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Daring & Passionate: 7 Reasons Why Rubina Dilaik Is Bigg Boss14 Winner.

Daring & Passionate: 7 Reasons Why Rubina Dilaik Is Bigg Boss14 Winner.

On February 21, we will finally got the winner of Bigg Boss 14. BB fans were super excited for 21 feb. The neck-to-neck battle was between Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Krishna Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, Aly Goni, and Rakhi Sawant.

Rubina Shaadidukaan
Source Via Rubina Dilaik

There were many assumptions over who is going to win the trophy. And undoubtedly, like a typical Bigg Boss fan, voted for favorite gharwala as well.

So, we'll just go ahead and put it out there and we will certainly tell you why and how the Shakti actress is, really, the most worthy winner of BB 14. In case you still think the same, high-five.

Top7 Reasons Why Rubina Dilaik Is Bigg Boss14 Winner.

No need to underestimate any other participants because they all have done a great job at living in that heavy zone for several weeks.

No PR, Unconditional Love!

Unconditional Love Rubina Shaadidukaan
Source Via Rubina Dilaik

Truthfully, we were shocked to know that Rubina and Abhinav Shukla had not appointed any PR team for themselves before entering the BigBoss. We all noted the actress say several times on the program that she needed her fans' love naturally. So maybe it will come as a massive surprise, but almost all the fan pages and ads on social media platforms are her lovers' pure love. Isn't that a winner's trait already?

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Who Wants A Mic When You've Got A Good Voice!

Rubina Jasmin Shaadidukaan

From throughout show, the spunky lady used her powerful voice when and where necessary. You may have differed with her views but you observed them nevertheless. Not only she put across her opinions unashamedly, but she really stood on them.

Her conflicts with Jasmin Bhasin, Rahul, and Sonali Phogat over trying to abuses and insulting food proved just that. Besides that, she also called out Bigg Boss' producers for their negative tasks and Salman Khan for making personal remarks on her relationship.

Huge Fan Base Smashing All Records

3M Shaadidukaan
Source Via Twitter

Rubina's fans have hit all records in Bigg Boss' history by tweeting #DeservingWinnerRubina and over 16 million times! The actress was the most trending BB contestant ever seen on the micro-blogging platform. From former contestants like VJ Andy, current competitors like Rahul Mahajan, to celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu, Rubina has gained support from the likes of all In reality, did you also know that there's a Rubina Anthem all rounds the internet?


In a country where talking about mental wellbeing is called a shame, Rubina stepped out with her problems and encouraged all her fans. Not only she sought medical support when needed, but she also opened up about the era when she was fighting with depression. The actress certainly needs to be praised for her bravery.

Fearless Rubina Shaadidukaan
Source Via Twitter

Bending All Myths

Bending All Myths Shaadidukaan
Source Via Rubina Dilaik

Have you really wondered why Dipika Kakkar won Bigg Boss 12? Or why the viewers preferred Shilpa Shinde over Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11? . In reality, most of the Bigg Boss winners have a history of either being an obedient bahu or a toxic male. Fortunately, Rubina is never. From engaging in activities to voicing her opinion loud and simple, the actress broke all perceptions associated with an adarsh Bahu.

Loyal For All Relationships

Bonding Shaadidukaan
Source Via Twitter

Rubina and Abhinav's relationship is hands-down, one of the most impressive marriages in the history of Bigg Boss. The caring and loving lovebirds set #CoupleGoals during the season by loving each other amid all the pushback. In reality, our hearts went out to Rubi when she stood for her hubby while knocking back Kavita Kaushik and Rakhi Sawant.

Not only as a wife, the actress built some beautiful relations with other gharwalas as well. From her sisterly relation with Aly and Nikki to her rivalry with Rahul, Rubina was always true to her relationships.

Integrity, Humility & All In Between

Integrity, Humility Shaadidukaan
Source Via Rubina Dilaik

Rubina may be the only contestant in Bigg Boss who ever did not yell abuses at her fellow gharwalas. The actress has make a pretty cool benchmark for all the potential participants and also trained the former ones as to how to actually play with integrity and grace.

P.S. We would like to take this opportunity and thank her for all Hindi vocabulary she teaches us.

Extremely happy to see Rubina holding the BB 14 trophy!

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