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Beautiful Ghunghat Styles for Brides in Weddings: Various Wedding Veil Styles to Follow

Beautiful Ghunghat Styles for Brides in Weddings: Various Wedding Veil Styles to Follow

There is always a reason behind every Indian wedding tradition. Some kind of significance is there behind them. They are not there just because someone said it, they are there in the culture because they mark something significant and important. That’s why they have been being followed for many years in Indian weddings.

There is a great number of traditions and rituals in Indian weddings. State-wise they differ in aspects and concepts. One such wedding tradition is of veiling of bride, which is, we think, followed around the world. In India and some part of it like Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, etc, it is followed there too. 

A bride during the wedding and after the wedding remains in the veil, her face half-covered or full covered. Though not before her husband but must be before her elders. Before her elders, it is respect that she shows covering her face in the veil. 

But as time is changing and people being modern, the tradition of veil in the weddings and households is gradually vanishing. But in some part of India, it is still. 

Though on the day of wedding when brides come in red lehenga veiling themselves, they gorgeously look attractive. Hence don’t connect veiling of brides in weddings with inferiority or with any other low down. 

Why Veiling Tradition for Brides in Weddings?

The simple reason is to ward off evil eyes, spirits or things. That’s why brides in weddings wear veil. And this practice is being followed for many years.

Though as we have said above, in veil brides look glamorous on the day of their wedding. And brides, on the other hand, want to try different wedding veil styles. So we are presenting for you various types of wedding veil styles that you can don the day of your wedding.

Attractive Wedding Veil styles for Brides  

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