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Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates 2022 - See, Fix & Plan Your Wedding.

Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates 2022 - See, Fix & Plan Your Wedding.

We are almost reaching the half of 2021 and with COVID impact, it becomes essential that you plan wedding with all safety. However, along with being safe, it is yet another necessity to see the auspicious wedding dates and shubh muhurat. Therefore if you're looking for 2022 wedding dates, here you will get everything. Above all, we have listed for you the best dates for Hindu weddings in 2022.

January 2022 - Favorable Wedding Dates

Tie the knot in the first month of the year.

January 15, 2022, Saturday

January 20, 2022, Thursday

January 23, 2022, Sunday

January 27, 2022, Thursday

January 29, 2022, Saturday


February 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates: Opportune Wedding Dates.

The month of love is just cool to get hitched. You can enjoy the winter weddings with lip smacking halwa.

Oops! there are just 5 days muhurat.

February 5, 2022, Saturday

February 11, 2022, Friday

February 18, 2022, Friday

February 21, 2022, Monday

February 22, 2022, Tuesday


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March 2022 Wedding Dates: No Dates In March


April 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates:

Aha! the summer weddings in India. Therefore, on these marriage days in April 2022, you can also schedule a beautiful beach side wedding on dates below.

April 17, 2022, Sunday

April 19, 2022, Tuesday

April 21, 2022, Thursday

April 22, 2022, Friday

April 23, 2022, Saturday

April 28, 2022, Thursday


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May 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates:

Before monsoons strike, May has a number of 2022 wedding dates that you can plan your marriage.

May 2, 2022, Monday

May 3, 2022, Tuesday

May 9, 2022, Monday

May 10, 2022, Tuesday

May 11, 2022, Wednesday

May 12, 2022, Thursday

May 13, 2022, Friday

May 17, 2022, Tuesday

May 18, 2022, Wednesday

May 20, 2022, Friday

May 25, 2022, Wednesday

May 26, 2022, Thursday

May 31, 2022, Tuesday


June 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates:

For all those who love rain and monsoon, this is the month for you. Above all, the month to explore the real flowers and beauty, see the wedding dates of this month.

June 6, 2022, Monday

June 8, 2022, Wednesday

June 11, 2022, Saturday

June 12, 2022, Sunday

June 13, 2022, Monday

June 14, 2022, Tuesday

June 15, 2022, Wednesday

June 16, 2022, Thursday

June 21, 2022, Tuesday

June 22, 2022, Wednesday


July 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates:

Since the upcoming months have limitation of shubh muhurat/ dates, so you can simply bang on and hit these dates if you dont want to delay much.

July 3, 2022, Sunday

July 5, 2022, Tuesday

July 6, 2022, Wednesday

July 8, 2022, Friday


August, September, October 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates: No Dates

The 3 months, August - September - October 2022 though have no shubh muhurats but all you can do is to have these months for court marriage.


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November 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates:

This is all cool time for Vivah.

November 19, 2022, Saturday

November 20, 2022, Sunday

November 21, 2022, Monday

November 24, 2022, Thursday

November 25, 2022, Friday

November 27, 2022, Sunday


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December 2022 Auspicious Wedding Dates:

This month holds the maximum days of wedding celebrations. See the dates that suits you.

December 2, 2022, Friday

December 7, 2022, Wednesday

December 8, 2022, Thursday

December 9, 2022, Friday

December 14, 2022, Wednesday


In conclusion, the weddings are always the most auspicious celebrations. Plan your wedding with us and we will make it sure that you choose the shubh muhurat for your vivah. Save these dates!

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