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SK Group of Hotels and Banquets 14 Location

SK WEDDING BELLS (B-17, Part -A, Behind, Jhilmil, Metro Station, Jhilmil Industrial Area, Jhilmil Colony, Delh

Jhilmil Industrial Area
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L Elegant Banquet

Star City Mall Plot No.-1/A District Centre Mayur Place, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Delhi - 110091, Near Mayur Vihar

Near Mayur Vihar Extension Metro Station
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Flora Farm 2 Location

128, Main Chattarpur Road, Near PNB Bank, Asola, New Delhi 110074

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Best Wedding Venues In Delhi

If best food served at bad place; can you eat it? No, it is definitely no. So at what place and how, the food is served, matters. Best venue and best food are always the great combination. Hence if you are going to wed with your beau and looking for best wedding venues in Delhi, then your search gets successful when you search on Shaadidukaan.com, where you find verified vendors list that provide services for wedding planning. If users want to book any best hotel for their weddings, they can search wedding hotels in Delhi on the portal. By this way your search becomes quick and work gets easy. Then you can contact them and discuss your requirements.

Before Booking Any Wedding Venue, Questions To Ask Your Wedding Vendor

  • Price & availability: First and foremost you have to book your wedding venue in advance before a year or six weeks. During the wedding season, venues get booked quickly. So at the wrong time like, just before two weeks of your wedding if you go to book a venue, you would come empty handed. You also need to see whether the venue is according to your expectations as well as rentals including all the basic amenities provided or not by your vendor. Are there any extra charges for extra hours? If any kind of emergency occurs. These all important questions you must ask a wedding venue vendor before booking. If your wedding is according to your expectations, then it is all good. Your wedding goes healthy and wealthy!

  • Payment: When you book a wedding venue, ask how you need to deposit the payment; whether installments or in single deposit. And it should be beneficial at your end if there is payment installment option available.

  • Ask how they structure the payment?

  • Is there any kind of contract that you have to sign? As well as ask what payment structure covers like service charges, tax, gratuity, cleaning fees or any additional items.

  • And you must ask about the cancellation policy, that on cancellation how much payment you need to pay and how much will be returned to you.

  • And at what last moment you can make changes in your reservation.

  • Ask all these questions to your wedding venue vendor before booking it. Because no one wants any hurdle while wedding ceremonies going.

  • Venue staff: When you book a venue for wedding, vendor also provides staff. You should ask him/her whether it is necessary to use the venue staff or you can use yours. If there is any extra cost you have to pay for using the venue staff or they are included venue booking cost. As well as with it also ask whether you can use other hired staff. Asking questions about everything whatever queries you have, will clear out unnecessary doubts and worries and if you will enjoy your wedding merrily dancing with your partner.

  • Logistics: Your wedding venue should be handicap accessible, if not, say your vendor to make it temporary. And if you have asked for accommodation at the venue, check it before hosting wedding ceremonies provided guests don’t have to suffer later, including rest rooms, transportation and other facilities.  

Weddings in Delhi are awesomely good, grand and gracious and there are numbers of top wedding hotels there. Select whichever you like according to your budget and guests and how your wedding night is going to be. List of popular wedding venues by vendors are available on Shaadidukaan too, you can search on the portal also.