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What is a Wedding Registry? How to Create One? And Five Best Options for Wedding Registry in India

What is a Wedding Registry? How to Create One? And Five Best Options for Wedding Registry in India

When Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in December 2018, she partnered with the e-commerce giant Amazon for promoting Wedding Registry. This surely spiked my interest and I went to the Google Baba for help. After understanding the idea and process behind this super-cool concept. I knew it had to be shared with all the soon-to-be couples. Shared below is every bit of information I found relating to the Bridal Registry. Which is soon going to take over the wedding market in India.

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What is a Wedding Registry?

A registry is the list of items which a couple may want as their wedding gifts. The couple often tie-up with an online store or a shop and create a list of items. Like television, mattresses, furniture, and even honeymoon collection. Once the list is complete, it is either shared with the wedding guests online or by the store, couple, their family members. As and when a guest(s) buys an item, the store or shop updates the list. This help in eliminating any sort of duplicity in the gift items.

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We are Indians and do not consider it morally right to ask the guests for a gift. But.....

You must be wondering how awkward it is asking the wedding guests for gifts. Well yes, and maybe for that reason, the concept of a registry is more popular in western continents like the USA and Europe.

But the times are changing and our culture, lifestyle – everything is getting influenced by the west. Let’s take the example of the cake cutting ceremony, or the trend of cocktail night a.k.a the bachelor’s party, or the baby shower. All these are western ceremonies which Indian’s have started following just for the fun’s sake. Hence, it won’t come as a surprise when couples in India start opting for a wedding registry. And looking at the financial crises faced by the majority of couples and their family members. Having a registry in place will soon gain popularity.

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Benefits of Creating a Wedding Registry in India

You get what you want.

The best part of creating a wedding registry online is that the guests will know about the items you actually need. Instead of receiving useless items like soft toys, showpieces, photo frames, throw pillows. You will have an item which can be used such as a refrigerator. Even if it has been gifted by a group of people.

It will reduce your financial burden.

Let us be honest, organizing a wedding, that too in India can be an expensive affair. The need to have it all and only the best place couples in a financial strain. To make things even worse, a couple also need to purchase some daily life essentials. Like an air-conditioner, dining table, refrigerator, etc. A registry will help in reducing financial burden. The guests will know what you need and pick their Wedding gift from the list.

Guests will be happy.

Your wedding guests will know the exact place their money is being invested. And it will also provide them with satisfaction that their gift is making a difference in your life.

Elimination of unnecessary waste of product and money.

If you receive a gift which is of no use then it will either get passed onto someone else or lie dusting in the store. This will generate waste and at the same time, money spent on purchasing the gift will count for nothing. Wedding registry ensures that gifts are of use for the couple and the guests’ money is well spent.

Save the time of your guests.

Purchasing gift, be it for a birthday or anniversary or wedding or any other occasio. A pretty tiring and time-consuming task. Having a registry in place will save the time of our guests as they won’t have to wild guess the perfect wedding gift for you.

I Want To Create A Wedding Registry Online

If you have decided on having a gift registry for the wedding then. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for taking the best decision. Now the next step is to find a store or an online portal which creates wedding registry in India. Below are the top five portals for creating your registry.

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What Items Should I Include In The Registry List?

It entirely depends upon you and the fiance's need. It can be anything like a washing machine, a laptop, a television, a sofa-set, and the list is endless. Therefore for the wedding registry list ideas, you need to have a discussion with the partner and pen down the items.In the end, I will just say that times are changing and it is no longer considered embarrassing for asking the guests for gifts.

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You are obviously not forcing them to bring something from the wedding registry list because it is entirely optional to bring a gift. However, if the guest is spending money to buy a gift for you then a list ensures that his or her hard-earned money does not get wasted. If you too want to share your views on this new concept then please do not hesitate and comment in the section below.

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