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Couple’s Wedding Dress Combinations: A Complete Guide To Matching and Mismatching The Bridal Attire With The Groom One

Couple’s Wedding Dress Combinations: A Complete Guide To Matching and Mismatching The Bridal Attire With The Groom One

Are you someone who is going to tie the wedding knot really soon? Have you given enough thought to the wedding attire that you’ll be sporting on the day of your wedding? If you think that you have a vision of the best wedding attire that’ll work for you. Then, let me tell you that you need to think again!

I firmly believe that any amount of efforts which go in planning the wedding attire isn’t enough. Choosing an attire is not all about “myself”, but it is more about “us”. It is about how both of you coordinate your wedding outfits in a way that it complements each other. Yes, it’ll be hard to find common ground at first, but isn’t a wedding all about tackling small problems together?

Are you aware of the term called colour harmony? If not, then it is a combination of colours that automatically seems pleasant to the eye and catches the attention. There are colours that are meant to be together because what they give out is an utterly brilliant look.

Fetch Some Ideas From These Combinations That Real Couples Opted For Their Wedding

Okay, so now that you’ve made up your mind to decide on a wedding dress together with your spouse-to-be! Then you’ll be wondering about what combination of wedding dress will work for you. So, here I have listed out some amazing pictures that I found from our huge image silo with the couples who nailed their wedding dress combination.

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The Matching Lehenga And Sherwani Colour Combination

The Matching Lehenga And Sherwani Colour Combination
Credit : Mohit Arora Production

An off white lehenga with gold embroidery pattern that matches exactly with the groom’s attire is sure to give the other couples attending your wedding their “couple goals”. Deciding on the common theme for the attire, and shopping according to it, is what needs to be done first.

The Beautiful Red Lehenga With A Matching Groom’s Stole

Red Lehenga With A Matching Groom’s Stole

If you are feeling too sceptic about combining the whole wedding outfit with the groom then just some subtle sync in the attire, like taking some colours from the attire of the groom and choosing your attire accordingly will really form a great looking wedding dress combination.

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A Stark And Unique Combination Of Hot Pink With Chocolaty Brown

Unique Combination Of Hot Pink With Chocolaty Brown

Who says that pink and brown is a combination that’s a no-no. The beautiful Punjabi couple, Khushi and Amit looked stunning on their wedding day. The colours pink and brown are said to add in softness and sweetness when they come together. Pink lightens up the aesthetic presence of brown, while the brown colour repays by taking it seriously, as a visual bodyguard.

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A Wedding Dress Combination Of Vibrant Pink And Navy Blue

 Wedding Dress Combination Of Vibrant Pink And Navy Blue

Every designer stands by the colour combination combining pink and blue. The image above describes a groom wearing an elaborately embroidered navy blue sherwani while the bride looks gorgeous in a pink coloured Kanchipuram silk saree. This combination of wedding dress is something that’ll look equally great in every season.

Adorable Peach To Complement The Handsome Black

Adorable Peach To Complement The Handsome Black

Peach is an elegant colour and is chosen by a lot of brides for the day of their wedding. And when combining it with the handsome all-black tuxedo of the groom, it really pops out to complement the attire of the groom to a whole another level.

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A Glittery Golden Lehenga To Accompany The Elegant Blue Suit

Glittery Golden Lehenga To Accompany The Elegant Blue Suit

This lehenga and suit combination represents the wedding in its true sense. While the groom opts to wear an elegant blue western suit, you can decide on looking cheerful sporting a glittery golden ethnic lehenga. This wedding dress combination represents the merger of two entirely different worlds.

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Dark Pink + Cream Colour = A Wedding Dress Combination To Pan Every Eye Towards You

Dark Pink + Cream Colour

Yet another combination with pink in the bridal attire! I can now understand how much all the girls like this colour. The beauty of the colour is that it can form various combinations and you can never get wrong with it. The image above showcases the bride flaunting her pink lehenga that goes really well with the cream coloured groom’s sherwani.

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A Combination Of Pastel Greens In Different Shades

Combination Of Pastel Greens

If you are deciding on having a vibrant themed wedding, then you can always select the wedding dress combination as pastel colours. You and your to-be-husband can decide on a mint green coloured wedding outfits that’ll go well with the theme. To spice up the things a bit further, you can select a contrasting blouse in a darker shade of blue as well.

A Classic Combination Of Red And White

Combination Of Red And White

Still can’t decide on a combination, then you can choose the classic white and red combination that can never go out of trend. The above image is of the couple I spotted while browsing through our vast wedding image silo and looked quite eyecatching. Although this is a combination that’s relatively common, you can experiment with the design patterns on them.

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So, these were some of the wedding dress combinations that my eyes got fixated upon while browsing through all the different images from our beautiful vendors.

If this blog gave you an awesome idea of colour coordinating your wedding dress then do tell me which combination you chose in the comments down below.

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