t know her? She is an introduction to a huge portfolio that also includes the names of those movies which are known to recreate the most exceptional & unforgettable looks of that time; like -Taal, Devdas and Jodhaa Akbar, to name a couple of amongst so many. You will be surprised to know that she proudly holds the credit of designing more than 2600 charismatic costumes for the movie Jodhaa Akbar. Everyone experienced the magic of her work, isn’t it?

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Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

So, let us know a little about her & more about the flawless work done by her in the below given edited version of the extracts from an interview where she divulges the secrets of her passion, styling tricks & tactics, dos & don’ts of bridal trousseau, ideas on wedding looks and all that a bride-to-be would love to hear from her.

Being the costume designer for various hit films, what have you learned more from the sets?

Such a soft reply indeed – The visual aspect that everyone can see on the screen is just not the crusade of one single person but the team effort of each one who has directly or indirectly contributed for the same. All this also imbibes a great observance, imagination and governance to execute it exactly in the way it should have been.

Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

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What would be your comparison mode between the on-screen and off-screen brides?

The term that is used for designing for on-screen is called costuming whether it is film, dramas or anything that is telecasted on the screen of your television. To design costumes for the personas is basically all about fashioning the characters with the desired look of the character that they have to portray. The costume designing is such that it takes you to that specific era, creates that aura and makes the story look believable by the audiences. So, there is no comparison at all between the two; on-screen & off-screen. Both are completely two different worlds.

However, the off-screen bridal look is the one which is live; right before the eyes. The observance is crystal clear and the judgments are straight forward. Basically, the reel brides and their looks are the source of inspiration for the real brides-to-be which makes them dream with a wish to carry for their wedding day.

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Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

While shopping for the bridal trousseau, what do you think are the most important things to consider?

As a renowned designer, Neeta Lulla has some special suggestions to give to the brides-to-be when they are shopping for their trousseau and if considered, they will surely end up looking exactly like a designer’s bride. According to her, the trousseau should mandatory have some timeless pieces and adornments that she can wear without the fear of them getting outdated. Prefer adding such collection that she will never wish to subtract from her closet collection and can always embellish with different attires. Every time she wears them, she should get a distinct feel. Basically, this could only be possible if you go for classic pieces. So, for a classy taste, classic jewellery is must.

Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

What are the most preferred choices of today’s brides in regard to the variety of textiles keeping the style factor in mind?

Being a designer, she feels that there no peculiar textile that can be listed as first, second or third considering the preference of the today’s brides. This is because each bride has a different opinion, taste, style and plans for the same. In fact, there are miscellany of bridal looks to opt from. Right from the traditional loving brides, you will find the even the ones with the most sober taste who will prefer embroidery look lehenga. You will also experience the brides who have a clear mindset to wear only & only red color lehenga for their big day while others have planned for a complete modern touch that are very splashy in terms to color as well. At the end, all that matters for the brides-to-be is to look exactly the same as they have been dreaming of. It is all about looking fab to phenomenal.

Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

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Do you consider that trends play an important role while selecting your bridal outfits?

Neeta Lulla has no hesitation in saying that trends are not very important when it is about selecting your bridal attire. To add on, Neeta says that, today every bride prefer to pick such an outfit for her big day that she can actually treasure for posterity and can be worn oftentimes. It is equally about comfort along with good looks. Basically, this decision is completely the personal decision of every bride. She has all the freedom to get it designed with her desired style and color. All that will matter is ‘how much confident she is while carrying the same’.

Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

Share your words of advice for a bride who wants an unconventional wedding look.

Now this is something which demands ‘a real attitude with much comfort and abundant confidence’ to carry it! A bride who is extremely experimental will come up with such a wish. As per the designer, if any bride wants an unconventional wedding look on her big day, then she must go for it. It is a thumbs-up from her side! Go with what you like because then only you will really enjoy every minute of it.

Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

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What would be your call, if it is up to you to style a bride?

Well, it is just about only her – the would-be-bride; who is desperate to look the most beautiful with the sparkle of glamour in the best way. The designer says that even if it is up to her to style up a bride, she will still dress her up with the choice of color combination that ‘her bride’ wants. She would also equally take care of her comfort in carrying that style and color which not only compliments her but also looks as if she was the just made for it.

If insist about the personal choice of the designer, she says that she would love to go with embroidery taste as that would enhance the overall look of her bridal attire thereby making it look nothing less than an exclusive designer piece. The bride deserves to be the only attraction of that eve after all.

Suggest a straight-up styling trick for the brides that they can rely on.

Just one trick to follow says the designer - Always pick a style that has been already tried and tested because that would never go wrong. Do not try anything new at the last moment as it might or might not work. So stay away from the confusion mode. Prefer to pick such a bridal attire that you would love to wear again. Mix and match with different accessories and carry with different styles to bestow a new look to yourself whenever you wear it again but only if comfy.

Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

What do you think is a super-hit pre-wedding outfit?

For an ideal look in your pre-wedding shoot, you can doll up yourself in a pretty Saree or an angelic Anarkali suit with a subtle set of jewellery or accessory respectively. Prefer something that does not disturb your simplicity but definitely adds a grace to it. You pre-wedding shoot is sure to be a super-hit.

Source Via: Neeta Lulla Instagram

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Which celebrity looked near to perfect on her wedding in consideration to her bridal attire and her overall look?

She still admires the wedding look of beautiful diva – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Showcasing her rich culture & tradition, she was dolled up in a Kanjeevaram Saree which was especially designed for her big day. One can certainly call it an imperial style. Undoubtedly, she looked a sensational South Indian bride with so much glow & grace. Nobody could take her eyes off from her; she looked that gorgeous.

Source Via: Instagram

So brides, are you all set to rock at your wedding day??

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