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Great Ways To Document Your Wedding Year In All Its Glory And Make It Truly Memorable

Great Ways To Document Your Wedding Year In All Its Glory And Make It Truly Memorable

Wedding is the most important day of one's life, and so are the days that lead up to your wedding. Now that you are all prepared to tie the knot with your amazing partner and are all prepared to start planning for your beautiful wedding, you must remember that Document Your Wedding Year the whole process that goes into planning and setting all the things up is really important as well. Every girl talks and dreams about her wedding since her childhood, but as soon as all the preparations start and everything starts coming together, the wedding that was much of a dream starts to feel real.

So, if you are getting married soon, then it’s a great time for you to start savouring each and every moment. It is an absolute must to make all the days leading up to your wedding just as memorable as the big day.

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4 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Memories Forever Young

Here I have compiled a list of ways that’ll surely help you out in making some amazing memories, that you can go back to, anytime in the future.

#1. Capture Atleast One Photo A Day

It’ll really be a great idea if you go ahead and set up your wedding website or maybe start maintaining a new account on the photo-sharing social media platforms like Tumblr. Finding something that’s worth capturing each day will really add up help make every day of your schedule a little more awesome.

Among your busy wedding schedule, pausing and looking for something that’s worth sharing with the people who really matter to you will greatly help you out in rejuvenating yourself.

girl capturing photo

#2. Write A Diary For The Future You

Maintaining a diary is the perfect way to capture all the beautiful moments that you experience each day. If you haven’t ever tried keeping a journal yet, it’ll be difficult to maintain it at first. Maintaining a wedding journal is the best way to start journaling your everyday routine as you’ll have a lot of things to write about. It'll be perfect if you regularly write some notes to your future self as well. Remember that you are writing it for yourself so you can include the details that really matter and be raw about it.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and revisiting this diary, which includes all your thoughts when you were just about to get married and all the expectations that you had in mind back then, will really help you to get through the tough times.

Diary for the future

#3. Prepare An Advent Calendar

Much like an advent calendar for Christmas, You can also prepare an advent calendar for your wedding. Advent is not all about opening presents but is also a time to hope and prepare everything. It is a time to emotionally prepare yourself as you’ll be stepping inside your new life soon.

Both the halves of the couple can write about some beautiful memories, or love notes on the slips of paper with a marked date when it must be opened by each other. It’ll be much like an old-school love when couples used to exchange their feelings through small paper slips. It is a perfect way to make your days leading up to your wedding much more memorable.

wedding advent Calendar

#4. Create A Scrapbook

Capturing your entire day in photographs is the best way to capture the memories that can be with you for an entire lifetime. It is often the case that the written memories get blurred out over time as it becomes hard to recall, but the visual memories always capture the emotion and can manage to help you travel back in time.

It is important that you keep a camera handy whenever you go out, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on any crucial moments that might come across your way. You’ll have to make sure that you cover all the big things, like the different elements that together make up for your bridal attire and the save-the-date cards. Combining everything and preparing a daybook will also allow your children to flip through the pages of your scrapbook someday in the future.

create a scrap book

I bet that these ways will help you create some amazing memories of the days that lead up to your wedding. If you’re already married then you don’t need to worry as these ways can be easily incorporated for the days following your wedding too.

Have any other ways that can help create some beautiful memories?

Share with us in the comments section below.

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