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11 Explanations On Why (Mehandi Is Important)

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11 Explanations On Why (Mehandi Is Important)

Mehandi is an ancient body art form that can be designed by the paste of natural henna herbs. Mehandi is used in every second auspicious event. A mehandi trend is most popular in the Indian women. It is traditional significance in a wedding. Mehandi is one of important elements that take part in many rituals in a wedding or any other festival. If you do not know about reason hide the ritual and importance about the Mehandi, then here are major importance that clears your entire question. The importance of Mehandi is immense. Let’s began the point why Mehandi is significant.

1. The traditional ceremony:

The Treditional Ceremoney

Apply Mehandi before the wedding is rituals especially in the Indian. The traditional Mehandi ceremony happens just a day before the couples of a day from the main wedding day. A traditional Mehandi ceremony is not only restricting to Hindus, all province and all religion are emotionally attached to this. Even the Muslim too. On the Mehandi ceremony day, the bride and the bridesmaid and their family member take part in this. To fulfill the old ritual, women decorate their both palm and hand with the vibrant designs. The various designs will be used for all individual. The bride prefers the Mehandi artist in Jaipur for the Mehandi ceremony. The Mehandi artist will use an intricate design to make every woman’s hand unique. In some case of the Indian family, even the groom take part in this Mehandi ritual and celebrate the day with great extravagance.

2. Mehandi is a sign of beauty for the bride:

Mehandi Sign For Beauty

If you ever have seen a bride without the Mehandi hand and feet, then you surely find something missing in their bridal look. A wedding is incomplete without the glamorous look. And the Mehandi is a part of glamour for the bride. Mehandi is part of beauty for the bride. A well and full-length Mehandi hand and feet enhance the beauty of Bride and it makes it different from the other too.

3. Mehandi in other occasions:

Mehandi In Occassion

Apply Mehandi is do not restrict with the wedding day. Mehandi can be used for all other holy occasion or festivals. Whether it is marriage, Diwali, Fast or any special occasion for the married women i.e. Karva Chauth. Mehandi signifies the joy in your life. It is considered as Shagan(sign of good luck) for the Hindus. Instead of huge intricate design, women prefer some different pattern of Mehandi on Festival and Fast. They décor hand with the pattern of the huge dot in the center of hand and four dots on the four sides of the palm.

4. Mehandi for Medical Purpose: As we known Mehandi is not a chemical composition, it is herbs paste known as Henna. This herb is very beneficial for the growth of nails, so women used to increase the luster of nails. It is rich in cooling effect, so can be used in a hot climate, summer. Due to its cooling effect, it helps to lower the body temperature and eliminate the soothing stress, headaches, light fever, burning on the skin and even hysteria and violent temper.


5. Mehandi for Hair conditioning:

Mehandi For Hair conditioning

Mehandi, henna is a natural herb, not a chemical or ink. Mehandi is highly adopted as hair conditioning and hair dying by the men and women. Henna makes only one color: orange-reddish color. Old Peoples use henna for hair dying, it gives a beautiful hair shade. It is 100% natural and 100 % safe for all type of hair. It does not contain a bleaching ingredient. And as for hair condition, it is rich in protein and increases the smoothing of hairs and moisture your dry scalp. Mehandi truly is a purely natural dye which renders a lovely color and conditioning on hair as well as creates a lustrous look.

6. Mehandi Color is the sign of Love:

love mehandi

Mehandi represents the bond of matrimony, the relationship between the would-be couple. It is ritual that the color of Mehandi is directly proportional to the love. When Mehandi dry out, it leaves an orange-reddish color on hand with respect to the intricate design. This Mehandi color shows the love and understanding between the bride and their would-be couples. The darkness of Mehandi color of bride’s hand also represents the deep love she received from the would-be husband. It is a traditional ancient ritual that our grandparents follow, and even new generation too. It was also a ritual that how long the Mehandi color retains on the bride's hand, the more auspicious life will be newlyweds’ couples.

7. Incredible ways of using Mehandi:

Incredible Ways of using mehandi

With the traditional way of Mehandi to beautify the hands and the legs of would-be bride. The latest new trend of Mehandi also seen unique:

Women no longer restricted to the embellishing your hands and feet, they find a new amusing way to get tattooed on other parts, like the neck, back, and waist with the natural and safe Mehandi. Likewise, the Mehandi tattoo looks stylish in the lehenga or any traditional wear. Women book Mehandi artist in Jaipur for unique patterns, but first, make sure to clear common things about a Mehandi artist. Now, Mehandi can use in décor the wedding invitation card or any other decorative items.

8. Mehandi can be a dress code: Mehandi is a symbol of joy and love. So with adapting the new wedding trend, your wedding planner suggests you go with some unique theme. A common Mehandi pattern as a Code for the wedding Mehandi or wedding ceremony is perfect. This must be unique for you and distribute the same love among all.


9. Groom’s name in Mehandi:

Groom Name In Mehandi

Mehandi Ceremony in the wedding is not just a wedding event. There are a lot of rituals are attached to the Mehandi ceremony. You go with Mehandi Artist near me or you for this adorable ceremony. In Indian marriage, the first letter of the groom’s name was included in the Mehandi designs. Basically, it is not about included, it should be hidden in the Mehandi design. It is another ritual for the Indian, That groom has to find their first name in the bride design. It brings the bride and the groom closer and creates the lovely moment between the couples. Basically, it adds the fun in the wedding.

10. Importance of Mehandi patterns:

Mehandi Patterns

Mehandi can be used on hand and feet by brides and it has a lot of different designs. As Mehandi is a sign of love and a good start. The different type of pattern in Mehandi design also signs the different meaning. There is Mehandi design like Arabic, Floral, Rajasthani, Ancient Royal architectural design and much more.

Flowers – happiness and joyful relationship

Butterflies – signifies transformation from good to better

Parrots – love messenger who carries the message of love

Fishes – women’s eyes full of love

Swan – successful relationship

A bud – signifies a new beginning

Peacock – beauty of the relation

Square of checked design – protective and healing

Arabic & Elephant - prosperity and royal marriage respectively.

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11. Importance of Mehandi palace:

Importance of Mehandi palace

In Indian culture, everything is related to some message. The application of Mehandi on hand or feet is also related to some message. The application of Mehandi on right hands symbolizes the Projective and on left hand symbolizes the Receptive. The application of Mehandi on palm symbolizes the openness and ready to start a fresh life. On the back of hand symbolize the Protective and defending about the relationship. At last, Mehandi on the feet symbolizes the contact and strong relationship.

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The Mehandi is natural herbs that are highly used in the most of auspicious events. The Mehandi reflect the rich Indian culture with lovely sentiments and beliefs. Why Mehandi take so many importance in the wedding? After reading the Shaadidukaan’s article, it will clear all of your doubts about Mehandi importance.

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