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Funny Wedding & Pre-Wedding Quotes That are Full of Wit & Sass

Funny Wedding & Pre-Wedding Quotes That are Full of Wit & Sass

Marriage is one of the most sacred and sumptuous bonds between the two individuals. Two strangers tie the knot with each other and set themselves for the sail on a beautiful journey.

But there is a funny side of marriage as well which only those individuals can see who have swallowed the pill named ‘Marriage’. Buying the ravishing dresses, taking her on a dinner date, exotic honeymoon destinations that all seems good initially but as the time passes, the sweet banters between the husband and wife increases a multitude of times.

Thankfully, observation of some men and women of their married life have given us some sassy, classy, and funny wedding quotes & pre-wedding quotes that brim you with outrageous waves of laughter. This post is solely dedicated to those married individuals whose observation about marriage has given us some reasons to giggle hard.

Funny Wedding Quotes

“I and my wife were happy for 25 long years. Then we got married.”

funny wedding quotes

“Unquestionably, marriage is an outstanding invention. So what, so is the Aeroplane.”

pre wedding quotes

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“The secret to a great and successful marriage life lies in 4 words: I am sorry sweetheart.”

funny pre wedding quotes

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“Marriage is an unshakable bond between two individuals: One who never forgets wedding anniversary & one who never remembers wedding anniversary.”

quotes for pre wedding

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“ The only blunder for which people receive congratulation messages is marriage.”

funny quotes for pre wedding

“ Marriage is an institution in which a woman receives the master degree and a man loses the bachelor degree.”

pre marriage quotes

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“ Marriage comes with no guarantee. If you are looking for one, go buy a cell phone or a car.”

“ Marriage is more like a walk in the park. A horrible Jurrasic Park!”

“ Marriages are made in heaven. So are lightning and thunderstorm.”

“ In most of the marriages, husbands are always the boss. And wives decision maker.”

“ I find marriages more like public toilets, those who inside eagerly want to come outside & those who are outside desperately want to get inside.”

“Drink, till she looks like a girlfriend. Stop, when she starts to look like a wife.”

“ Maybe nobody has ever noticed that wedding rings are the tiniest handcuffs in the world.”

Funny Pre-Wedding Quotes

“Always keep your eyes wide open before marriage and completely closed afterward, because you will find nothing interesting to see.”

“ I didn’t know, I do in the vows means I will do the laundry and cooking.”

“ If a man steals your better half before marriage, the best revenge you can take is to let him keep her.”

“ Most of the married men face vision problem after marriage. They just can’t see where all the money has gone.”

“ Before marriage, a man wants all the things of the world. After marriage, just peace.”

“2 Keys for a successful and long-lasting marriage: Keep your checkbook open & You are always sorry even though you are right.”

“ I cry at most of the weddings, I am gonna fill a tank with tears at my wedding day.”

“ My fiance is more like Google. She always finishes my sentences before I complete them.”

“ The difference between a boyfriend and a husband is just of 40 pounds.”

“ Marriage is a lot like a migraine. It doesn’t show up in X-ray but knows that it’s there.”

“ I used to have an IQ of 150+ until I got married.”

“ Marry your boyfriend on his birthday and he will never forget your wedding anniversary.”

“ My fiance adds a lot of meaning to my life but gobbles cash from my wallet like a mad woman.”

pre wedding quotes

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