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Don't Panic! Everything From Postpone To Re Plan Your Safe Intimate Wedding.

Don't Panic! Everything From Postpone To Re Plan Your Safe Intimate Wedding.

It is tough time for all and especially for the ones whose weddings have either been cancelled or postponed due to pandemic. With no preps at all or lost in the middle of half preparation, you must be feeling like you reached nowhere. Well, we truly understand what you might be going through! But the call of the time is to acknowledge the criticality and do not panic because everything is destined for the right time. We have prepared it all for a safe intimate wedding. A proverb proves this strong – 'If something happens according to your wish, it is good but if it does not; then trust God because he surely has some better plans for you.'

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With a positive note; this time too shall pass thereby making us stronger in every way. Here we will discuss about what call one must take in this situation – when wedding invitations are sent or the dates have been decided. In such a condition you are left with two options: First, to cancel & postpone it and second, to abide by the rules and make it strictly limited to 50 or even less if possible.

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Questions that you need to ask yourself & then take a call whether to postpone the wedding or not:

Don’t leave any space for confusion or get carried away with anxiety rather follow the old saying - Think before you act.

  • Have maximum people from your guest list tested positive?
  • Are you & your partner actually in hurry to just wrap it up?
  • If the guest list could be cur tailed down to minimum of 10 to 15 people (or only with your immediate family around would be an ideal option)
  • Are there any shubh wedding dates available in near future?
  • What is more important – safety or risk over safety?

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Make the Announcement

Considering all the factors above, hope these will certainly help you in taking a sensible decision for you & everyone around. Let’s say if you decided to postpone your wedding – Good! Because we know it wasn’t easy for you at all. Proceed and make the announcement via a funny template to lighter the atmosphere but with spirits high. Do not think much because everyone will surely praise your fair decision.

What would be your next step?

Let’s Begin-

Best time to re-plan your wedding

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Looking at the current scenario and hoping for the best, the heave of pandemic is expected to heal down within two to three months. Fingers Crossed! So, it is highly recommendable to shift your wedding date to somewhere around mid of July to anywhere till December 2021 (depending upon the shubh dates & muhurat). Nevertheless, there is nothing better than going for a safe & small intimate wedding ceremony if the surge still persist.

Prefer Home – Indoor or Outdoor

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You can either choose your sweet home or can even create an album of never ending memories of your Safe Intimate Wedding in the backyard of your house as an outdoor location. The other exciting way could be to keep few functions inside while some of them outside to have a Safe Intimate Wedding. Moreover, you can also go through the home décor ideas to get that real effect.

Plan it all well

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Check on all your ceremonies and make the proper arrangement of space accordingly. With the change of function, keep a track of change of décor and catering so it seems refreshing every time and there is no repetition of the delicacies. This reminds of the saying, ‘ki mehemano ke dil ka rasta pet se ho kar jaata hai!’ So, focus on making maximum memories.

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Ensure strict sanitization

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Install maximum hand sanitizers and you can probably put some interesting templates over every sanitizing station to attract the readers. Cool idea, isn’t it? But do keep a check on this area from time to time. Appoint someone who can personally look into it.

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Make mask mandatory

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Make sure that each one has their masks on from the beginning till the end of the celebration. No reasons & no clarifications to be entertained!

Trim down your guest list

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Strictly abide to the minimum guest list because to follow rules means to prevent danger. The lesser the guests, the safer you all will be. Moreover, you can also keep a personal check by getting them tested (and also make sure that all are vaccinated).

Decide all in advance

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Keep all your outfits and accessories ready but do not forget to hurry up your guests too. With a delay in one function, all the other will go for a toss. Be smart in deciding the décor themes well in advance to avoid any confusion. So, with everything ready in hands, you can enjoy a rocking wedding.

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Virtual Meet

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One of the most important of all for Safe Intimate Wedding! As many of your loved ones cannot be physically present on your big day due to pandemic, this virtual meet is mandatory. This technology proves that when hearts are connected, distances do not matter. Do not miss anyone in your list and for that give them IDS & Passwords well in advance. Only those who cannot make it, will know it better that how worthy it is to even watch the most awaited moment live from any corner of the world.

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Does this all sound challenging??

No worries! Plan it digital, even without stepping out!

We at are just a call away (reach us at +91 8010-66-77-88). Being hygiene certified name in the world of WedTech, we promise you to fulfill all your wedding preps in the best & desired way and with much ease. With about 46 categories, you can arrange any of your wedding requisite just with a tap because we are right there on digital platform.

Your wedding day is definitely special for you but we plan it so well and work with full dedication to turn it all the more special than your expectation. Have faith in us and we will never disappoint you!

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After all, your appreciation is our true worth! We truly await to see you soon for your Big Day!

😐 Doubtful because of COVID-19? We are here to help you! 😊

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