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Best Wedding Resorts in Delhi

Planning a destination wedding is overwhelming and selecting a venue for it is totally a difficult task too. It also depends on you too that at what type of location you want to host your wedding whether in a hotel, resort or in a banquet hall. But before booking a wedding venue if it is a resort, you need to ask questions to vendors about the location provided there is no any kind of hurdle comes in your wedding. Wedding resorts in Delhi are big locations and among nature too. Many resorts provide on-site coordinator too but yet you need to ask right questions provided no hurdle comes in your wedding. On Shaadidukaan.com, you can search for verified top wedding resorts list and Select one according to budget. Shaadidukaan is one of the best online wedding markets in India.

Important Questions Need To Be Asked Before Selecting A Resort

  • You should ask whether the resort is available on the date you need? And whether any other event happening on the same date of your marriage.

  • Within how many days you need to book the resort also ask if any legal work is required?

  • What is the capacity of the venue for guests’ accommodation? Also ask whether overnight accommodation is available also?

  • Whether they provide the rehearsal dinner facility before a day of wedding as well as arrangements for guest seating?

  • How they decorate the wedding venue whether using flower or something other else? Also ask whether the venue can be used for all wedding ceremonies?

  • Is the resort outdoor area covered during rain or storm? Can they provide the photographs of the location that how it looks on the wedding day?

  • Is in-house caterer available or not? What is the facility for drinks? Do they have valid liquor license?

  • How many waiters will be available during the wedding ceremonies and do they have any dress code?

  • Ask if any video or audio restrictions at the location? If yes, then what is the time limit?

  • What is the facility for music? Whether they provide any sound system including accommodation limit for dance floor?

  • During accidental electricity cut-off, do they provide emergency generators?

  • What is the total cost inclusive of everything? And how much in advance needed for deposit?

  • What is the payment plan and by which method it can be paid including cash, cheque or credit card? What is cancellation policy?

  • What is the insurance policy? Any secure area they provide for storing wedding gifts and other valuables?

So these above questions you need to ask a potential vendor if you want your wedding go with rhythm without facing any problem. Questions can be endless but important notes you can take from above mentioned ones. Best resorts in Delhi are available at affordable price and packages they offer are also of good value.