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Make A Bold Statement By Selecting Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses For Your Marriage Ceremony

Make A Bold Statement By Selecting Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses For Your Marriage Ceremony

We are all dependent on nature, directly or indirectly, for almost everything we want in our day-to-day lives. But, have you ever stopped and gave a little thought of what good can you do for nature, that pretty much provides you with all the essentials without any price tag associated with it? If yes, then it’ll be a great start for you to being considerate about nature. Your wedding will be a really important moment for you and what if we tell you that you can select a range of Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses that look equally embellishing if not more than the traditional options.

There are various people who have now become conscious of what they buy from the markets and what will be the environmental impact of their purchases. There are many designers who are now pushing towards making sustainable wedding dresses that are nature-friendly.

Fashion Designers Who Are Flag Bearer Towards Creating Great Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

There are many designers who use vintage and reclaimed fabrics and give them a totally new makeover. The result is not only breathtaking but you too will feel pretty good wearing it, knowing that you are promoting the eco-friendly wedding dresses.

#1. Priya Ahluwalia

Priya Ahluwalia
Pic credit - Priya Ahluwalia

Twenty-six-year-old, London raised, Indian - Nigerian fashion designer, Priya Ahluwalia has recently published a book called Sweet Lassi that explores the lives of the second hand and deadstock clothing along with the textile techniques that will help give these clothes a new life. It was this focus on sustainable and ethical wedding dresses that won her esteemed H&M Design Award.

#2. Samaadhi Weerasinghe

Samaadhi Weerasinghe
Pic Credit - Samaadhi Weerasinghe

In a similar manner, when Samaadhi Weerasinghe, the founder of the fashion label ANUK learnt of the amount of fabric being thrown away or wasted in Sri Lanka, she launched a range of clothing that was made entirely from the recycled outfits.

#3. Leila Hafzi

Leila Hafzi
Pic credit - Leila Hafzi

Leila Hafzi is another name that is really famous in the fashion industry for promoting eco-friendly wedding dresses across the world. Her designs are recognized by the romantic, feminine and bohemian looks. She draws her inspiration from the varied cultures of Norway, Persia, Greece and Nepal and the result is really awe-inspiring eco-friendly wedding dresses that are a fusion of different themes.

#4. Celia Grace

Celia Grace
Pic Credit - Celia Grace

What makes Celia Grace’s clothing collection stand apart from the rest is that they are lifelong and can be worn again after the wedding. The main focus is on the comfort and the elegant design patterns. The features of the attire are the delicate laces, detailed embroidery along with some modern touches.

#5 Nimish Shah

 Nimish Shah
Pic credit - Nimish Shah

The Shift is a brand backed by the Nimish Shah. His designs are quite popular and trendy and will be perfect for the pre-wedding ceremonies. The main thing that makes Shift a brand offering sustainable wedding dresses is because of the main focus on using sustainable raw materials and fabrics while also reducing the factory waste.

#6 Kriti Tula

Kriti Tula
Pic credit - Kriti Tula

Kriti Tula, a graduate from NIFT founded the company named Doodlage. Particularly known for their unique design patterns that are made from the up-cycled clothing materials created from the factory waste. Doodlage is a brand that stands for the zero waste policy and the leftover fabric is used to create fringes, beads and buttons.

Other Ways To Promote Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

As compared to the traditional wedding dresses the eco-friendly wedding dresses are available in limited options and also come with hefty price tags.

Whatever may be the cause, if you can’t go for the collections that are offered by the above-mentioned fashion designers, then also there are some methods by which will help you promote sustainable wedding dresses in your wedding ceremony.

Rent Out The Dresses

The wedding dresses are usually so elaborate that they can’t be worn again during any other ceremony. Renting your wedding dress is a great way to save nature from the extra burden of your wedding dress that’ll only be worn once and will then be kept safely in some cupboard.

Another perk of renting is that if your eyes are stuck on a really expensive bridal dress then renting it out at low cost will be a great option. Renting clothes online is a trend that you definitely need to get behind.

Borrow From Celebrity Wardrobes

Have you ever think of what happens to all the clothes that are worn by celebrities? These dresses go through a sustainable cycle of many celebs selling their lovely fashionables online which can be bought by anyone.

A great website that you can refer to when thinking of buying the dresses from the celebrity wardrobes is Here you can find the dresses worn by celebs like Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and also the clothing featured in the Bollywood movies.

Trade Clothes

This is probably the best use of technology to promote eco-friendly wedding dresses as you can directly trade clothes with different people like you online. We really suggest that you try out the portal that really makes it easier to trade the clothes between different individuals easily.

Buy From Websites Like Etsy and Depop

The web portals like Etsy and Depop are really great options to buy directly from the creative people from all across the world. They are the best place to buy upcycled, vintage and handmade wedding dresses as well as the accessories.

The global community provides some of the best non-traditional wedding dresses and the reviews from the various customers will help you out to be confident about your purchase. These are some great ways by which you can help in minimizing the carbon footprint of your wedding.

What are your views on choosing the eco-friendly wedding dresses and support the fashion designers who promote sustainable clothing? Do share your views in the comments down below.

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