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Proven Natural Weight Loss Tips to Look Fit & Fabulous On Your Wedding Day

Proven Natural Weight Loss Tips to Look Fit & Fabulous On Your Wedding Day

The moment a guy or a girl gets engaged, the first thought which pops up in their minds is ‘Man! I need to start dieting and lose weight’. So they join a gym by shedding thousands, plan fancy diets, force themselves to remain hungry, and still end up eating way more junk food. As a result, such brides and grooms feel guilty of not being able to achieve the weight loss targets, which dampens their wedding mood.

We feel you, understand your pain and the desire to look sexy, feel confident in those gorgeous wedding apparels. Hence to help you out, we have made a list of super duper easy weight loss tips which doesn’t ask you to follow any fancy diet, join an expensive gym or set any unrealistic targets.

Just One Promise...

We just want you to promise one thing, and say it out loud right now, ‘I swear to follow these tips from today till the wedding day’. Trust us, following them continuously for 2-3 months will help you shed the body fat very easily without facing any energy loss.

Introduce Small Changes in Your Eating Habits

Have a Heavy Breakfast, Normal Lunch, and a Light Dinner: We Indians have a tendency to follow a diet in reverse manner, where we start the day with light breakfast and end it with loaded dinner. Scientifically, our body digestion moves according to the sun, where it’s strongest during the noon and weak at night.  

So instead of taking a heavy dinner, have a mixture of par-boiled veggies like broccoli, carrot, capsicum, and french beans. You can add a small amount of salted butter, chili flakes, black pepper, and some dried herbs (like oregano, thyme) to induce flavor. Rest keep your diet heavy for breakfast and lunch to gain maximum energy. Trust us, it will work wonders on your body and results will start showing within a month.

Replace Sugar with Jaggery: It is a proven fact that sugar makes an individual more hungry for carb-rich food which in turn increases the weight.

weight loss diet

In addition to avoiding sugar-filled drinks like soda, canned juice, you should also replace sugar with jaggery in milk/tea/coffee. This will provide multiple benefits, removal of sugar and the introduction of power food i.e. jaggery. It is filled with iron and a lot of nutrients which will provide you with good digestion, loads of energy, strong immunity and much more.

Drink Green Tea, Twice a Day: Yes! You need to introduce the habit of drinking green tea in your daily lifestyle. Considered to be one of the best weight loss tips naturally, it also helps in making blood pure which will make your face free of blemishes, black spots, and pimples. Your face will surely look naturally vibrant, fresh and clean on the wedding day.

weight loss tips

Drink Loads of Water: It is a no brainer! Keeping body hydrated is the most effective weight loss tips at home. In addition to this, water also improves skin complexion by flushing out toxins, reduces hair fall and promote hair growth. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day and you can use water reminder apps on smartphones, in case you tend to forget things easily.

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Set Short Term Goals: Not having junk food during Indian wedding festivities is not an option. So instead of eliminating it entirely, we recommend following the routine strictly throughout the week and award yourself every weekend on successful completion. Such short term goals will keep you motivated to gain the long term benefits and at the same time, you won’t feel those cravings to eat junk food all the time.

Exercise Smart

Yes, you need to exercise. Simply modifying the diet will not complete the job. But unlike various weight loss tips for women, our exercise does not require you to join a fancy gym. All you need is a matt, and preferably an open area like a terrace or garden.

Plank: Considered to be one of the best exercises to tone the abdomen area. Start by doing 2 sets of 30 seconds each, and gradually start increasing the time. You will feel the pressure on the entire abdomen as well the back area. With time and regularity, fat stored in your abdomen, arms, shoulders, and back will get burned.

weight loss exercise

Cycling: Lie on your back, raise your legs and cycling as if you are paddling in the air. Many yoga enthusiasts consider cycling like this as the best weight loss tips Hindi. This exercise burns the fat stored in your thigh and lower abdomen area. Start with 3-4 sets, each of 30 seconds and increase the duration accordingly.


Leg Raises: Another highly effective exercise to burn fat is leg raises. Lie on your back, join both the legs and start moving them up-down. Do this slowly, keeping the repetitions at 15. You will feel the burn in your abdomen and thigh area, which shows the working of those muscles.

leg raise

Join a Dance Class: If doing exercise is not your thing, the best way to lose weight is by joining a dance class. This will also improve your dancing skills for the ladies sangeet function. It’s like, ek teer se do nishane, pehla health ka aur dusra swag ka!

weight loss dance

The Most Important Tip

Please enjoy the whole process and embrace it. After all, it is your wedding, not some sort of a mission where weight loss is a target. The more you’ll have fun, the more you’ll feel motivated to lose weight.

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