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Know All the Popular Eye Brow Treatments and Decide Which One You Want

Know All the Popular Eye Brow Treatments and Decide Which One You Want

Eyes say thousand words that lips could not say. So it is everywhere said in literature that when you want to understand the language of love, always understand it through eyes rather than lips. Because it could be that lips could lie but not eyes because it is from there where love starts to take shape and goes to heart.

For girls, their eyes are more possessive feature and without their brows, they lose their beauty. It is always the eyes that make you look more beautiful. Brow grooming methods like tweezing, waxing and threading were popular and still are but with new technologies and services, it all has changed. Rather than thin, people are going for thicker brows. Popular actresses like Deepika Padukone and Cara Delevingne are the perfect examples of thicker brow.

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So, girls, we are going to tell you about popular brow techniques. They have their pros and cons, you decide which one you find best suited.


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This technique is a part of semi-permanent makeup. In this method, pigment is put to the skin with the help of a handheld tool or with the use of multiple needles. A kind of illusion is created with the help of this method by which brows appear fuller and thicker. It is known as microblading method that is done with a pen fixed with various tiny blades.

A kind of tiny mini operation this method seems where incisions are done into the skin, and tattoo pigment is deposited in the dermal layer of skin. Strokes feel and look natural and this technique is performed under anesthesia. After the procedure, cream is applied to soothe the skin.

It is one of the best procedures but needs touch-up every seven and eight months. Having fine eyebrows give confidence and a boost to your personality. Before going through the procedure, take every advice that you want to take or go through the informed consultation.

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You go careful with this technique because if it goes wrong, it can leave stains on brows and make them uneven. Always get it done by a professional and experienced beautician or an expert makeup artist. It is a semi-permanent dye that provides fuller and refined eyebrows. It can be done in a doctor's clinic or at home with a kit.

Petroleum jelly is applied around the brow area provided dye doesn't stain and then dye is applied in two layers. This brow procedure only lasts for four months and when you want to go through it, go always professional.

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This technique is more enhanced and better than the techniques above mentioned. Though it costs more but gives you the strong results. It lasts for six weeks and provides an instant lift. In this technique, restructuring of brow hairs is done and a solution is done to make them malleable. It takes less than an hour and one of the most popular techniques available in the market. For the long game, you can go with it.

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