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Difference Between Body Lotion, Cream, Butter & Yogurt.

Difference Between Body Lotion, Cream, Butter & Yogurt.

One of the most essential and neglected ways in which you can care your skin is moisturizing. A moisturizing routine not only keeps the skin to look radiant, but also slows common aging signs, softens rough patches, protects your skin from exposure to the environment, and rejuvenates moisture depleted throughout the day. We are here to help you out if you're puzzled about buying body lotion, body butter, body cream, or body yogurt to keep your skin hydrated.

But how do you select the right moisturizer for you with all the products available in the market today every product promise to offer intense moisture and rejuvenate the skin? There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin products, so it's tough to understand your skin type and needs.

Body Lotion

Body Lotion Shaadidukaan

Lotions are equivalent to creams, but they are much lighter and have the thinnest form of application. Usually a skin lotion formula is based on water that is why it is very light. It'll not always moisturize or even remain as long as a cream or butter would. Lotions are usually applied to the arms, stomach and thighs.

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Suitable for: All skin types

Body Butter

Body Butter Shaadidukaan

Usually, body butter products are made using a mixture of carrier oils and essential butter and normally do not contain water. The products that are used to carry and transmit the necessary ingredients into the skin are carrier oils. The unique consistency, rigidity, and moisture absorption of each butter can differ. To formulate a body butter product, these ingredients (carrier oil and butter) are mixed, often with specialised ingredients, (the secret formulas of any brand).

Suitable for: Dry and flaky skin

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Body Cream

Body Cream Shaadidukaan

Usually, body creams are classified as thicker than body lotions, but not as dense as body butters, since they are composed of water and oils. The key distinction between body cream and body butter, however, is the ratio of water to oil, that's why creams are actually moisturizing cream, but not as hydrating and productive as body butter.

Suitable for: Normal to dry skin

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Body Yogurt

Body Yogurt  Shaadidukaan

Body yogurts are now the newest addition to the team of skin care products, which are very easily absorbed into the skin. They are made with bio-fermented hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin and protects it away from rough, dry patches. They are often made with glycerine, almond milk, and fruit extracts and are meant to be applied to moist skin.

Suitable for: Normal to combination skin

We hope that you bookmark this blog and give your body a long and decadent massage now that you understand what every product is and which one will work best for your skin.

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