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Terms and Conditions


Thank you for visiting Shaadidukaan.com. The agreements under which different services are offered by Shaadidukaan.com are stated here in terms and conditions. The conditions, including any revised agreements that might be posted by us from time to time are included in these terms. By accessing or making use of our services or website and/or by making registration on our website, you enter in a legal binding agreement with us and agree to all the terms and conditions stated here. Before making use of the site or our services, kindly go through the terms and conditions carefully and in case you do not agree, refrain using the same.

It is also represented from your side that you are able to accept these terms and conditions legally and also affirm to form the binding contract, you are of legal age or have obtained the consent of guardian or parents for doing so. You might not make use of the site in case you did not abide by these terms. Following are the terms and conditions that define an agreement between you (user) and Shaadidukaan.com by Arnav Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Variations to terms and conditions:

The right to replace, change or modify any or all of these Terms and Conditions is reserved by Shaadidukaan.com at its sole discretion. The changes, if any, will be clearly announced on home page of the site whenever they will be in effect. After that, the responsibility to verify and/or confirm these Terms and Conditions time to time for replacements, variations and amendments stands with the user. Your approval to the replacements, changes and modifications will be established with your continued use of the services subsequent. You can instantly terminate the use of our site in case you do not find any of these modification or amendments conventional.

Rules of conduct:

The site should not be used in the way that can cause or is causing harm or damage to the availability and accessibility of the site. You should not make use of the site in any method that is harmful, illegal, fraudulent or unlawful. From the site, you may not copy, modify, republish, reproduce, host, store, post, transmit, distribute, send or translate any material consisting of any Trojan horse, spyware, root kit, worm, keystroke logger or any other offensive software of computer.

Without getting written approval from Shaadidukaan.com, any automated or systematic activity of data collection (including restricted data removal, data abstraction and data reaping) must not be done from your side. For the purpose of transmitting or sending any unsought profitable communication, you should not make use of this site.

Use of your information

We did not ask for any confidential or proprietary information other than that which is required for personal identification and we agree keeping this information confidential. Other than that, we will treat every other material including answers, feedbacks, comments, data, ideas, questions, suggestions etc. as non-confidential and nonproprietary.

Without any constraint, we are free to use, distribute and reproduce any of your information and hold no commitment for preserving the confidential or registered information from disclosure.

Any techniques, ideas, know- how or concepts that might be there in the information that you send to us for whatsoever aim could be utilized by us without any restriction. This, however, is not limited to marketing, manufacturing, or developing products and services in which such information is combined.

Content disclaimer:

In case any content is posted or submitted by you in the site, then by doing this, permission is granted to us from your side to make use of such information for the purpose of business in any media and in any form via the technology selected by us. The information delivered and formed by the publishers, advertisers, marketing agents, content partners, employees, users and other similar third parties is communicated by Shaadidukaan.com. However, to establish the content authenticity, every possible attempt is made by Shaadidukaan.com; we hold no control over the precision of information contained on our different pages.

For any actions, damages or losses that might arise directly or indirectly by accessing and/or making use of our media content, we do not hold any liability. This however is not limited to decision based on content that might lead to loss of property, data, revenue, profits, infection by virus etc. Without any notice from the product or service offering parties, modifications might be there in all the information and data available on products and services comprising, however not restricted to, any feature or prices and availability of products and services.

All the information provided from your side must be genuine and by posting it on our site, we are grant with the access to make use of it. Without any compulsion, we control the right to make corrections or improvements in any type of errors that might be present in the content. Information that might look unsuitable, invasive or unpleasant to some people might be produced by some external links. For the accuracy, legality, copyright, relevancy or decency compliance within any of external linked website's content, Shaadudukaan.com does not hold any accountability.

Disclaimer warranty:

All those who provide the products or services related to wedding can register themselves with Shaadidukaan.com. Examination of whether or not the advertisers are upright or good products and service providers is not done by Shaadidukaan.com. Before acquisition or availing for their products and services, all the pertinent aspects must be checked by the user. All the purchase of goods or services from the advertisers will be at your peril.

The accuracy, validity, reliability or legality of product deals, services, coupons or promotions that are present on the media is not represented, endorsed or investigated by us.

No implication or endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of any product or service quality is presented from our side from the references that we made to any services, products, names or third party marks or third party website's hypertext links. This goes for any service or product's quality, third party, information or materials that are displayed, purchased or acquired by you with respect to the media.

WWithout any type of warranty, either implied or expressed or statutory, that includes, however not limited to, the implied merchantability's warranty, fitness for a particular non-infringement or purpose etc. The site is provided "as available" and "as in" (including information and materials within). Any warranties concerning to the reliability, security, accuracy, timeliness and performance of the materials and site is disclaimed by Shaadidukaan.com to the fullest extent that is permitted under law. No warranty is provided by us for the correction of any errors or defects. The same holds true in the case of content to be free from any type of harmful component or viruses.


Shaadidukaan.com is underwritten by you and you also accept to keep it protected against any losses, damages, expenses, costs and liabilities (that includes without any limitation, any amount paid to third parties by Shaadidukaan.com and legal expense for claim and dispute settlement on the guidance of legal advisors of Shaadidukaan.com) that Shaadidukaan.com incur or suffer due to any violation that you have done to the terms and conditions provided here, or turning out any claims that are raised due to breach in any of the terms and conditions.

Payment terms and conditions:

  • Once these terms and conditions are accepted by user, the services might be availed by him/her. For this, registration on the site Shaadidukaan.com must be done by the user.
  • For the purpose of making any type of payment on the website www.shaadidukaan.com, you will be redirected to the page of payment gateway.
  • At the time of registration, genuine information such as registered/unpretentious Mobile number and email id must be filled in the relevant form by user.
  • After the payment has been done, Shaadidukaan.com must be reported by the user via e-mail [email protected] For this purpose, the registered contact number, email id and token number must be used.
  • There is no any charge taken from the customers who take the services of vendors.
  • There is no refund of any payment and cancellation of the services once a vendor has paid the amount for the advertisement provided by Shaadidukaan.

SD verified:

By this, it means that all the information is found correct after confirmation of service providers, professionals or business establishments and is available while registering with ShaadiDukaan.
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